The Ice Master

Author: Jennifer Niven
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0786870974
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After almost twelve months battling the elements, twelve survivors were rescued, thanks to the heroic efforts of their captain, Bartlett, the Ice Master, who traveled by foot across the ice and through Siberia to find help.

The Ice Master

Author: James Houston
Publisher: M&S
ISBN: 9780771042096
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Two whaling ship captains, a brash Yankee and a young Newfoundlander, clash during their year-long stay among the Inuit of Baffin Island hunting for whales ” – but inexperienced in the specialized, bloody trade of Arctic whaling.

Death On The Ice

Author: Cassie Brown
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 9780385673822
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APPENDIX 1 THE MEN INVOLVED On board the Stephano: Captain Abram
Kean, the “Old Man” Navigator Captain William Martin Second hand Frederick
Yetman, brother-in-law to Kean Cook George Yetman, his brother Doctor Wallace
Radio operator George Shecklin Master watches John Kelloway, Abram Best,
Garland Gaulton Ice masters David Dove, James Morgan Sealers Sam Horwood,
Mark Sheppard, Dan Foley, Ambrose Conway, Stan Samson On board the
Florizel: ...

The Ice Passage

Author: Brian Payton
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 0307372510
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ll around the Investigator, the ice has been levelled and Asmoothed. The men
spend as much time as possible outside, transforming the surrounding
hummocks and rubble into a fine promenade and playing fields. But time and
light are running short. The gathering darkness will soon restrict and confine.
Above the frozen land and sea another paraselene appears—a fearsome trinity
of moons. McClure assembles his team. He enlists Ice Master Court, plus six
seamen, to draw the ...

The Annual Register Or A View Of The History And Politics Of The Year

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Second Master, H. F. Collins. Surgeon, S. S. Stanley. Assistant Surgeon, H.
Goodsir. Paymaster and Purser, H. Osmere. Ice-master, J. Read. And 58 Petty
Officers, Seamen, and Marines. The Terror 326 tons. Captain, F. R. M. Crozier (
the second in command to Sir James Clark Ross in his southern voyage), second
in command. Lieutenants, E. Liddle, G. H. Hodgson, J. Irving. Mates, F. J. Hornby,
R. ThoIllas. Ice-master, T. Blanky. Second Master, G. A. Macbean. Surgeon, J. S.

Haulin Rope Gaff

Author: Shannon Ryan
Publisher: Breakwater Books
ISBN: 9780919948525
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The crew was divided up into four watches each under a master watch. Each
watch contained a 'scunner' who stood in the barrel on the forward mast and
directed the ship through the ice and a 'bridgemaster' who relayed the
instructions on to the 'wheelsman' and his crew who were all members of the
same watch. A 'quarter master' was stationed astern to shout directions whenever
the ship was obliged to go astern. The 'barrelman' occupied the barrel on the
after mast and it was his ...

The Living Age

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H. F. Collins, Second Master. Stephen S. Stanley, Surgeon. H. D. Goodsir,
Assistant Surgeon. James Read, Ice Master. 12 Warrant and Petty-officers. }
Licutenants. Mates. 58 Seamen and Marines. s 70 Total. The Terror. Francis
Rawdon M. Crozier, Captain. Edward Little, G. H. Hodgson, John Irving, Frederick
Hornby, Robert Thomas, Lieutenants. ; Mates. * Since promoted to the rank of
captain. t Lieutenant Gore served in the Antarctic expedition under Sir James
Ross. Thomas Blanky ...

Report Of Board Of Officers To Consider An Expedition For The Relief Of Lieut Greely And Party

Author: United States Board of Officers
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108075002
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By Captain GREER: Q. Do you think it advisable to employ an ice-master ?—A.
Yes, sir; I think the services of an ice-master would add essentially to the
efficiency of the expedition. I have recommended an ice~master because I
thought it was well to have him, and also a payniaster to have control of the
stores and supplies. [Resuming his statement.] Clothing for winter travel : Entire
suit of flannel clothing next to the skin. Light skin-trousers and shirt, with hair next
to the underclothing; ...

Light Falling On Bamboo

Author: Lawrence Scott
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1906994935
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'Master has ice delivered to the house each day. Mr D. P. Cotton's man brings it
out from Port of Spain. The cargoes of ice come from Boston.' 'Indeed.' He
wondered that she knew so much about the trade. 'Isn't it just wonderful to have
ice,' she exclaimed, licking the wetness on her fingers while drinking her punch
and looking up at him with her large green eyes; checking her elocution and
grammar when there was less reason to do so, now that it was just the two of
them and there ...

The Antarctic Dictionary

Author: Bernadette Hince
ISBN: 0643102329
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Six weeks of beating up the Atlantic past ice-capped Southern Thule in the South
Sandwich Islands. ice captain Also ice master. ice pilot /Icc-master is recorded
Iater in arctic use ifrom 185I. NOED|. and ice pilot in Canadian English from 1934
iDCanEi.l The master of a vessel in ice-covered waters; one qualified to
command a vessel under such circumstances. 6 Jan 1841 McCormick, R. i1 884i
Voyages of discovery in the Arctic and Antarctic seas and round the world
Sampson Low.