The Fungal Community

Author: John Dighton
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1498706673
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This book should probably be on the shelf of every student of mycology, and many ecologists too. For all students, this book should be a valuable resource and source of inspiration.

Community Structure Of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi In Swedish Boreal Forests

Author: Lena Jonsson
ISBN: 9789157656094
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Karén O, Hogberg N, Dahlberg A, Jonsson L, Nylund J-E (1997) Inter- and
intraspecific variation in the ITS region of rDNA of ectomycorrhizal fungi in
Fennoscandia as detected by endonuclease analysis. New Phytologist, 136,
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USA. ... The fungal community its organization and role in the ecosystem. New
York: Marcel Dekker, ...

Canadian Journal Of Botany

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Response of soil fungal communities to disturbance. In The fungal community: its
organization and role in the ecosystem. Edited by D. T. Wicklow and G. C. Carroll.
Marcell ... Flore des champignons au Québec. Editions La Presse, Montreal.
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Sawer's Inc.


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Fourth edition. Volume 2. SAS Institute, Cary, North Carolina, USA. SAS Institute.
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and concepts of population and community ecology. Pages 1 1-23 in D. T.
Wicklow and G. C. Carroll, editors. The fungal community: its organisation and
role in the ecosystem.

Books In Print

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(Springer Study Edition (lllus ). 286p. 1982. pap. 19.80 (ISBN 0- 0349-X).
Springer-Verlag, ntals of Sight Singing A Ear Training, d Fish ft Norman Lloyd.
1964. pap. text 50 scp (ISBN 0-06-042082-0, HirpO. ntals of Small Animnl
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