Sparks Of Temptation

Author: Brenda Jackson
Publisher: Kimani Press
ISBN: 0373091702
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Previously published separately. The proposal 2011; Feeling the heat 2012.

A Manual Of Instructions In Christian Doctrine

Author: John George Wenham
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But, in spite of every precaution which we take, we cannot hope to be altogether
free from temptation ; and therefore, besides shunning the danger, we should
learn how to resist, when, without any fault of ours, we are exposed to its attacks.
If, then, we do not succeed in keeping the danger at a distance from us, we must
manfully and courageously resist in the beginning, and banish the first
suggestion as soon as we are able. These temptations may be compared to
sparks of fire.

The Harlot

Author: T.M. Sparks
Publisher: T.M. Sparks
ISBN: 1301919608
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T.M. Sparks. The temptation to think one is right because they have might is quite
delusional to say the least. Many Americans and even some Christians carry
these misconceptions, that America is always right because of their wealth and
military strength. And when this delusion is fermented even longer, they start
thinking everything they do is God's will. They begin to say to themselves it's their
responsibility to police the nations and even tell them what to do. Always talking
about ...

The Spurgeon Series 1859 1860

Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 1614582084
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... the waves shall fail you, and you shall have to cry, “Lord, save me, or I will
perish.” 17. But, again, to conclude: others of God's people are afraid that they
shall never be able to persevere and hold out to the end. “Oh!” one says, “I know I
shall yet fall away and perish, for look! — look what an evil heart of unbelief I
have; I cannot live one day without sin; my heart is so treacherous, it is like a
bombshell; let only a spark of temptation fall upon it and it will blow up to my
eternal destruction.

Phemie S Temptation

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ever be, I could understand my feelings, could inore easily forgive my wandering
affections.” “The fire crackled and roared with cruel merriment as I watched the
blaze and sparks leap up the chimney—waiting until my whirling brain should be
still, my heart stop its stifled crying. I dared not speak yet; if I did, he would see
how I was suffering, and, for the first time in our intercourse, a thought of pride
came between us. He had cast me off, and I believed I should die from the effects
of the ...

The Life Of The Right Rev Jeremy Taylor D D

Author: Reginald Heber
Size: 62.31 MB
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Our natural languor is that of original contagion, which makes us so weak that
there is none that doth good, no not one. Which is not to be extenuated, as if the
malignity of it might be suppressed with a little resistance. It is good to know the
power of so strong an enemy, that we may be fortified against it. It is a root of
bitterness never to be digged up out of corrupt nature: a coal of fire spitting out
sparks of temptation continually, as inward to us as the marrow is in our bones.
Yet there is ...

The Christian S Manual A Treatise On Christian Perfection

Author: Timothy Merritt
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After the Lord, by Ezekiel, had enumerated the blessings of the new covenant, he
adds, 'I will yet for this be inquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them.' We
must form a just and cautious estimate of the remains of sin in our hearts, which
are ever ready to rekindle by the sparks of temptation ; we must estimate the
liberty to which we are called by the promiSes, and by the more advanced
believers; for professors who looknot for their privileges, are no models to those
who are ...

The Whole Works Of The Late Reverend James Hervey A M

Author: James Hervey
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In such a case, none would stand a moment to consider, or to debate with himself
, the expediency of the thing; he would instantly fling oss the pernicious
encumbrance, instantly endeavour to disengage himself from the clinging
mischies. Ifaiah xxxiii. ij. I have represented the danger of not extinguishing
immediately the very sirst sparks of temptation in a variety of views; because a
proper behaviour in this conjuncture is of such vast impoitance to the purity, the
fascty, and the comfort of ...

The Life Of The Right Rev Jeremy Taylor With A Critical Examination Of His Writings Third Edition With A Portrait

Author: Reginald HEBER (Bishop of Calcutta.)
Size: 72.67 MB
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It is good to know the power of so strong an enemy, that we may be fortified
against it. It is a root of bitterness never to be digged up out of corrupt nature: a
coal of fire spitting out sparks of temptation continually, as inward to us as the
marrow is in our bones. ' Yet there is hope in Christ to slake this fire, though not
utterly, in this life, to quench it. Therefore, since God is our help against the
insurrection of this rebellious sin, let us be comforted in his help and not in
excuses. For we must not ...