Proceedings Of A Workshop On Developing And Adopting Seismic Design And Construction Standards For Lifelines

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UMTA States that "as a grant making agency, UMTA neither regulates
construction nor sets design standards." UMTA regulations and administrative
circulars do not include design standards, and contain relatively few safety
provisions. Local, regional, or State authorities that ... Underground Guideway s
Or Subways— As with highway tunnels, there are no national seismic design
standards or criteria for underground guideways or subways. Criteria used are
site specific, developed ...

Westside Subway Extension

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P SS-2b—Tunnel design in accordance with CBC and Metro Fire/ Life safety
criteria. P SS-2c—Development ... Seismic Safety P SS-5—Implement Metro
design criteria, safety rules, procedures, and policies to protect workers and work
sites during construction and provide employees and public safety in operations
... Fire Protection and Safety 'e SS-6—Design in accordance with Metro Fire/ Life
safety criteria, CBC, and other applicable Federal, State, and local rules and

Los Angeles Rail Rapid Transit Project Metro Rail

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The cut and cover construction technique to be used involves opening the
ground surface to an adequate depth to permit excavation support, and then
covering the surface opening with temporary decking so traffic and pedestrian
movement can continue while excavation and construction proceed. Comment
329: The document ... to support a subway. Furthermore, the seismic design
criteria developed by Lindvall-Richter for the Metro Rail Project will mitigate
potentially unstable 6-l55.

Technical Manual For Design And Construction Of Road Tunnels Civil Elements

Publisher: AASHTO
ISBN: 1560514574
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“Overcoming a Collapse in the Karawanken Tunnel,” Tunnels and Tunnelling,
Tunnels and Tunnelling International, London, UK, pp. ... Soft Ground Tunneling.
Chapter 6 in Tunnel Engineering Handbook. J. Bickel, T. Kuesel, and E. King,
eds. Chapman and Hall, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Monsees, J. E. and J. L.
Merritt. 1991. Earthquake Considerations in Design of the Los Angeles ...
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Safety and Health Standards,
Washington, DC.

Transactions Of The American Society Of Civil Engineers

Author: American Society of Civil Engineers
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732 SUBJECT Subways; Ground water; Hydraulic excavation; Mass
transportation The Sinking of the Amsterdam Metro, David Halperin, 374
Subways; Tunnel construction; Tunneling (excavation); Chicago; Geo technical
engineering Karl ... 215 Supports; Bracing; Cables (ropes); Earthquakes; Frames;
Nuclear power plants; Power; Seismic design; Seismic stability; Structural
analysis Seismic Supports for Electrical Cable Systems, Anil K. Kar and Sitansu S
. Sinha, 528 Supports; ...

Concrete International

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1993 62 Public buildings— Minneapolis PCI design award winner Oct. 1993 32
Pumped concrete — Caisson walls and base slab Mar. 1993 55 — Cellular ...
1993 58 Railroad tunnels — BART subway seismic design and construction
methods Feb. 1993 45 Railroads ... 1993 47 — Bridges — Robert Maillart's
legacy of ingenuity and art June 1993 ...30 — Corrosion-inhibiting admixtures —
Test standards Apr. 1993 57 — Deterioration problems in the Arabian Gulf Nov.
1993 50 ...

Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Report For The Central Subway Third Street Light Rail Phase 2 In The City And County Of San Francisco

Author: United States. Federal Transit Administration
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The tunnels would be subjected to “extremely high” levels of groundshaking.
However, the tunnels would be designed to withstand effects from the design
earthquake on the San Andreas Fault (Magnitude ~7). No identifiable damage to
the BART/Muni Metro subway was caused by the Loma Prieta earthquake in
1989.5 The Enhanced EIS/EIR Alignment would be designed and built to current
seismic standards to withstand the design earthquake, which would reduce
potential Project ...

Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

Author: Michael A. Cassaro
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The 1 8.0 (29 km) mile starter line for the Los Angeles subway (L.A. METRO), is
planned to run from the Union Railroad station near City Hall to North Hollywood
near Universal Studios. The authors of this paper were charged with preparing
seismic design criteria for the more than 20 section design firms assigned to the
project. It was found that existing codes and standards almost exclusively
addressed surface structures such as high rise buildings or nuclear power plants,
but that ...

Urban Transportation Abstracts

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This report supplements the “Seismic Design Guidelines for Highway Bridges"
published as a design specification by the American Association of State
Highway and ... FCP 35A1062, June 1986, 155p Contract DTFH6l-83-C-OOI38
ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Federal Highway Administration ORDER FROM: NTIS
CONSTRUCTION In underground situations the ventilation provided must be
adequate enough to provide an ...

Underground Transportation Systems In Europe

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the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal, State, and local
agencies on bridge and tunnel Security issues. M.G. Patel (AASHTO co-chair) is
the chief engineer for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)
. He is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating policies,
standards, criteria, and procedures for highway and bridge design, construction,
maintenance, public safety, and operation. Patel is a registered professional
engineer in ...