The Unyielding

Author: Shelly Laurenston
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 1617735140
Size: 35.33 MB
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Most people annoy Stieg, but this is the one woman he really can’t stand… Erin Amsel loves being a Crow! Why wouldn’t she when the other Viking Clans are so hilariously arrogant and humorless?

Crow Fair

Author: Thomas McGuane
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0385350201
Size: 72.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This was the world of the cherished mongrel—rescue dogs, shelter dogs, strays
that had dodged euthanasia: a part border collie that made an exuberant
entrance, then spun away from any dog that wanted to play, a dignified Labrador
with its nose elevated, a greyhound missing a tail, a terrier that kept getting
overrun by the others only to bounce up again in furious pursuit. They all froze in
tableau at the call of a crow, a distant siren, or the arrival of another dog. The
owners sat at the ...

The Teaching Of Little Crow

Author: Angelina Heart
Publisher: Heart Flame Publishing
ISBN: 9780972661805
Size: 21.72 MB
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His unyielding lack of consideration for Angel was exhibited through daily
humiliations, large and small. Angel never quite understood why Paulo felt such
animosity toward him, for he served all the men with faithful attentiveness. ®
Angel returned from the stream with the water skins as fast as he could run. Don
Pedro, loading his horse with supplies and ammunition for the day,
acknowledged the ojfering with a mere grunt. As the sun peeked over the mesa,
the call sounded for ...

Calling Crow

Author: Paul Clayton
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 9780425145326
Size: 10.60 MB
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Of all those who were allowed to have Indian laborers, the soldiers were the
worst, and of all the soldiers, Roldan was the most unyielding to the priests'
suggestions and the harshest overseer. Fathers Luis and Sabastian walked past
two breastplate- encased soldiers holding crossbows. As they passed, the
soldiers laughed lecherously at some joke. Father Luis looked away. The crudity
of the soldiers and their potential for violence frightened him. He had seen
firsthand the fruit of that ...

Six Of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
ISBN: 1627795227
Size: 11.50 MB
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When we die, we call it felötobjer, taking root. We become as roots of the ash tree
, drinking from Djel wherever we are laid.” “Is that why you burn Grisha instead of
burying them?” He paused, then gave a brief nod. “But you'll help me lay Nestor
and the Squaller to rest here?” He nodded again. She took hold of the other pick
and attempted to match his swing. The ground was hard and unyielding. Every
time the pick struck the earth it sent a rattling jolt up her arms. “Nestor shouldn't ...

Fighting Jim Crow In The County Of Kings

Author: Brian Purnell
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813141834
Size: 40.47 MB
Format: PDF
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He concluded with a call to “all factions of the Negro Community”—middle-class,
working-class, southern, northern, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Episcopalian,
Muslim, light-skinned, and dark-skinned—to “forge together in a great and grand
alliance” to fight against “the common enemy of man: tyranny and bigotry.” The
leaders in this movement would be “a new generation, an uncompromising,
unyielding generation,” strengthened by its commitment to the struggle for black
freedom ...

Handbook Of American Indians North Of Mexico Volume 2 4 H M

Author: Frederick Webb Hodge
Publisher: Digital Scanning Inc
ISBN: 1582187495
Size: 23.62 MB
Format: PDF
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As an adjective the word hickory took on the sense offirm, unyielding, stubborn,
as applied to religious sectarians, members of a political party, etc. Gen. Andrew
... In Waterloo co., Ontario, according to W. J. Wintennberg, the German residents
call a Pennsylvania, German a Hickory, possibly in reference to their fellows in
Pennsylvania having voted the Jackson ticket. ... The Crows call them Amashi, '
earth lodges,' and they are now officially known as Gros Ventres (q. v. ), a name

The Unyielding Future

Author: Brian O'Grady
Publisher: Fiction Studio Books
ISBN: 1936558874
Size: 78.51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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His face was just as animated, and I could easily see him telling stories to
preschoolers at the library. “Story-time with Adis,” they would call it. “Every
Saturday at 1:00 p.m.” Of course, they would have to reschedule if it conflicted
with Adis's day job: cold-blooded killer of terrorists. “Thank you,” he beamed. “For
two days and nights, poor Jedidiah lay on a stony outcrop sixty feet in the air,
hovering between life and death. So long that crows had collected around him
and begun to peck at ...

Unyielding After The End 2 Postapocalyptic Fiction

Author: T.K. Reilley
Publisher: Amourisa Press
Size: 32.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The girls don't answer.” Lionel chose that moment to crow. “Though he does
upon occasion.” He grinned. “Just you and the chickens, huh?” Mina returned to
checking the nesting boxes. ... hand to shake hers, which had unfortunately just
picked up an egg covered with chicken poop. She hoped that was the reason for
the slight grimace. “Cooper Tidwell, but just call me Coop.” “I'm Mina, Coop.” She
tilted her head slightly, eyeing his Army greens. “It seems wrong to call you by
your first ...

Jim Crow And The Wilson Administration

Author: Nicholas Patler
Size: 28.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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With local branch leadership and financial support from the NAACP, NUL, and
black unions; extensive publicity from the black press; potential mass support
from a disconcerted black community; and an unyielding Randolph in control of
the ... date and a resolute Randolph refused pleas from a nervous White House
to call off the march, President Roosevelt hastily issued the executive order with
only a week remaining.32 To be sure, there was a backlash of virulent opposition
to 8802, ...