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3 vol. (1961-64; Eng. trans., A History of Protestantism, 1966-68). Many of the
best treatments are given in histories of individual countries or in the ... American
Christianity, 2 vol. (1960-63), a general guide with documents; w.w. SWEET, The
Story of Religion in America. ... 1 9th century, t. BODENSIEK (ed.), The
Encyclopedia of the Lutheran Church. 3 vol. (1965), is the standard English
reference on Lutheranism ... Reprints of Baptist histories and documents may be
found in EDWIN s.

Books In Series 1876 1949 Titles

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SERIES 1, Vol. 6) 360 Josef Holbrooke and His Work. George Lowe. K. Paul,
Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd. (*LIBRARY OF ... English. 1918. Ed. by Brooks E. W.
Joseph Glanville: A Study in English Thought and Letters of the Seventeenth
Century. ... English. O. T. Joshua 1931 et al. Ed. by American Baptist Publication
Society. The American Baptist Publication Society. ... Reprinted for C. F.

Oxford University Gazette

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JoHN BAPTIST's DAY, JUNE 24. ... The Scholarship will be awarded after an
examination in Classics. ... Vallarsi; reprinted in Migne). ... All Candidates will be
examined in subjects numbered 1 and 2; but no Candidate will be required to
offer more than two of the ... The Examination in French will include— (1)
Translation from English into French. ... the Language and Literary Criticism of
the above-mentioned books, and also on the general Philology and History of the
French tongue.

American Book Publishing Record Cumulative 1950 1977

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Joaeph T Sketches of by-gone days; [historical facts of Tattnall County and its
people. ... II. Title. GRIECO, Rose. The listening heart; life of John Baptist
Scalabrini, father to the immigrants. New York, Society of St. ... The Oxford book
of seventeenth century verse, chosen by H. J. C. Grierson and G. Bullough. ... Vol.
4: Rev. ed. (Teaching English in Africa series) 63-14349 1. English language —
Study and teaching — African students. ... General, miscellaneous, and progress

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Protestantism in Transition (1965). a theologian's survey of Protestant tendencies
after the mid- 20th century; ernst ... Story of American Protestantism (1949.
reissued 1951), a British view of Protestant history in the United States; and
martin e. ... Histoirc generate du prolestantisme, 3 vol. (1961-64) — vol. 1 has
also appeared in English with the title. .-1 History of ... American Christianity: An
Historical Interpretation with Representative Documents. 2 vol. (1960-63). a
general guide; E.s. ...

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Protestantism in Transition (1965), a theologian's survey of Protestant tendencies
after the mid- 20th century; ernst troeltsch. ... 1911), a classic interpretation of
Protestant contributions to modernity; max weber, The Protestant Ethic and the
Spirit of Capitalism (1930 ... 3 vol. (1961-64) — vol. 1 has also appeared in
English with the title. A History of Protestantism (1968). Additional references ... (
1960-63), a general guide; e.s. gaustad, A Documentary History of Religion in
America, 2 vol.

Irish Paintings In The National Gallery Of Ireland

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Pasquin 1796 Anthony Pasquin [John Williams], Memoirs of the Royal
Academicians and an Authentic History of the Arts in ... Reprinted with an
introduction by R.W. Lightbown (London 1970). ... Pilkington 1840 Matthew
Pilkington, A General Dictionary of Painters. ... Piper 1963 David Piper,
Catalogue of the Seventeenth Century portraits in the National Portrait Gallery
1625-1-14. ... A Century of Painters of the English School and an account of the
Progress of Art in England, 2 vols.

Mennonite Historical Bulletin

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Volume twenty-five of The Library of Christian Classics is entitled Spiritual and
Anabaptist Writers. It is just out and may be ... Mennonites in general hold to a
more particularistic definition of Anabaptism and would differ with Williams.
However, the book is a very useful one and brings together an important
collection of sources in the English language. Mennonites will be ... It was a kind
of vade mecum of a movement which flowered in the 17th century in the
Netherlands. The religious ...

The Publishers Weekly

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Cadmus Book Shop, Inc., 18 W. 50th St., N. Y. Books, pamphlets relating to South
k Southwest ana good general Americana wanted at all ... 1»14. , „ . . „ . Attorney
General Reports and Opinions, Bar Association Reports, Laws of All States.
Legal Periodicals. ... History. 1902. Leonard. Current English Usage. 1932.
Moxon. Mechanick Exercises. N. Y. 1896. Reprint. Nat. Cycl. Amer. Biog. Vol. 13 ;
alao Conspectus. 1906, and Suppl. Vols. 2, 3, 4. Pickering k Upham. Life of T.

British Books

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81-2, 85. 6d. net ............ annsn, June 98 George (G.)—Practical Organic
Chemistry. Cr. 8vo. pp. 96, 1s. 6d. (Organised ... Cr. 8vo. sewed, 10d. (English
Classics) BELL, June 98 Golfing Annual, 1897-98. Ed. by David Scott Duncan.
Vol. 11. .... F. V. \v airs, June 98 John, St., Baptist College, Hutton (W. H.) 55. net
June 98 John, St., Pulpit Commentary, Vol. 1, n. e. 6e. ... (S. W.)-—About Children
: 6 Lectures given to the Nurses in the Training School of the Cleveland - General
Hospital, ...