The Compstat Paradigm

Author: Vincent E. Henry
Publisher: Looseleaf Law Publications
ISBN: 1889031151
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From the four deceptively simple principles of COMPSTAT to the accountability protocols that can imporve every agency, this is more than just a case's field-tested, ready-to-use, crime-fighting blueprint!

Police Crime Control Strategies

Author: Larry Hoover
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 128560847X
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Implementation of a Compstat program does not require that the Three C's model
be eliminated. On the other hand, if community policing is defined as a total and
sweeping structural and strategic approach to policing then the answer is “
Absolutely, there is head-on conflict. ” If under the Compstat paradigm there is a
choice between resources directed at a specific crime pattern or resources
directed at generic quality-of-life issues, crime wins every time (quality of life here
is not being ...

The Performancestat Potential

Author: Robert D. Behn
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815725280
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them in Intelligence-Led Policing, by Jerry Ratcliffe of Temple University;67 The
CompStat Paradigm, by Vincent Henry of Long Island University;68 Using
Performance Data for Accountability, by Paul O'Connell of Iona College;69 What
Every Chief Executive Should Know, by Jon Shane at John Jay College;70 and
Securing the City, by Christopher Dickey of Newsweek.71 With CompStat, argues
Dean Dabney of Georgia State University, “police operations are guided by four
core ...

Unafei Newsletter

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Jennifer Hodulik, 2001, Comments: The Drug Court Model as a Response to "
Broken Windows" Criminal Justice for the Homeless, Mentally Ill, The Journal of
Criminal Law & Criminology Vol. 91 No. 4 Summer 2001, Northwestern
University, pp. 1073-1100. Vincent E. Henry, 2002, Introduction and Overview,
The COMPSTAT Paradigm, Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc., pp. 1-38. Vincent E.
Henry, 2002, Management Theory, The COMPSTAT Paradigm, Looseleaf Law
Publications, Inc., ...

Resource Material Series

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It is important to recognize that although the results achieved by the NYPD
depended greatly on enforcement activities, the Compstat management
paradigm can be used equally well to manage an agency in which enforcement
has a lower priority. Another agency may or may not achieve the magnitude of
crime reduction accomplished in New York City - indeed, some agencies may not
face the compelling crime problems the NYPD did - but the agency will improve
its performance on ...

Encyclopedia Of Criminal Justice Ethics

Author: Bruce A. Arrigo
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483389790
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Finally, effective implementation of the Compstat management paradigm requires
buyin from personnel at all levels and in all functionsand units throughout the
agency. Compstat's full effectivenessin reducing crime, improving quality of life,
and achieving other organizational goalsand objectives demands that it be
implemented as an overarching management paradigm ormodel for
management practice rather thanas a programmatic overlay totraditional police
practice. In addition to ...

Economic And Financial Analysis For Criminal Justice Organizations

Author: Daniel Adrian Doss
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466592060
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The usefulness of such concepts is manifested through the activity mapping that
is associated with unlawful organizations and terrorists.55 Similar observations
are given by Henry42 regarding crime mapping activities within the context of the
Compstat paradigm. Within the context of economic and financial analysis, the
Delphi technique may be used to improve the quality of forecast activities. When
used, the Delphi technique is “likely to be most effective in situations where the ...

Strategic Finance For Criminal Justice Organizations

Author: Daniel Adrian Doss
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466559047
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Based on the writings of Henry about law enforcement applications, relevant
examples are the use of task forces among law enforcement entities within the
context of the Compstat paradigm.‡ 2.12 Brainstorming Brainstorming also
facilitates improvements among decision environments. According to Olson and
Wu, the concept of brainstorming “involves redefining the problem, generating
ideas, and seeking new solutions” through the creation of a “climate of free
association through ...

Performance Based Management For Police Organizations

Author: Paul E. O'Connell
Publisher: Waveland PressInc
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The philosophy of strategic deployment of resources and continuous
improvement and accountability clearly predates the implementation of Compstat
, which was fueled by the department's overall reengineering process. In order for
this philosophy to take root and permeate the entire ... slowly) towards the
Compstat paradigm, perhaps fueled by a process known as "mimetic
isomorphism" (see Galaskiewicz & Wasserman, 1989). The day is now gone
when a simple recapitulation of ...

Demystifying Crime And Criminal Justice

Author: Robert M. Bohm
Publisher: Roxbury Pub Co
ISBN: 9781933220161
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The COMPSTAT paradigm: Management accountability in policing, business,
and the public sector. New York: Loose- leaf Publications. Lehrer, E. 2001. The
police behind America's biggest crime drop. American Enterprise (March).
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Jean-Paul ...