Prototype Politics

Author: Daniel Kreiss
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199350272
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In the process, this book argues that scholars need to understand how technological development around politics happens in time and how the dynamics on display during presidential cycles are the outcome of longer processes.

The Politics Of Prototyping

Author: Gill Wildman
ISBN: 1446131424
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Gill Wildman, Nick Durrant. First, in making the prototype the design group
directly involved actually learn by making — design decisions become clearer,
and elements of problem framing, problem solving, and expression get resolved
in real time. You understand what something is, and is not, just by making a
version of it, or some part of it–this is what is called backtalk.

The Politics Of Constitutional Reform In North America

Author: Rainer-Olaf Schultze
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 366311628X
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III. Prototypes. Constitutional politics in Germany most certainly providesa
prototype for efficiencyoriented reforms, whilethe procedural character,
chancesandrisks, successes and failures ofinclusion oriented reforms can be
studied withCanadian constitutional politicsasan example.

The Igbo And The Tradition Of Politics

Author: U. D. Anyanwu
Publisher: Fourth Dimention Publishing Company Limited
ISBN: 9789781563669
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Nri is a good example where a centralized political system with specialized staff
had evolved (cf Onwuejeogwu 1972:47). Nri theocratic kingship was head of a
hegemony that wielded influence over vast areas of Igboland. Religious
Validation of Political Power Through the Mediatory Status of Heads of
Patrilineages This pattern of religious validation applies to the prototype of Igbo
political system whose fundamental structures is the segmentary lineage, known
as Umunna (cf ...

What India Thinks

Author: C. Roberts
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Anglo-Indian dailies like the Times of India are distinguished for a clear
exposition of the currents, cross-currents, and under-currents of European politics
. In dealing with Indian affairs, too, they are usually progressively liberal. On the
whole, an Anglo-Indian daily is a far better journalistic achievement than its
Indian or quasi-Indian prototype. POLITICS-PLAIN AND FANCY Indian
newspapers are pretty heavy metal. It is politics, all politics, and nothing but
politics, politics in and out, ...

Woodrow Wilson The Politics Of Peace And War

Author: Edmund S. Ions
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Chapter 3 To the White House In his role as kingmaker 'Colonel' Harvey (the
military title was merely decorative) first approached the most important man in
New Jersey politics, James Smith Junior. A former United States Senator, an Irish
immigrant who had raised himself from poverty and ignorance by his own
bootstraps, Smith was almost the prototype political boss and fixer: shrewd,
calculating — and ruthless when he had to be. He hankered to return to the
Senate, and quickly ...

Politics As Friendship

Author: Horst Hutter
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 088920067X
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The history of political theories might be seen as a succession of such models for
the analogical construction of a political order. The model most frequently
underlying modern theories of politics is a comparison of political processes to
the partly selfregulating system of exchanges comprised in a market. The social
relationship of exchange thus has become the primary prototype of a political
relationship, giving rise to alternative visions of political order. In the theory of
Western ...

Politics In The Netherlands

Author: Hans Daalder
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780714633619
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... political systems in North-Western Europe'), size ('a smaller European
democracy', or 'a small state in international affairs'), a prima facie institutional
characteristic ('one of the sober parliamentary monarchies'), or particular
divisions ('a working multi-party system', or in another key: a 'moderate' or an '
extreme' multiparty system). For a long time such general labels only hid benign
neglect. More recently, this situation has improved somewhat as Dutch politics
became the prototype ...

Governments And Politics Of The Politics Of The Comtemporary Middle East

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fulfilled various roles in the organs of the Zionist movement, the Hagana, and the
Histadrut, and in other political institutions. However, the basic involvement of the
Yishuv's political elite was with external political matters, especially relations with
the British as the mandatory power and the promotion of Jewish immigration and
settlement in Palestine. Prototype political institutions, founded and developed by
and for the Jewish community, laid the basis for many of Israel's public bodies ...

Perspectives On Minnesota Government And Politics

Author: Millard L. Gieske
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... realized it had evolved into a prototype political party. Consequently, it first
came to be known as the Alliance party; a few years later it metamorphosised into
the People's party or (more commonly) the Populist party, of the 1890s. As a third
party it did not fare well. However, it was an early vehicle for political activism by
both farmers and industrial workers, and a forerunner of later protest through the
Non-Partisan League and then the Farmer-Labor movement of the 1920s and