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SPONSOR ASKS: What public service programs evoke strong audience Atlanta
Bait. ... For example, WBZ recently scheduled a saturation public service
announcement campaign on behalf of the Big Brother Association of Boston who
was recruiting new members. ... between the ages of five and 17 Programs based
on public need backed by showmanship and promotion in the metropolitan
Boston area.

Two Thousand Eighty Four

Author: R. Harrison
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595294510
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'Big Brother Lives Within You', read one headline. 'No More Hide And Seek', read
another. The country ... of children unable to protect themselves. Promoted by
public service announcements, these groups urged citizens to protect 106 2084.


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... by promoting 1984 Los Angeles Games by making speeches, television and
radio ads, public service announcements ... Summer Olympics With Jeffrey
Osborne's 'We're Going All The Way as their theme, Jackie Joyner and her big
brother, ...


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Kool And The Gang Aid Big Brothers-Sisters The famed recording group Kool
and the Gang has been designated as the ... The group will promote the program
through national appearances, public service announcements and benefit events

Public Service Media In The Digital Age

Author: Agnes Gulyás
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443863572
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The paradoxical nature of such online audiences being perhaps too big is
revealed by another example, this time from C4, again from 2010. Seven Days
was promoted by the broadcaster as the “new Big Brother”, with enhanced levels
of ...


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Third was won by WSYR, NBC outlet in Syracuse, N, Y. Well-Rounded Promotion
Judges granted KMBC the nod In the ... Public service-wise, KMBC runs an
outstanding Big Brother Club activity, slanted for children and including such
giveaways as calendars, bookmarks and balloons. ... co-operation with agencies,
merchandising displays, store interiors, local advertiser contact, teaser

Marketing The Public Sector

Author: Seymour H. Fine
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 135150682X
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The council is a private, nonprofit organization that conducts public service
campaigns promoting social causes. Under its ... The campaign was carried out
through newspapers, magazines, television and radio announcements. ... Some
might fear that I am describing the world of “Big Brother,” where there will be
some form of centralized marketing plan with do-good messages delivered from
one place to ...

Reinventing Public Service Television For The Digital Future

Author: Mary Debrett
Publisher: Intellect Books
ISBN: 1841503215
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In early 2009, Channel Four announced the appointment of Oona King, a former
Labour MP and prime ministerial ... The accusation followed years of public
criticism of Four over its pursuit of ratings with the populist reality hit Big Brother.
... While endorsing the benefits of retaining the channel as a public service
broadcaster with a special updated remit 'championing and promoting creativity
and new ...

Authoritative Communities

Author: Kathleen Kovner Kline
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387727213
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Public service announcements and some advertising offer health-oriented
education. ... coach, counselor, religious youth worker, Big Brother, neighbor,
stepparent, grandparent, police officer, or other individual in the community who
can inspire him to ... Learning that his participation in social health-promoting
activities or service projects can have a moral impact within the larger community
gives the ...