Author: Bill McKibben
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429935855
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We've created, in very short order, a new planet, still recognizable but fundamentally different. We may as well call it Eaarth. That new planet is filled with new binds and traps.


Author: Martin Zucker
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1459602544
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Twenty years ago, in The End of Nature, Bill McKibben offered one of the earliest warnings about global warming.

Gaia In Turmoil

Author: Eileen Crist
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262258110
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Gaia in Turmoil reflects this disciplinary richness and intellectual diversity, with contributions (including essays by both Lovelock and Margulis) that approach the topic from a wide variety of perspectives, discussing not only Gaian ...

Loving This Planet

Author: Helen Caldicott
Publisher: New Press, The
ISBN: 1595588086
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McKibben is an American environmentalist and writer who has published Eaarth:
Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, e End ofNature, and Deep Economy: e
Wealth ofCommunities and the Durable alternative energy, and advocating for
more localized economies. He leads the organization 350.org, which in 2009
coordinated the largest ever global rally of any kind, with 5,200 simultaneous
demonstrations in 181 countries.

Long Distance

Author: Bill McKibben
Publisher: Plume Books
ISBN: 9780452282704
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The best-selling author of The End of Nature shares his observations on training to become a world-class skier as a man approaching middle age. Reprint.

Earth Honoring Faith

Author: Larry L. Rasmussen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199986843
Size: 41.10 MB
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Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet. New York: Times Books, 2010.
______. “Multiplication Saves the Day: How Just a Few of Us Can Rescue the
Planet.” Orion (November/December 2008): 18–19. McNeill, J. R. Something
New under the Sun: An Environmental History of the TwentiethCentury World.
New York: W. W. Norton, 2000. Mead, Margaret. Earth Day address to the United
Nations, March 22, 1977. Cited by Louise Jones, Environmentally Responsible
Design: ...

Imagining Earth

Author: Solvejg Nitzke
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839439566
Size: 55.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Lovelock, James: The Revenge of Gaia: Earth's Climate in Crisis and the Fate of
Humanity, New York: Basic Books 2006. Luhmann, Niklas: The Theory of Society,
vol.1, translated by Rhodes Barrett, Stanford: Stanford University Press 2013.
Maturana, Humberto/Varela, Francisco: Autopoiesis and Cognition. The
Realization of the Living, Dordrecht: Reidel 1980. McKibben, Bill: Eaarth: Making
Life on a Tough New Planet, Melbourne: Penguin Books Australia 2010. Poole,
Robert: ...

Still The Same Hawk

Author: John Waldman
Publisher: Fordham University Press
ISBN: 0823249913
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... oceans and forests, the future of biodiversity, and the stability of the weather. It
is a nature-society crisis, a crisis of an interwoven nature-culture. Further, global
warming is no longer so clearly an apocalypse to come, but a slow crisis already
in process—a condition of rising risk in which we are now embedded and
anxiously dwelling. The ''Eaarth'' of Bill McKibben's recent Eaarth: Making a Life
on a Tough New Planet is the irreversibly damaged planet on which we now
actually live.