Encyclopedia Of Pulp Fiction Writers

Author: Lee Server
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Works Apache Devil (1933); At the Earth's Core (1922); Back to the Stone Age (
1937); Bandit of Hell's Bend, The (1925); Beasts of Tarzan, The (1916); Carson of
Venus (1939); Cave Girl, The (1925); Chessmen of Mars, The (1922); Deputy
Sheriff of Comanche County (1940); Escape on Venus (1946); Eternal Lover, The
(1925); Fighting Man of Mars, A (1931); Girl from Hollywood, The (1923); Gods of
Mars, The (1918); Jungle Girl (1932); Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1919); Lad and the

Damned Women

Author: Jennifer Waelti-Walters
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
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Described as an animal, she is no more untamed than Henri shows himself to be:
however, his veneer of self—protective civilization snaps back into place over his
brute rage. He decides on ... By making her a woman rather than an identical
brother, Balzac simply makes a choice for the bizarre, the perverse on the one
hand and the ulti— mately humiliating to the male sense of masculine supremacy
on the other. ... like a man, aligns sexuality with power and rivalry with

Shakespeare And Early Modern Drama

Author: Pamela Bickley
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Untamed, but domesticated. Or, perhaps, a mutual taming? Jorgens suggests
that Petruccio is 'crass, drunken, self-serving and materialistic' where Kate is the '
spoiled, egotistical, well-fed rich girl' (Jorgens, 68) and that both require civilizing.
In the final scenes Zeffirelli emphasizes a maternal quality in her, and a shared
affection between the couple who emerge as infinitely better suited than Bianca
and Lucentio or Hortensio and his Widow. Her final speech certainly attacks them

Lips Hips Tits Power

Author: Doyle Greene
Publisher: Creation Books
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Hoople's Haven is also the only house for miles around and the only remnant of
civilization, or "derived milieu," within the originary world of badlands and water,
a world of untamed and clashing male and female libido. ... Another obvious
rivalry exists between Dr. Ross and Rickert over Mrs. Ross, but the sickly, passive
Dr. Ross lacks the backbone to take on Rickert initially, and instead of fighting for
his wife contemplates slicing his throat with a broken bottle, which recalls Dewey

Method To The Madness

Author: B. H. James
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475825390
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This version depicts her not only nearly as angry and “untamed” as her sister, but
as a girl who is falsely cordial—to her own advantage. From this, it is ... It's fairly
obvious that this is some twisted and extreme sibling rivalry, wherein both
Katherine and Bianca behave like shady brats. ... Yet again this is a scene with
endless possibilities for interpretation, but when just reading through the lines it
seems clear that Katherine may just be compliant after all—or even just wants
love after all.

Land Of Smoke And Mirrors

Author: Vincent Brook
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813554586
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government sex scandals, Italian/lewish mob rivalries, gambling rings and
rumrunning rackets, and a police chief on everybody's payroll may leave room for
a jazz riff or two, but Pan and Beethoven and Nietzsche? ... Hammer's private-eye
profession at least placed him on the fringes of the law; and even lardin, though
deemed “tough as hell” and “hard on women,” still treated the “fairer sex” with
respect.46 Kells is introduced off the bat as a gambler and gunman whose first
contact ...

The Klf

Author: John Higgs
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 178022656X
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Againstthis background a woman walked around the city dressed ina bin bag
and flippers, carrying a kettle for a handbag. That was pretty damn punk.
Liverpool, too ... There wasa general contempt for anything fromoutside the city,
with the notable exception of Manchester, with whom Liverpudliansshared an
uneasy respect disguised as a bitterrivalry. The Liverpool scene worked onthe
principle that greatthings were just around the corner. They were still out ofreach,
admittedly, but ...

The Oxford Bible Commentary

Author: John Muddiman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Samson and the Philistines: Episode One (14:1–15:8) The first of several stories
in which relations with a woman lead to a power struggle between Samson and
the Philistines. Themes of 'us' versus them', and symbols of the wild and untamed
versus the socialized and cultural emerge in a tale of trickery and counter-trickery
as God uses the life of this Israelite culture hero to challenge and defeat the
Philistines who 'rule over Israel at this time' (14:4). (14:1–20) vv. 1–4, the issues
of ...

Raoul Walsh

Author: Marilyn Ann Moss
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813139902
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The roadwas untamed, and Walsh never foundaconsistent style, evenas hisgift
for setting uppowerfulaction shotsora compelling composition never waned.The
French critics ... But, on Marina's wedding eve, Clark and Portugee forget their
rivalryand steal Marinaaway sothat she isfreeto marry Clark, themanshe really
loves. Thinking that ... He had little trouble withBreen's office,being toldto cut
down on excessive brutality inthefight sequences and to cut the scenes
withprostitutes to a ...