The Ascent Of Humanity

Author: Charles Eisenstein
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1583945377
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" --Christopher Uhl, author of Developing Ecological Consciousness: Paths to a Sustainable Future "Quite marvelous, a hugely important work. This book is truly needed in this time of deepening crisis.

Author: Jared M. Diamond
ISBN: 9789747799149
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Aldous Huxley Annual

Author: Jerome Meckier, Bernfried Nugel
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In the first book, The Ascent of Humanity, Heard develops an "outline of the
evolution of consciousness" (21), concluding that human sociability is a result of
a latent social instinct begun with our earliest ancestors. ... "co-consciousness"
increasingly yielded to self-consciousness; as Heard argued in the third book of
his trilogy, The Source of Civilisation, ... a communal sense through shared
labour and ultimately through religious ceremonies, which enabled self-
conscious individuals to ...


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Just as my sense of self includes my liver, so theirs included their social and
natural community. The modern ... at the heart of all the usual culprits blamed for
the ongoing destruction of ecology and polity, such as human greed and
capitalism. Our sense of ... We have maintained it a long time, and built a
civilization upon it that seeks the conquest of nature and human nature. ... ->fe~
Charles Eisenstein is a writer and speaker, and the author of The Ascent of
Humanity and other books.

Author: Jerome David Salinger
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The New York Times Book Review

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... Destiny Mr. Heard Sees Us Near a Transformation — Professor Lowie Thinks
W e Are About Where We Started THE ASCENT OF HUMANITY. ... ARE WE
CIVILIZED t Human culture in perspective. ... Only here and there, after a long
and tortuous exposition, does be permit himself a few paragraphs or pages so
straightforward and clear as to ... while In face of the future one had a "sense of

Modern Primitives

Author: V. Vale
Publisher: V/Search
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In 1628 the word was used in its sense of “original as opposed to derivative,
primary as opposed to secondary; esp. said of that ... Protagoras, Plato, Zeno,
Lucretius and Seneca all wrote of the ascent of humanity from primitivism to ever
greater knowledge, sophistication, and goodness. ... as valid inquiry within
academia (see Marks of Civilization: Artistic Transformations of the Human Body,
Arnold Rubin, cd., 1988), ... The modern man who tattoos himself is a criminal or
a degenerate.

Spirituality For The Skeptic

Author: Robert C. Solomon
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198030775
Size: 36.25 MB
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... are now doing) and retracing the steps of the ascent of man and civilization
and rethinking if not human nature then certainly the nature of human progress,
there is (and long has been) a fascination with the fate of humanity. ... I do not
believe that any particular fate—whether self-annihilation or earthly paradise—
awaits us. ... But of the many fates one can imagine, even if they are avoidable (
and they are by no means inevitable), it nevertheless makes good sense to call
them fate.

Liberator 1961 Mar 1971

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We radicals must maintain a sound sense of values; we must not fall into the
feeling that alienatian, the sense of worthlessness, ... Frankel goes on to point out
that human guilt and alienation is not eternal or undying. ... ..What these men
have done is to create a higher religion which turns death into life, and sets a
new civilization in motion. ... In 1929 Gerald Heard wrote in his book, The Ascent
of Humanity, that "Progress would be shown to be a fact, moving fast enough for
us to take ...