Ab Bookman S Weekly

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Series. Flower monographs & colorplate books. ... Emotional Growth, Vol II (
International University Press) Gutman. American Diner (Harper & Rowe ) Harris,
J. Manhattan as a Second Language ( Harper & Row, 1982 1 Ribble, Margaret. ...
The Secret of Life and Youth Virginia's Book Loft 5515 Camino Vista, Yorba
Linda, CA 92687 (714) 692-0644 ? ... Prismatic Ground Wall Street Books P.O.
Box 24A06, Los Angeles, CA 90024 Always Wanted: Stock Market and Wall St.

Nature Magazine

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This series contains all the features of the most expensive books— fine bindings,
beautiful color plates and printed on an ... The Home and School Book Service,
112 East 32nd St., New York City Send for one week's free examination, the six
volume set of your Nature ... Insert pins, buttcrrty j nets, cyanide jar*, spreading |
boards, specimen boxes, dlsiert- 1 Ing sets, microscope*, ... Ohio PERISCOPES
ARMY Officers' 7VJX Prismatic periscope; highest . quality achromatic 6 lens

Des Teufels W Rterbuch

Author: Ambrose Bierce
Publisher: Manesse Verlag
ISBN: 3641108195
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Ein höllisch schönes Geschenk! Hämischer, sarkastischer und politisch unkorrekter als Ambrose Bierce hat wohl kaum jemand die Welt beschrieben.

Book Review Digest

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The pages are rich with a departed glamour and color." Leo Kennedy + Bookm
70:676 F '30 600w "King Spider, with its lights and shadows of fifteenth century
life, is a work of unfailing ... tapestry complete and unified, instead of being a
broken prism reflecting a prismatic radiance from a thousand separate facets. ...
Donald Douglas -1 New Repub 62:306 Ap 30 'SO 470w New Statesman 36:342
D 20 '30 350w N Y World pllm Ja 12 '30 550w ... Stuffed owl; an anthology of bad

Scientific American

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Back Numbers and Volumes of the Scientific American VOLUMES I., II., III., IV., W.
AND VII. ... Price, in sheets, $150. ... *#"ener-owls!" Babcock, Seneca alls, N.Y.: I
claim, as a new article of manufacture, the coupling hook, C, provided with ... a ''
colored figure of the scale, with the denomination figure of the bill made of the
same color, substantially as herein described. .... W. C. Ford, Brooklyn, N.Y.: I
claim, first, the arrangement of the prismatic buckets, e. f and s. in the manner and
for the ...

English Mechanics And The World Of Science

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3d, post free, with book on solders—Brains“, Ltd, 57, Last Street, London, 8.12.1.
... 80 pages, prize baits, experts' instructions, etc. is ... Prismatic Binoculars, all
best makes, perfect condition. ... Theory of colouring; sketching from nature. ...
Hill's Liver Pills absolute] cure indigestion, constipation flatulence, headache, bil
lousness, ... hardened d-in. spindle, fine adustmcnt, em, 10s.; L. S. Sisrreit,
Protractor Combination Set 17s.; BI'OWl and Sharpe Peeler .... or 10s. for the two