Missions And Unity

Author: Norman E. Thomas
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The WCC's Central Committee reported in 1975 that the “CWME has been
concerned about the extent to which the missionary imperative could avoid being
a disruptive factor in the search for unity.”22 By the Fifth assembly (nairobi 1975)
the ... Unless the pilgrimage route leads the churches to visible unity in the one
God, the one Christ, and the one Holy spirit, the mission entrusted to us in this
world will always be questioned, and rightly so.”24 Finally, the climax of thirty-five
years of ...

A History Of The Ecumenical Movement Volume 2

Author: Harold C. Fey
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606089102
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The unity which the movement seeks is not obtained through ecclesiastical
joinery, nor by compromise in matters of faith. Woven together in the complex
motivation which gives life to the movement are a number of convictions: first, that
the Church is intended by its Lord to be one; second, that only a truly united
Church can function effectively in fulfilling its mission; third, that only in a Church
which is one can the fullness of Christian truth be discerned. In Lausanne Bishop
Brent took as ...

Your Church Is Too Small

Author: John H. Armstrong
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310321166
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Why Unity in Christ's Mission Is Vital to the Future of the Church John H.
Armstrong ... It is the one that views the visible church as a single worldwide,
Spirit-sustained community within which ongoing doctrinal and denominational
divisions, though important, are secondary rather than primary. ... Evangelicals
have always urged that the church of God is already one in Christ but have
typically related this fact only to the invisible church (that is, the church as God
alone sees it). All too ...

Baptism And The Unity Of The Church

Author: Michael Root
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802844620
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Or is it a matter of a different question: the recognition of the Western Church as a
true form of the one church of Christ? Nondoctrinal factors also play an important
role in this dialogue. For example, the open questions between Orthodox and
baptists are not first those about baptism but those relating to baptist
evangelization and mission in traditionally Orthodox countries. Against this
theological background, besides the Orthodox participation in B£Monly two
international dialogues ...

Christian Advocate

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One. Church. Renewed. For. Mission”. By ERIC J. FREEMAN First of a series of
articles to appear in the “Advocate” as a follow-up to the Faith and Order
Conference, Nottingham, 1964. C.W.F. Leaders Conference By MRS. KAY
ANDERSON ... Its uniqueness finds its source in three factors of present church
life. 1. The “preparatory ... Our time requires some symbol of our committed desire
to . search for that Unity which is God's will and gift, in an openly declared
intention. That break ...

The Church In Relation To The World

Author: Ch. Albert Jan Stam
Publisher: Eburon Uitgeverij B.V.
ISBN: 9059722698
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A more general form of recognition is participation in co-operative study, common
action, mission and worship. The third section closes with confessing the already
given unity with God and by making an appeal to the churches to pray for the end
of time as then Christ will make an end to our separations. Until that time, it is the
duty of the churches to help the one church finding visible expression on earth,
even though the individual churches might differ in their understanding of the ...

The World Of Mission

Author: Bengt Sundkler
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Recent experience has however shown that the most important factor in the life of
the young Church is not autonomy but "Christonomy": not independence, but
Christ-dependence. ... In fact the Church is mission. And because Christ is the
King of the Church, it can never cease to labour for Christian unity: "One Lord,
one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all . . ." Eph. 4: 5. It is not without
significance that during this century it has been the young churches who have
stressed, time ...

Like A Mighty Army

Author: David W. Taylor
Publisher: James Clarke & Co
ISBN: 0227903889
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ante et post Christum and the Christian Church as it came into being on the day
of Pentecost . . . two forms and aspects of the one inseparable community. ... 5 In
this respect Barth fully affirms the Salvationist understanding that its
congregations throughout the world represent the unity of the Church that God
has gathered in each locality, even if Salvationists have given less thought to his
conviction that this God-given unity bears a responsibility to demonstrate that
unity in visible and ...

One Lord One Church

Author: John Robert Nelson
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In some regions which were until recently regarded as “mission fields,” church
unions are being sought. For some churches it seems satisfying to the
conscience if certain doctrinal arguments against the union can be raised in such
a way as to conceal the fear that they will receive less money from the mission
boards after a union. If one reads carefully the true history of the Church, he will
see that time and again the divisions have been caused, not only by contending
for truth, but by ...