Scanning The Pharaohs

Author: Zahi A. Hawass
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9774166736
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Historical information is provided to place the royal mummies in context, and the book with its many illustrations will appeal to Egyptologists, paleopathologists, and non-specialists alike, as the authors seek to uncover the secrets of ...

Tutankhamun And The Golden Age Of The Pharaohs

Author: Zahi A. Hawass
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Maiherpri (king's fan-bearer); tomb 67, tomb artifacts 66, 67,121 Malkata palace,
Thebes: archaeology 56 Manana (priestess): statue 62,63 Manetho (priest) 19
Marfan's syndrome 28 Mariette, Auguste 158, 169 Maruaten temple, Amarna 89
Masks: funerary 122, 124, 126, 128, 129, 160,213,263, viscera 134, 135 Maspero
, Gaston 38,68 Maya (royal treasurer) 139, 174,251 Medinet el-Ghurob, Egypt:
funerary figure 98, 99 Medinet Habu, Egypt: Amun Temple 23, 86 Megiddo:
attack by ...

Queens Of Egypt

Author: Christiane Ziegler
Publisher: Somogy Editions D'Art
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I CT-scanned four unidentified female mummies believed to be royal and from
approximately the right period, along with a wooden box decorated with the
names of Hatshepsut that had been found in the royal mummy cache at Deir el-
Bahari in 1881. Inside the box, along with other ... Along with the body of the king,
still in his coffin, were thirteen additional mummies, eight or perhaps nine of
which were the bodies of New Kingdom pharaohs. The tenth was an unidentified
woman, ...

The Lost Tombs Of Thebes

Author: Zahi A. Hawass
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We are now also performing CT-scans and DNA analysis on the royal mummies
from this era, hoping to learn more about Tutankhamuns family and answer
questions about his parentage and ancestry. In 2008, in ... These pharaohs built
a new northern administrative center of the country in their Delta homeland,
called Pi-Ramesses (modern Qantir). ... Soon after 1100 bc, the New Kingdom
gave way to the instability of the Third Intermediate Period and the Golden Age
came to an end.

National Geographic

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Close to two decades after Donald Ryan rediscovered the location of KV60, Zahi
Hawass asked the curators at the Egyptian Museum to round up all the
unidentified and possibly royal female mummies from the 18th dynasty, including
the two bodies — one thin, one fat — that had been found in ... The CT results
from the four candidate mummies were inconclusive. ... Already the CT scans
have changed history, dispelling theories that Hatshepsut might have been killed
by her stepson.


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exhibition of ... A special exhibition of a selection of one of the greatest collections
of medieval and Renaissance works of art as a preview to the London museum's
opening of its new galleries in November 2009. ... CT scans are exhibited of the
mummy of Meresamun, a singer-priestess who performed in the service of Amun
in the interior of a temple in Thebes, according to the inscription on her

Life In Ancient Egypt

Author: Thomas Streissguth
Publisher: Lucent
ISBN: 9781560066439
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New York: St. Martin s Press, 1993. A medical examination team describes the
use of radiology, CT scans, dental studies, and other modern methods in the
investigation of the death and life of a three- thousand-year-old mummified priest.
Editors of Time-Life, Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs. Alexandria, VA: Time-Life
Books, 1992. A popular, magazine-style history of ancient Egypt highlighting
archaeological discoveries that cast light on the lives of Egypt's kings and royal

Saudi Aramco World

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Hatshepsut From Queen to Pharaoh. The great female ... During her reign at the
beginning of the New Kingdom, trade relations were reestablished with western
Asia and extended to the Land of Punt far to the south, as well as to the Aegean
Islands in the north. ... From archeologist Howard Carter's examination of the
mummy in the 1920's to x-rays made in 1968 and 1978 and CT-scans taken of
the body in 2005, some questions have been answered, but many more are