Report Of The Foot And Mouth Disease Commission Of The United States Department Of Agriculture

Author: United States. Department of Agriculture. Foot-and-Mouth Disease Commission
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LIFE HISTORY TABLE 42.—Length of generations in Prodenia ornithogalli !- E
a c so # #|## 3 ##| | | # --> +- --> --> Eggs depos- Hatched night § ; : Larva
pupated 7 || 3: ; Moth emerged # g : # 5: ited night of of- # #3. night of a # 3 night
of - # ##| 3 | #3 so | 3: E à 5 E c. § 5 so § 5 td - co > 2.5 : * Qo X- 2 3 a -: * = <- = <-
= |- -- - - Days * F. Days * F. Days 9 F. Days * F July 21, 1917 July 24, 1917 3|
77.3 Aug. 12, 1917 19, 77.2 Aug. 28, 1917 16 72.4, 38, 75.2 July 23, 1917 July
26, 1917 3| ...

Tobacco Cutworms

Author: Samuel Ebb Crumb
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PREOWIPOSITION PERIOD One moth emerged on the night of June 11, 1912.
Three others emerged on the following night. Fertile eggs were deposited on the
night of June 15, 2 to 4 days after emergence. A pair emerged on the night of
August 28, 1917, and were placed in a cage without food. Two large masses of
fertile eggs were deposited on the night of August 31, 3 days after emergence.
Seven moths emerged singly in tumblers on the night of October 7, 1913, and
were caged ...

A Global Chronology Of Conflict From The Ancient World To The Modern Middle East 6 Volumes

Author: Spencer C. Tucker
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The next day, July 25, the Americans join with 127 Eighth Air Force B-17s. The
attacks continue intermittently until August 3. A raid on the night of July 27–28
employing a mix of high-explosive and phosphorous bombs creates a great
firestorm, with flames leaping thousands of feet into the air in winds of 300–400
miles an hour. Temperatures reach 1,000 degrees Centigrade, and many people
simply suffocate. Air raid shelters became giant ovens, baking their inhabitants

Tonkin Gulf And The Escalation Of The Vietnam War

Author: Edwin E. Moïse
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
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the Maddox back into the Gulf of Tonkin along with the Turner Joy, he authorized
the continuation of OPLAN 34A raids (definitely the one scheduled for the night of
August 3–4, and perhaps also those for the night of August 4–5; the procedure of
waiting for the results of each raid to be evaluated, before approval of the next
was initiated, described in the last sentence of the memo quoted above, would
not have been practical when there were to be raids on consecutive nights).

A Critical Dictionary Of The French Revolution

Author: François Furet
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674177284
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Whence the embarrassment of the Assembly, which in the latter half of July
received alarming news of disturbances that had erupted throughout the country
despite the efforts of the recently organized bourgeois militias. The deputies were
then debating the Rights of Man and its relation to the future Constitution when
news of the growing disorder forced it to alter its calendar. On the night of August
3 the spokesman for the comite des rapports made no attempt to embellish the
situation: ...

U S Geological Survey Professional Paper

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The presence of very moist maritime air that originated in the Gulf of Mexico and
the presence of positive vorticity advection preceded the outbreak of both storms.
In the case of the storm of August 1–3 over the hill country, moist Gulf air mass
initially was brought into south-central Texas by the cyclonic circulation of the
remnant of tropical storm Amelia. Considerable rain sell over the Texas Coastal
Plains and over part of the hill country during the night of July 31–August 1.

Freedom A Fading Illusion

Author: Charles Merlin Umpenhour
Publisher: Bookmakers Ink
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Third, on the night of August 4th, the Pentagon claimed a second attack had
occurred earlier that day by North Vietnam torpedo boats in the Tonkin Gulf.
Fourth, President Johnson proclaimed these attacks to be a major event and
went on national television to announce there would be continuous air raids on
North Vietnam under 'Operation Rolling Thunder' and said these attacks by the
North Vietnamese justified the enormous escalation of the Vietnam War. This
escalation was ...