Wines Of The Southern Hemisphere

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The southern hemisphere is fast becoming the hottest source of delicious, affordable wine--and this is the first book to focus entirely on this bourgeoning industry.

Idiot S Guides Wine

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In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and South
Africa constitute the winemaking regions south of the equator. Collectively
considered New World wine regions, the compelling wines from these southern
lands typically live up to their New World reputations, showcasing fresh, forward-
fruit styles; bolder profiles; and higher levels of alcohol as many of their grapes
get extended sun exposure and the potential to reach greater degrees of

Planet Of The Grapes A Geography Of Wine

Author: Robert Sechrist
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The vine is not native to the Southern Hemisphere. Grapes were transplanted
there by European explorers. The Portuguese took the vine to tropical Brazil in
the 1500s where it did poorly. Spaniards took the vine (Mission variety) to Mexico
by 1525, then to Peru before diffusing it to Argentina and Chile before 1600. The
Dutch took the vine to South Africa in 1653 where it did well. The English took the
vine to Australia in 1788 and New Zealand in 1811. Wine production quickly ...

Wine For Dummies

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Southern. Hemisphere. Arises. In This Chapter Australian wines all over the
world New Zealand excitement Chile and Argentina are happening South African
wine safari Less than two generations ago, the Northern Hemisphere owned the
action in wine: The classic wines of the world came from Europe, and most of the
other important wines came from North America. Wines from Southern
Hemisphere countries — Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, and New
Zealand — enjoyed ...


Author: Steven Kolpan
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Of those, New Zealand's wine industry is relatively young compared with the
other two, which boast grape-growing and winemaking records back to the 1700s
. Our organization of these three nations into the same chapter is not meant to
suggest that their wines are similar—each nation has its own idiosyncratic style.
However, there are some common factors that are worth pointing out. In the
Southern Hemisphere, the climate gets cooler as you head south, away from the
equator. Also ...

Eyewitness Companions Wines Of The World

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JULY TO DECEMBER While the northern hemisphere vineyards warm up for
their most important annual event, the harvest, the southern hemisphere spends
time concen— trating on preparation and nurturing new growth. Summer Pruning
If flowering and fruit set are successful, come July, qualityeconscious growers
remove some grape bunches to reduce their yield. Summer pruning takes place
here in Cote Blonde vineyards in the Northern Rhone, France. Yarra Valley
vineyard in ...

Wine Tasting

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Slightly oxidized nuance depending on area. Sunny climates create stronger
aromas including dry resin. (especially wines from the southern hemisphere)
Power and complexity increase overall in the aroma. In addition to ripe yellow
fruit, honey and a bit of spice are noticed. Noble rot Bordeaux in particular has a
spicy nuance due to wood barrel. Light acidity endures. Fruit flavor is clearly
expressed. Sweetness is moderate and spicy flavor tends to linger. Rich viscosity
and thickness.

Biodynamic Wines

Author: Monty Waldin
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Maria and Mathias Thun's annual Sowing and Planting Calendar indicates this
difference by recommending northern planting times for descending periods in
the northern hemisphere and southern planting times for descending periods in
the southern hemisphere. This difference renders somewhat hollow the criticism
of Biodynamics that maintains it makes no sense that all wine-growers all over
the world must do exactly the same types of work - replanting new vines, racking
wines ...

Hello Wine

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THE. ANNUAL. CYCLE. OF. A. VINE. WEEPING. Temperatures rise in early
spring (approxi- mately February forthe Northern Hemisphere and August in the
Southern Hemisphere). When they hit about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, sap begins
to concentrate where the canes were pruned. This leaking of sap, called weeping
, is the first signal that the vine is waking up after a long winter sleep.