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At the same meeting at which Dr. Shull was elected, it was voted to use the gift of
$6,000 from Mr. Charles S. Pack of Lakewood, New Jersey, for the erection of
greenhouses for the use of the department of botany. We quote from a statement
on this new work at Princeton: "The University begins most opportunely the larger
development of its botanical work, now when the realization is being pressed
home as never before that the most basic of all occupations—agriculture—is to a
very ...

Issues In Animal Science And Research 2013 Edition

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The news correspondents report that additional information may be obtained
from C.L. Cruzen, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Natl Primate Res Center,
Madison, WI 53706, United States. (2012 Aug 22) Federal University, Curitiba:
The perception of students ... of institutions that use animals for research and
education (CIUCA).” The news correspondents obtained a quote from the
research from Federal University, “This legislation also set out the regulations for
the use of animals.

Applied Muscle Biology And Meat Science

Author: Min Du, Ph.D.
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And, the previous year (2005), I had the honor of being a judge at the National
Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging Contest held at the University of
Wisconsin, Madison. This is an ... As this chapter is targeted at a general
audience, I have chosen not to include references and footnotes, except for direct
quotes. ... All of us like to think of ourselves as ethical persons; yet, even when
each of us works hard to be ethical, we cannot always agree on what is right and
what is wrong. Why?

Aminobutyric Acids Advances In Research And Application 2013 Edition

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University of Wisconsin, Madison: Vigabatrin-associated retinal damage -
potential biochemical mechanisms By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at
Chemicals & Chemistry — Investigators publish new report on gamma-
Aminobutyric Acid. ... Our news journalists obtained a quote from the research
from the University of Wisconsin, “This review describes and analyzes current
literature related to potential pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying VGB-
mediated cellular toxicity.

Advances In Salmonella Research And Treatment 2013 Edition

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The news reporters obtained a quote from the research by the authors, “This is
facilitated by the SsrA-SsrB two-component regulatory system and a type III
secretion system encoded within SPI-2. SPI-2 acquisition was followed by
evolution of ... of the bacteria and for fitness in an animal host.” According to the
news reporters, the researchers concluded: “This work exemplifies the role of
nutrient exchange at the host-pathogen interface as a critical determinant of
disease outcome.

Intelligent Tinkering

Author: Robert J. Cabin
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Warshauer, F. R. “Alien Species and Threats to Native Ecology.” In Atlas of Hawai
'i, 3rd ed., edited by Sonia P. ... Andre F. Clewell, and James Aronson. “Values
and Science in Ecological Restoration—a Response to Davis and Slobodkin.”
Restoration Ecology 12, no. 1 (March 2004): 4–7. Leopold's “alone in a world
ofwounds” quote Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County Almanac. Oxford: Oxford
University ... Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1999. More about Leopold's
life, work, and ...

Issues In Neurology Research And Practice 2013 Edition

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Our news editors obtained a quote from the research by the authors from the
University of Pennsylvania, “Neuro-vascular imaging studies (such as BOLD fMRI
) have an additional requirement imposed by the filtering and noise properties of
the method: only some temporal frequencies of neural modulation are detectable.
Extant methods of generating counterbalanced stimulus sequences yield neural
modulations that are weakly (or not at all) detected by BOLD fMRI. We solve this ...

Where You Stand Is Where You Sit An Academic Administrator S Handbook P

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See quotes Cannon,]oseph, 25, 33 Carroll, Lewis, 61 Carson's Consolation, xvi
Carthage, 46 catcher. ... See the University of Wisconsin-Madison Central Asia. ...
149—50; humansubjects research, 143; institutional Animal Care and Use
Committee and, 145; institutional Review Board and, 143; one of the best
university jobs, 26; parallels with associate deans for research, 102; radiation
hazards and, 148-49; research and scholarly misconduct and, 150—5 1; role as
chief compliance ...

Sulfur Acids Advances In Research And Application 2013 Edition

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The major components of the melanin biosynthesis pathway have been
characterized in model insects, but little is known about the genetic basis of life-
stage specific melanism such as cases described in some lepidopteran species.”
Our news journalists obtained a quote from the research by the authors from
Leiden University, “Here, we investigate two melanic mutations of Bicyclus
anynana butterflies, called Chocolate and melanine, that exclusively affect
pigmentation of the larval ...

Victorian Animal Dreams

Author: Martin A. Danahay
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351875957
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21 Cartmill quotes Landseer on hunting as stating that “there is something in the
toil and trouble, the wild weather and savage scenery, that makes butchers of us
all” (p. ... Andromeda's Chains: Gender and Interpretation in Victorian Literature
and Art (New York: Columbia University Press, 1989); Joseph Kestner, Mythology
and Misogyny: The Social Discourse of Nineteenth-century British Classical-
subject Painting (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1989) and Bram
Dijkstra, ...