The Infantry S Armor

Author: Harry Yeide
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S-3 Journal, 737th Tank Battalion. S-3 Journal, 741st Tank Battalion. AAR, 743d
Tank Battalion. S-3 Journal, 3d Armored Group. AAR, 756th Tank Battalion.
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AAR, 743d Tank ...

Mobility Shock And Firepower The Emergence Of The U S Army S Armor Branch 1917 1945

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Consequently, the Infantry avoided the type of administrative obstacles that
blocked the Chief of Cavalry's influence on Cavalry mechanization. Fort Benning
occupied a 97,000-acre military reservation with a variety of hills, valleys, streams
, rivers, forests, and open clearings.45 The purpose of the Infantry School was to
teach tactics and techniques and to act as the chief of Infantry 's agency for the
development of Infantry doctrine and equipment. Though all Infantry matters 42
Sereno ...

Operational Tenets Of Generals Heinz Guderian And George S Patton Jr

Author: Major George A. Higgins
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If armor must be employed for the capture of a town, it should attack the town from
the rear, taking care while enveloping or bypassing to stay out of range of
flanking anti-tank fire coming from the town.{123} But Patton thought that neither
towns nor enemy armor were the true objectives of armored forces in any event.
In his opinion, “the true objective of armor is enemy infantry and artillery, and
above all his supply installations and command centers.”{124} And clearly the
way to get to ...


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These latter included: infantry tank MK II Matilda I, infantry tank MK II Matilda II,
infantry tank MK IIA Matilda III and numerous other variants such as the Matildas
IV, V, III CS, IV CS and II CDL, etc. Note that a “Matilda I” existed both for the A-11
and A-12 tanks. As a point of interest, the official publications I referred to did not
mention a name for the infantry tank MK 1. While the nomenclature of the A-1 /
tank is open to question, there is one area of General Starry's “Tank Design: Ours
and ...

Vietnam An Infantry And Cavalry Platoon Leader S Story

Author: Dennis Scheer
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After AOB in Fort Knox, l was assigned to the Big Red One Infantry Division in Ft.
Riley, Kansas. It was a mechanized infantry division, which meant it had armor (
tanks) attached to it. The first time I was assigned the position of platoon leader
was when l was assigned to the First Battalion of the Seventy-Seventh Armor,
which was attached to the Big Red One. An armor platoon in the First Battalion of
the Seventy-Seventh Armor consisted of five M60 tanks, each weighing more
than sixty ...

Camp Colt To Desert Storm

Author: George F. Hofmann
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
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Benson, C.C. “Armored Car Design.” Infantry Journal (Apr. 1929). . “The New
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(Nov-Dec. 1982). Boudinot, Burton S. "Sheridan Memoir: The Early Days.”


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The brigade's locus is the nine-man infantry squad. Everything else in the
brigade exists solely to support our dismounted brethren on the ground. MGS'
principle function is to provide rapid direct fires Update: Relocating Armor History,
Honor and Lineage to Fort Benning. to support assaulting infantry. that we train
with the company instead of remaining in garrison to conduct “tanker training." I
divided my platoon into three teams and attached them to the infantry platoons. I
challenged ...

Ruck It Up

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Thereafter, he was an advisor in the Vietnamese 25th Infantry Division. Later
assignments included duty with the 4th Battalion, 35th Armor, as the Assistant S-3
; with the 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry, of the 1st Armored Division, in Germany as
company commander, S-4, and as battalion maintenance officer; and with the
United States Recruiting Command. He again served with the 1st Armored
Division as Deputy G-3; Executive Officer, 1st Battalion, 52d Infantry; and S-3, 3d

The Bradley And How It Got That Way

Author: W. Blair Haworth
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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Perkins, Mike S., and Craig S. Wilkinson. Accuracy ofBoresight Equipment for the
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Wheeled ...