Public Lands Politics

Author: Paul J. Culhane
Publisher: Routledge
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First Published in 2011. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Administering Fun

Author: Ann Lacey Brower
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Balancing Provision and Management in Forest Service Response to the Growth
and Diversification of Recreation Ann Lacey Brower. Recreation and Wilderness
Assessment Group, USDA Forest Service; and Department Of Agriculture of
Applied Economics University of Georgia. Crafts, E. 1970. The Saga of a Law.
American Forests ... P. J., and Resources for the Future. 1981. Public lands
politics: interest group influence on the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land

The Forestry Chronicle

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It consists of a series of papers and proceedings of the Second Workshop on
Community Forestry Management for Rural Development held at Xavier Institute
of Management and Labour Studies, Jamshedpur, India, January, 1979. The
objective outlined in this publication ... Throughout the book an analytical
approach is used and its implications for public forest lands, specifically the
National Forests of the U.S. Forest Service is emphasized. The question of
efficiency of management ...

Future Survey Annual

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Essays discuss trends in outdoor recreation (with projections of land- and water-
based activities through 2040), human dimensions of wildlife management,
wildlife responses to recreationists, impacts of nature tourism, case studies, and
Aldo ... four different agencies, all lands should be under NPS); 3) raise entrance
and user fees in both nations and funnel them directly to the parks; 4) reject
proposals to privatize the parks; 5) involve the public and relevant interest groups
in planning ...

Planning Zoning News

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However, not all interest groups agree that a consensus was reached. (See
sidebar ... To translate policies into programs and site specific activities, the state-
wide forest resources plan requires the preparation of comprehensive
management plans for each state forest. ... Michigan's state forests are "keyed" for
the following three values: There are two key public issues regarding the logging
of public lands: the federal timber "below cost" sales program and clearcuts of
state forest lands.

The Southern Lumberman

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will cite closing of U. S. owned magnesium plants; sale of synthetic rubber plants,
planned for early next year; moves to close research plants in Missouri and
Colorado experimenting on production of oil from coal and shale; placing of farm
credit in private hands rather than in the Agriculture Department; possible
changes in grazing leases to permit long-term leasing at moderate fees; and
moves to turn over some National Forest lands to the states. Transfer of atomic
energy know-how ...


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While inholders struggle to keep their land from Uncle Sam, proposals to sell
public lands also spark uproars. Earlier this ... The Forest Service spends more
money building roads and administering logging operations than it takes in from
timber sales, according to some calculations. (It may be ... "A private owner has
incentive to take care of the land, ' ' argues Hanke, who says that public lands
aren't really controlled by the public, but by politicians, bureaucrats and special