Secrets Of Plant Propagation

Author: Lewis Hill
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Techniques for those who want to discover the satisfaction of propagating. 103,000 copies in print.

The Secrets Of Generation

Author: Raymond Stephanson
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
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From the late seventeenth century on – as the new empiricism impacted
botanical investigations – natural philosophers looked for resemblances and
equivalences in systems of nutrition, growth, circulation of fluids, respiration, and
reproduction. The result was a wide range of assumptions that plants and
animals shared similar or identical features, either structurally or functionally (J.T.
Needham 1749; Parsons 1752). Plant propagation and animal generation
became strongly linked ...

How To Grow Fruits Vegetables Houseplants Without Soil

Author: Richard Helweg
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
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The Secrets of Hydroponic Gardening Revealed Richard Helweg. Chapter. 9:
Plant. Propagation. Now that you have successfully grown several crops in a
variety of ways, you can start to think about the many avenues open to you with
regard to sustainability. Just like with traditional gardening, you have a few
options to propagate your plants to keep your indoor garden going. Plant
propagation saves the gardener from having to buy seeds for every growing
season. Another topic that ...

Nature S Secrets And The Secrets Of Woman Revealed

Author: John H. Ruttley
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Rising in the scale to the zoophyte, where there is positive animal life, the proofs
of male and female are less apparent than in the plant; yet there can be no doubt
but that all animal life is characterized by a distinction of sex, although we may
not discover any sexual organs. Nevertheless there are ... The marsupials, such
as the opossum, kangaroo, and so forth, preserve a relic of plant propagation,
something like " budding," for the female is provided with a sack, Nature's Secrets
. 21.

The Secrets Of The West Coast Masters

Author: Dru West
Publisher: West Coast Masters
ISBN: 0615446116
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Within 10 days or less you can have new guaranteed female plants that you are
already familiar with. For this reason, West Coast ... Many medical marijuana
dispensaries across the US sell rooted clones, which is great if you don't have
access to your own mother plant. Some growers like to keep a ... Propagation is
the scientific name of the cloning process in which roots are formed along the
severed area of a branch that has been removed from a donor plant. It is a means
to multiply ...

Plant Propagation

Author: Maurice Grenville Kains
Publisher: Applewood Books
ISBN: 1429013575
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A graft may, therefore, be considered as a cutting which unites some of its tissues
with those of another plant or plant part with or without forming either callus or
roots, as always happens when cuttings are developed into independent plants.
193. As a horticultural process, graftage is of very ancient origin. In his Natural
History (Vol. 2 pp. 477 to 485) Pliny about 2,000 years ago, wrote about it as
common practice, but its methods have been kept largely as trade secrets or
mysteries until ...

Fruits And Berries For The Home Garden

Author: Lewis Hill
Publisher: Storey Publishing
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A guide to growing fruits and berries in all parts of the country includes advice on which varieties to plant, how to plant, care for, and harvest them, and how to store and use them This no-nonsense guide to home fruit growing is now ...

The Flower Gardener S Bible

Author: Lewis Hill
Publisher: Storey Publishing
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Create the flower garden of your dreams. This comprehensive guide includes expert advice on everything from choosing an appropriate growing site to maximizing the lifespan of your plants.

Gardening Secrets

Author: National Trust
Publisher: Pavilion Books
ISBN: 1909881260
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Whatever you are pruning, always dip the blades of your secateurs or knife into a
jar of methylated spirit to sterilize them before wiping them down and moving on
to another plant. Plant propagation Chris Trimmer, Nursery Supervisor