The White Horse Trick

Author: Kate Thompson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407050699
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Following on from The New Policeman and The Last of the High Kings, The White Horse Trick travels from the now to far distant futures: from world's end to world's beginning.

The White Horse Of Wootton

Author: Charles James Foster
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I own five or six race-horses ; I know the use of the rifle ; I love sport and have
seen a good deal of it. You are hundreds of miles from any man more disposed ...
A mere juggler's trick, taught me by a mountebank. All sorts of people used to
come to our tents at times. ... was no boy, but a girl. I never heard her speak
before. The voice would have informed me, even though it was the gypsy
language, which may be the same as Kiowa, for all anybody 230 THE WHITE

Riding The White Horse A True Story Of Lonleliness Devastation And Addiction

Author: Nancy Ann
ISBN: 0557051495
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The trick was to speak to the person while looking them in the eye and during that
time tuck the ten dollar bill in the pants and pull out the dollar. Next was to inform
the cashier the incorrect change was given by saying “it looks like you gave me a
$1.00 instead of $10.00.” It was almost foolproof and the cashier would take back
the dollar bill and give another ten. The flim lamer would walk out of the store with
$27.00 or $28.00. The next step would be to take the 2 ten dollar bills, go into ...

Death Rode A White Horse

Author: Luther Butler
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462833691
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DEATH RODE A WHITE HORSE starts with the Creation story only Lucifer is a playboy who does back flips off the high dive.

Author: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
ISBN: 9789747597431
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The White Company

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Size: 24.46 MB
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Would you wish by trick or quibble to juggle me out of these last acres? Know,
base-born knave, that you have dared this day to stand in the path of one whose
race ... son of Edric the Socman, of the pure blood of Godfrey the thane, by the
only daughter of the house of Aluric, whose forefathers held the white-horse
banner at the fatal fight where our shield was broken and our sword shivered. I
tell you, clerk, that my folk held this land from Bramshaw Wood to the Ringwood
road; and, ...

The Young Folk S Cyclop Dia Of Games And Sports

Author: John Denison Champlin
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Horse, but if with the blanks the Bell or Hammer, or both, be thrown, the holder of
the corresponding card must pay one to the White Horse. ... Bell and Hammer is
much played in Germany, where it is called Glocke und Hammer (Bell and
Hammer) or Schimmel (Horse). ... After the declaration, if there is any (otherwise
immediately after the trick is taken). the winner adds to his hand the top card of
the stock, and his opponent takes the next one; thus each has eight cards as at

Picturesque England

Author: Laura Valentine
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FARMER from Mob- berley was riding on a white horse over the heath that skirts
Al- derley Edge. Of the white horse he was justly proud, for it was a remarkably
fine animal ; and he expected good price for it, as he was about to sell it at
Macclesfield. But as he was stooping to arrange its mane, it started ... The farmer,
thinking it was some trick or practical joke, rode on, and reached Macclesfield
Fair; but no purchaser was found for his horse. He tried to sell it at a sum that was
absurdly ...

Learn Successful Sales And Negotiation Tips Collection

Author: Reed K. Holden
Publisher: FT Press
ISBN: 0133742431
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Heck, even my 89yearold mother used that trick a few years ago by visiting a car
dealership toward the end of the month when salespeople are increasingly
desperate to meet their quotas. There was no selling, no thought of value
regarding convenience and service. ... Succumbing to the “White Horse
Syndrome” I have a name for what happens when sales managers come into the
field to “help” the sales reps. I call it the “White Horse Syndrome” to honor the
wellintended objectives of ...