Author: Frederik Lodewijk Polak
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Analysis Of Water Resource Systems

Author: L. Votruba
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forces the water resource planners to deal with the distant future, which is not
possible without long-term, mediumterm and also short-term predictions. Systems
science, therefore, includes prognostics as a scientific field that investigates the
general principles of development, methods of prediction for arbitrary objects and
the laws involved in process of making predictions (Gvishiani and Lishichkin,
1968). The causal dependence between social development and water demands
, with ...

The Postmodern Turn In The Social Sciences

Author: Simon Susen
Publisher: Springer
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From a positivist point of view, the ambition to make predictions about future
developments is central to both the natural sciences and the social sciences. It is
common to make calculations about forthcoming occurrences in the natural
sciences – notably in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics.
In a similar manner, it is not unusual to make prognostications about the
yettocome in the social sciences, especially in its key disciplines – that is,
anthropology, economics, ...

Scientific Procedures

Author: L. Tondl
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If we make the quality of our decision-making, which means the quality of an
activity performed and controlled by man, a criterion for the admissibility of this or
that reduction of the elements with which we operate in a given procedure, or a
criterion ... EXPLANATION AND PREDICTION (a) The Scientific Basis of
Prognostic Statements and the Thesis of the Structural Identity of Explanation and
Prediction The prognostic statements which we work with in the empirical
sciences are usually ...

Deciding Who Lives

Author: Renee R. Anspach
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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edged difficulties in making predictions. More often than not, ... That conflicts
surrounding prognosis seem to have a systematic and patterned nature alerts us
to the fact that predicting and prognosticating, an ostensibly "scientific" activity,
may actually have a social and organizational basis. ... Each occupational group
has a different set of daily experiences that define the contours of the information
used in making prognostic judgments and in reaching life-and-death decisions.

Patient Centered Prognosis

Author: Miller III, Kashani-Sabet, & Sagebiel
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Prognostic factors serve mainly as the basis for making individually tailored
predictions. Research conclusions are based on at least. a partial. understanding
of underlying mechanisms and pathways, but they apply separately to each
individual patient. The flavor of factor-centered prognostic research is perhaps
more comfortably allied with viewing medicine as a science. The flavor of patient-
centered prognostic research is perhaps more comfortably allied with viewing
medicine as ...

Ziskin S Coping With Psychiatric And Psychological Testimony

Author: David Faust
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MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS Implicitly or explicitly, most clinical
evaluation entails prediction about the patient's future. Recommendations that a
person seek psychological treatment to ... Prognosis refers to the use
ofassessment data, in combination with relevant scientific literature, to make
predictions about a patient's future course. The DSM-IV-TR provides information
on the typical course of each ...

Systems Thinking For Geoengineering Policy

Author: Robert Chris
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317554884
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s (2014) distinction between diagnostic (retrospective) and prognostic (
prospective) uncertainty. Explanatory predictions seek to corroborate (or refute) a
prior hypothesis, whereas decision making predictions are concerned with
bringing about (or avoiding) certain future states. Explanatory prediction is an
activity that falls squarely in the domain of Kuhn's normal science. It is also the
means by which Popperian falsification succeeds in rejecting the- ories when the
empirical evidence ...

Prognostic Variables In Node Negative And Node Positive Breast Cancer

Author: Giampietro Gasparini
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Underlying this complexity, there are probably a small number of "rules" or
parameters that govern the initiation of the transformation process, though
progression of this process is marked by randomness and chaos, making specific
outcomes difficult to predict from an original set of conditions. In many respects,
assessing clinical outcome using present biomarkers is analogous to planetary
weather forecasting using only barometric pressure and wind direction. The
complexity and ...

Clinical Prediction Models

Author: Ewout W. Steyerberg
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Physicians and health policy makers need to make predictions on the prognosis
of a disease, or the likelihood of an underlying disease, in their decision-making
on screening and treatment of disease in high-risk groups, diagnostic work-up (
e.g. ordering another, possibly risky or expensive test), and choice of therapy.
Traditionally, the probabilities of diagnostic and prognostic outcomes were
implicitly assessed for such decision-making. Medicine was much more
subjective than in the ...