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The book: Ship of Theseus, the final novel by a prolific but enigmatic writer named V.M. Straka, in which a man with no past is shanghaied onto a strange ship with a monstrous crew and launched onto a disorienting and perilous journey.

Practical Guide To S Corporations

Author: Michael Schlesinger
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If an S corporation has earnings and profits either because they arose from a
reorganization17 or from a predecessor C corporation, the distribution rules
become more complex. The tax consequences associated with the distribution
will depend on whether it is deemed to come from income generated by the S
corporation or from the E&P accumulated during the prior C corporation years.
Adding to this complexity is the fact that Congress adopted the Subchapter S
Revision Act of 1982 ...

S Corporation Answer Book Seventh Edition

Author: Sydney S. Traum
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When the S corporation sells 21 percent of the subsidiary stock to an unrelated
corporation for cash, the subsidiary is treated as a new corporation, but the
deemed exchange by the S corporation of assets for 79 percent of the subsidiary
stock does not qualify as tax free under Code Section 351 because the parent
does not have 80 percent or more control of the subsidiary immediately after the
sale of stock. Therefore, the S corporation would have to recognize any gain on
the assets ...

S Corporation Taxation 2009

Author: Robert W. Jamison
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Commissioner, the taxpayers had disclosed income from an S corporation on
trust returns, although it should have been reported by the beneficiaries of the
trusts. The court held that because the petitioners' returns did not provide "a clue"
as to the existence of the trusts, and there was no other disclosure of the income,
that it was not sufficient disclosure and the six-year statute of limitations was
upheld.371 In the case of fraud, neither the three- nor the six-year statute of
limitations ...

Chevy S 10 Gmc S 15 Handbook

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Gm's S-Series platform has been around since 1982. They were originally
designed as a compact alternative to full-size pickups, although they are slightly
larger than the import LUV pickup they replaced. When they were introduced, the
models were an instant hit, mainly because they were relatively inexpensive and
economical to operate. The S- series pickup line has seen many changes over
the years, including updated styling, more powerful powerplants and refined
interiors ...

The Basics Of S Plus

Author: Andreas Krause
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S-plus offers many possible ways of modeling data according to the assumptions
made on the distribution and type of outcome (see Table 8.2). Simple linear
regression is done with the lm function, as shown in the examples in the previous
two subsections, and analysis of variance (ANOVA) with the aov function. ANOVA
is actually a regression model, and this can be run with the lm function, but the
aov function makes it easier to define the classification variables used in these

Mixed Effects Models In S And S Plus

Author: José C. Pinheiro
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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The nlme library we developed for analyzing mixed-effects models in
implementations of the S language, including S-PLUS and R, provides the
underlying software for implementing the methods presented in the text, being
described and illustrated in detail throughout the book. All analyses included in
the book were produced using version 3.1 of nlme with S-PLUS 3.4 running on
an Iris 5.4 Unix platform. Because of platform dependencies, the analysis results
may be expected to ...

S Programming

Author: William Venables
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William Venables, B.D. Ripley. Using C++. On most platforms it is relatively
straightforward to use C++ code. There are two issues, how to interface the code
(discussed here) and how to ensure that the libraries and initialization code get
invoked, discussed in Appendix A. It will normally be easiest to write a wrapper
for C++ code to be linked to S, for example to convert from the pointer types used
by . C to the C++ classes. The parts of that wrapper that define symbols to be
called from .


Author: R. A. Becker
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A good way to review or supplement the discussion of a particular S function, say
plot, in the book, is to look at the on-line documentation by typing helpC'plot") In
particular, whenever the book suggests looking up something in Appendix 1, you
can use the on-line documentation instead. The book begins with three
introductory chapters that should be helpful to all users: a case study that shows
S without trying to explain it; a tutorial chapter covering material in an informal
way; and a ...

A Handbook Of Statistical Analyses Using S Plus

Author: Brian S. Everitt
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420057492
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We can also obtain the discriminant function along with information about its
performance in terms of estimated misclassification rate by using the discrim
function in S-PLUS. bf.disc<-discrim(Group~Cholesterol+Triglycerides,data =bf,
prior="uniformn) summary(bf.disc) The results are given in Table 11.3. The
discriminant function coefficients given in (11.5) are obtained from this table by
simply subtracting the appropriate linear coefficients for no heart disease and
heart disease.