World War Ii German Motorized Infantry Panzergrenadiers

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This study traces the development of the different types of unit that came together in the Panzergrenadier branch from the inter-war years through World War II. Using colour plates to display the changes in uniform, equipment and insignia ...

German Armoured Warfare Of World War Ii

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Chapter Seven Panzergrenadiers Motorized Infantry. The Panzergrenadiers
were the German motorized infantry and travelled by motor vehicle rather than on
foot. The Panzergrenadiers were considered elite frontline units because of their
mobility and the fact that they usually found themselves thrust into battle
alongside armoured Panzer divisions. With skill and determination, they would
advance in trucks and halftracks, which offered armour protection and mobility,
until they were ...

The Wehrmacht

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The German Army in World War II, 1939-1945 Tim Ripley ... Guderian's well-
trained mobile forces, pushed relentlessly forward by their energetic commander,
set an example that other commands sought to emulate, thus raising the overall
tempo of German operations. ... In particular, the ability of German motorized
infantry (panzergrenadiers) to cooperate intimately with the panzers on the
tactical battlefield contributed significantly to the fighting effectiveness of these
elite formations.

Panzergrenadier Aces

Author: Franz Kurowski
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Translator's Note: Generalmajor Horst Niemack was one of the most highly
decorated infantry officers of the German Army of World War II, receiving the
Swords to the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 4 June 1944. While chiefly
famous for his service in the elite Panzergrenadier-Division “Großdeutschland,”
he went on to command the equally elite Panzer-Lehr-Division for the last few
months of the war before being severely wounded and evacuated from the front
in April 1945.

Panzergrenadier Divisions Of The Waffen Ss

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International Encyclopedia Of Military History

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Schutz Staffel (S.S.) In March 1940, Himmler and the Wehrmacht issued a decree
formally recognizing the armed Nazi party units as the Waffen, or combat, S.S.
The Waffen-S.S. contributed two motorized infantry divisions, the S.S.
Verfugungsdivision, and the ... three newer S.S. Panzer divisions (Hohenstauffen,
Frundsberg, and Hitler Jugend) and six S.S. Panzergrenadier (motorized infantry)
divisions, became the “fire brigades” that repeatedly served Germany on both

Knight S Cross With Diamonds Recipients

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By the outbreak of World War II he had left the cavalry, and was serving in the
rank of Oberstleutnant as an instructor with the Panzer school at Berlin-Krampnitz
. Just before the invasion of the Soviet Union, Manteuffel requested and was ... At
the end of 1943 Manteuffel's achievements were further rewarded by command
of the elite 'Grossdeutschland' Division, the best-equipped Panzergrenadier
formation in the German Army. In February 1944 he was promoted
Generalleutnant, and ...

Beyond Monsters And Clowns

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Panzergrenadier - motorized infantry in Armored Personnel Carriers. At the
beginning of World War II the Germans had no APCs but they had a few
Motorized Infantry Divisions. The soldiers were simply moved by trucks. Both W-
SS and Army used the same designation. As the war progressed, the APC was
developed. Both the Germans and the Allies produced them, with the exception
of Russia. Panzerhaubitze - self-propelled armored howitzer. Panzerjaeger -
armored tank hunter, ...

Elite Panzer Strike Force

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Germany's Panzer Lehr Division in World War II Franz Kurowski. Rhine.
Montgomery wanted to prevent the German forces from being able to pull back
along the right bank of the Rhine between Rees and Wesel. The days preceding
the offensive were filled with a suspicious silence. The PLD reached its new area
of operations on 6 February. Its Panther battalion was issued a full complement of
tanks—sixty vehicles in alls—and the two mechanized infantry regiments were
given ...

Valhalla S Warriors

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13 The main difference being that a Panzer Division had a Panzer Regiment on
its establishment whilst a Panzergrenadier only had a Battalion on its
establishment. "•This army consisted ... 15 Elite units of the German Armed
Forces in World War II wore armbands bands on their uniforms denoting the
name of their unit. For example the men ... 20 The 1st SS Infantry Brigade (
Motorised) was later used to form the Waffen-SS 18* SS Panzergrenadier
Division Horst Wessel. 21 Milgram's ...