Toward Genuine Global Governance

Author: Errol E. Harris
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 9780275964177
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In the past — certainly in the time of Rousseau and Kant, and perhaps even in
the time of Woodrow Wilson — a global government would not have been
technologically possible. ... more sophisticated, so that global institutions could
keep track of what is going on around the world with regard to the various matters
that would be under their purview, especially the various factors affecting the
environmental crisis, such as population trends, biodiversity loss, and global
climate change.

Congressional Record

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There is also hope this will open the international agenda for other urgent matters
and for the release of enormous resources, now committed to war, toward other
objectives. Many hope that the global environment will be the new Dominant
Issue. They assert ... In the case of global warming, the fact that some of the worst
effects will not fully manifest themselves until the middle of the next century is
offset by the fact that actions we take now will determine the extent of the damage

Navigating Environmental Attitudes

Author: Thomas A. Heberlein
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199773335
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He illustrates these points by tracing the attitudes of the well-known environmentalist Aldo Leopold, while tying social psychology to real-world behaviors throughout the book.

New Scientist

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Now an American oceanographer says it may dramatically alter the world's
climate warmer Labrador Sea could trigger a massive expansion of ice sheets in
the Arctic. Johnson argues that ... THIS WEEK Dam the Mediterranean THE
northern hemisphere risks being plunged into a new ice age unless we build a
giant barrage across the Strait of Gibraltar to hold in the waters of the
Mediterranean. The American ... But he adds: "I think it is worth floating, and I am
quite serious." Increased ...


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Above all, students should not think it below their dignity to go to the villages or to
the poor people. K. S. Ramachandran III B Sc (Physics) Vivckananda College,
Mylapore, Madras-4. EVERY STUDENT HAS A FIELD OF ACTION In the present
climate change is needed in respect of attitudes and behaviour, class and group
relations. The idea is to create a ... To build a new India we need to be new
Indians and in this context, students' help is indispensable. They will set
examples ...


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Professor Likens cited the effects of population growth, climate change, ozone
layer depletion, change of land use, the spread of pollutants, invasion of exotic
species and the loss of biodiversity as the main environmental issues for the
future. ... not believe chaos and a massive fall in population was a viable solution
to the world's problems. Nevertheless he said he was optimistic about the future. '
What option do we have?' he said. 'If you can't try to find solutions and think of
ways to ...


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This involves identifying all aspects of life that a community needs to sustain itself
and thrive: for example, food, energy, local economy, housing, the psychology of
change, and local government. ... As we move towards peak global oil production
, we can expect skyrocketing oil prices, and a falling supply exacerbated by
increasing demand from China and India.The only ... “I think the government will
be running along behind trying to catch up with events as they unfold," says

The Catholic Worker

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Here lies the problem and I know of no easy answer to it. How does one raise the
legitimate moral questions that have to be faced in the military world and survive
to provide any pastoral care at all? No one could justify an attitude of
unconditional obedience, though Bishop Tickle, a manifestly concerned and
pastoral man, appeared to do so in 1973 when he replied to a question related to
Northern Ireland: "No, no, if every soldier questioned his orders where would we
get to?" Where ...