The Maya

Publisher: Turner
ISBN: 9788416354870
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This large-format book, with many stunning illustrations, contains the latest contributions by the most important specialists in classical Mayan culture on art, writing, religion, rituals, social structures, architecture, war and the ...

Golden Kingdoms

Author: Joanne Pillsbury
Publisher: Getty Publications
ISBN: 1606065483
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“Maya Art: Revelations of the Nobility.” In The Maya: Voices in Stone, edited by
Alejandra Martínez de Velasco Cortina and María Elena Vega Villalobos, 55–72.
Mexico City: Ámbar Diseño and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México;
Madrid: Turner. URIBE [VILLEGAS] 1988 Uribe, María Alicia. 1988. “Introducción
a la orfebrería de San Pedro de Urabá, una región del noroccidente colombiano.
” Boletín del Museo del Oro 20: 35–53. URIBE PIEDRAHITA 1936 Uribe
Piedrahita, ...

The Maya Stone Murders

Author: Malcolm Shuman
Publisher: Overamstel Uitgevers
ISBN: 9049980333
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Karl Hahn lived on Dauphine, a stone's throw from my own apartment. It could
hardly be a coincidence. But it would be a risk going there, because I was ... I
mumbled a reply that I knew would be inaudible and rang again. “Who is it?” the
voice demanded again. I mumbled again and there was more silence. Something
moved in the corner of my eye and I shifted my head slightly: A pair of figures
emerged from the corner of Gov. Nicholls Street and turned up Dauphine, toward

The Mayan Languages

Author: Judith Aissen
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351754807
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Illustrating this phenomenon with animacy, it means that, if in a transitive clause
the agent is human and the patient inanimate, only the active voice is possible, a
passive sentence like 'the pot was broken by the man' is ungrammatical.
Conversely, an inanimate agent acting on a human patient automatically triggers
the passive voice, one cannot say 'the stone killed the man'. This last case is
illustrated in (55) (Aissen 1997:725 and 727) TSOTSIL (55) a. *I-∅-s-mil Xun li ton

Morgan S Mercenaries Heart Of Stone

Author: Lindsay McKenna
Publisher: Harlequin Enterpises AU
ISBN: 1488788413
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He heard a strange edge in Maya's voice. What was going on? “Are you injured?”
Lifting her left arm, she saw blood pumping out of a deep slash in it. “Damn,” she
muttered. “I'm bleeding like a stuck hog....” Frowning, Dane said, “Where? Where
are you hit?” His heart began to pound unevenly. They were twenty minutes from
base. He resisted the urge to speed up. “The left arm,” Maya muttered. “Cut an
artery, I think, by flying Plexiglas. Damn...gotta find something to tie off the area ...

Politics Of The Maya Court

Author: Sarah E. Jackson
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 0806189258
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Scholars of ancient Maya culture are fortunate to have primary source
documentation that has survived, providing the possibility of internal cultural
perspectives on topics discussed in ancient Maya voices. ... more about the
mechanics and operation of this writing system, as well as the process of
decipherment, may find it useful to consult such recent publications as Reading
the Maya Glyphs (Coe and Van Stone 2001), The Decipherrnent of Ancient Maya
Writing (Houston et al. 2001) ...

Stone Field True Arrow

Author: Kyoko Mori
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
ISBN: 1466876298
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Last night before she went to bed, she promised herself that she would call her
mother from a gas station and try tovisit herif thejacket hadbeen sold. “Maybe
another time,” she saysto Lillian. “I'll help you load the boxes if you want to go get
your car,” Lillian offers. “Thanks.”Maya tries not to look despondent. Even the car
remindsherof herlast meeting with Kay. * * * The answering machine picks up
after two rings. Kay's voice says, “Youhave reached the Muellers.” After a short
pause, ...

The Maya And The Moor

Author: J.R. Schubert
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0985711299
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The one who had taken the girl's place now stepped toward the chacmool stone
and announced in a booming voice, “Sunface Eye rests in the Void but is not yet
content. We must, for the sake of The People, and more importantly, for the gods,
for all the gods, continue to let bright blood flow. They are famished and need to
be fed.” When I heard those terrible words I wrenched myself free of Seven
Claw's grasp and pushed through the crowd of gaping onlookers. Amidst their
cries of ...

The Maya End Times A Spiritual Adventure To The Heart Of The Maya Prophecies For 2012

Author: Patricia Mercier
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
ISBN: 1780283350
Size: 32.32 MB
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Lowering her voice so that other people in the room would not hear, she replied,
looking cautiously around as she spoke, 'They are in safe keeping within the
following locations: those of the red race are in the Hopi land of Oraibi; those of
the white race are in Switzerland; those of the black race are in the ... However,
their elders were to watch and wait patiently, for the True White Brother carrying
the stone tablet would give proof that he had not left the traditional spiritual path.
Hopi of ...

The Stone From The Moon

Author: Otto Willi Gail
Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises
ISBN: 1625790201
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... voice from the past! There was a scale of tones in every word, cooing like the
lovenotes of the wild doves. An irresistible desire to hear more of this voice
impelled the Englishman to speak further. “Then the stones must lie!” he said. “
What do the stones tell you of the Queen of the Mayas?” The ringing words, the
proud and yet pliant and feline attitude of the speaker confused and excited
Burns. This Indian woman produced an ...