Spider Man Films

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Spider-Man 3.” Wizard: The Comics Magazine June 2007: p. 30–31. 162”
Arachnophilia at Box Office as Spidey Sets Record” http://www.imdb.com/news/
sb/2004-0701#film2. Internet Movie Database. 2004-07-01. Retrieved 2007-06-
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Movie Reviews” http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/spiderman_2/. Rotten

The Post Liberal Imagination

Author: Bruce Baum
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“Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Global Freedom Struggle: Memphis Sanitation
Workers Strike (1968),” at: http://mlk-kpp01.stanford.edu/ index.php/encyclopedia/
encyclopedia/enc_memphis_sanitation_workers_ strike_1968/ (accessed
November 7, 2014). ... A striking example is the Spider-Man franchise: a series of
well-regarded movies, starring Tobey Maguire, in the 2000s (Spider-Man, in
2002; SpiderMan 2, in 2004; and Spider-Man 3, in 2007) has already been
followed by ...

Global Manga

Author: Casey Brienza
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Another iconic character from the American comic book universe, SpiderMan,
would be reinterpreted by different manga artists for the magazine Monthly
Shounen Magazine some years later (1970–71). Nearcompletely forgotten, their
interest can be related ... In the case of DC, the one that stands out is Batman:
Child of Dreams (2000–01), published in the Kodansha's Magazine Z and
produced by the manga artist Kia Asamiya. This would be followed, several years
later, by Batman: ...

Neoliberalism And Global Cinema

Author: Jyotsna Kapur
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... 224, 225, 227, 230, 231, 232, 233,234 Simón Bolívar, 26 Singh, Randhir, 15–
16, 200–01, 213, 216 Smith, Adam, 19 Soap operas, 316 Socialism, 2, 15–16,
92,216; Market socialism, 11, 152, 167, 178; state socialism, 340 Social
Movements ... cyberspace, 9, 93; global, 6, 13; public and private, 4, 117, 313;
public spaces, 10–11, 106, 152, 180, 182, 187, 191–3, 201, 234, 343 Spider-Man
2, 29 Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty, 192, 195–6, Star Trek XI, 8, 59–62, 66–8, 71–5
; Franchise, ...

Artificial Culture

Author: Tama Leaver
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attacks, such as SpikeLee's25th Hour (2002) orthe collaborative global reactions
of 11'09''01—September11 (Makhmalbaf etal., 2002),didso in aroundabout
fashion, either relyingon shooting locations outside ofthe US, or relocating
thecultural trauma as characterspecific ... Like many of the Marvel characters,
SpiderMan's long comic history has always been set in New YorkCity, and
thusprovided animportant framework in which to engagewith the contested
impact ofSeptember 11.


Author: Parul Dave Mukherji
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... 23 “fascism of beauty,”206 Fascist-influenced mystical nationalism, 118 Fault
Lines (Gillian Tawadros), 8, 42 “Feast of the Spirit,” 141 feminism, 119 Fisher,
Jean, 163 Flaying the Lamb (Hayv Kahraman), 97 flight and flying (global context
), ... Series: Spiderman, 68 Gandhara, Kushan, 106 Gandhi, Indira assassination
and associated works, 50 Gandhi Man without Specs (Purkayastha, Ashim), 138 “
inappropriated others,” 191 “inclusionary moment,” 100 Incredible India, 49 India,

Hollywood Made In China

Author: Aynne Kokas
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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Ibid.; Su, China's Encounter with Global Hollywood. 22. World Trade ... “Despite
State Meddling, 'Avatar' Beats 'Confucius' in China,” New York Times, January 29
, 2010, www.nytimes.com/2010/01/30 /business/global/30avatar.html. 27. Rob
Cain ... Ben Fritz, “'Dark Knight,' 'Spider-Man,' 'Prometheus' to Open Close in
China,” Los Angeles Times, August 13, 2012, http://articles.latimes.com/2012 /
prometheus20120813. 31.

The Krypton Companion

Author: Michael Eury
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Batman returned after two years, but Superman continued to meet— and
sometimes fight— other super-heroes in a number of tabloid-sized specials and,
beginning in 1978, his own team-up series, DC Comics Presents. ... the Flash #
39: Plastic Man #40: Melamorpho the Element Mon #41: the Joker #42: the
Unknown Soldier #43: the Legion of Super-Heroes #44: Dial "H" for Hero #45:
Firestorm #46: the Global Guardians #47: the Masters of the Universe #48:
Aquaman #49: Shazam!

Superheroes On World Screens

Author: Rayna Denison
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
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Schumaker, Justin S. “SuperIntertextuality and 21st Century Individualized Social
Advocacy in SpiderMan and Kick Ass.” In The 21st Century Superhero: Essays
on Gender, Genre and Globalization in Film. Edited by Richard J. ... Screen
Australia, January 2012c. http://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/research/statistics/
wctopfilms.asp#Rab28853 Seidl, Jonathon M. “Debuts 01/2011 on The Hub: 'The
99' TV Cartoon With ShariaCompliant Muslim Superheroes.” Mayrant&rave,
October 11 ...