Pit Bull

Author: Bronwen Dickey
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 030796177X
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The hugely illuminating story of how a popular breed of dog became the most demonized and supposedly the most dangerous of dogs—and what role humans have played in the transformation.

The Cultivator Country Gentleman

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N. Y. MPORTED SHIRE STALLION FOR SALE—Has taken First Prize in best
shows in England and America, and Champion Prise as Best Draft Stallion of An
Breed at National Horse Show. ..... Oflera for Sale tbs Richly-Bred Young Bull
DUKE OF CRUMHORN. 'Calvad J uly '25. 189'). ' Tritomia M's Mercedes Prince
12 11.5“. B. B. EIQQIN-emiumgé. 2160 11.11. b. m— m a . (Egg—(icon of the Hill
4th 8793. H. F. B. 11.. having a record of 26 lbs. milk in one day. and 23 lbs.
buiter in ...

Modern Poultry Breeder

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FOR SALE.— Buff. Barred and White Plymouth Roc<s, White, Golden and Silver
Wyandottes, Brown leghorns, Langshans, Light Brahmas. Trios a5; cockerels #2.
Over 30 premiums last fall. Egirs from the same, I sitting $2; 2 sittings $3. Geo. ...
David W. Craig, North Branch, Mich. 6 VAN'S SILVER WYANDOTTES exclusively
. I have one fine pen of this valuable breed, and will spare a limited number of
eggs at SI per 13. C. Van Valkknui icon. 237 Calhoun St., Battle Chekk, Mich.

The Imperial Dictionary Of The English Language

Author: John Ogilvie
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To gain by proving one's self superior in a contest ; to acquire by proving one's
self the best man in a competition ; to be victorious in ; to gain as victor ; as, to win
a battle; to win the prize in a game; to win money at cards; 'win the wager;' 'to win
this easy match ;' 'the ... To gain to one's side or party, as by solicitation or other
influence ; to procure the favour of, as for a cause which one has at heart; to gain
over; as, an orator wins his audience by argument ; the advocate has won the


Author: Rex Smith
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Leading up to the battle, the dogs spend about six weeks in "the keep," or in
training. Owners often use expensive treadmills to get the dogs in shape, some
even suspending a live cat in front of the dog to keep it running, according to
police who have investigated dogfighting. After the bets are made, the fight takes
place in a walled ring with a dirt or carpet BLOOD SPORT. Vick (left) was indicted
last week on dogfighting charges; a pit bull found on Vick's property (above); a
1999 bout ...

The National Live Stock Journal

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the totem. horse. male or gelding ct any age, over a held or tourtren starters. All
the i'alrinwn Stallions have been withdrawn from ... l'LiNY NICHOL“, and others,
West Liberty, lows. JOINT PUBLIC SALE snort-Hull" BATTLE, OSIKALOOSA, IO
WA, OR Wednesday, April 11th, 1877'. ... Parties wishing VALUABLE CATTLE AT
BARGAINS, ahou'd correspond with him at Oflkillrmall, icon, or visit his farm.
three miles northwest of the city. VETERINARY. DR. N. H. PAAREN, Principal ot
the ...

The Illustrated London News

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Baron Munchausen, 1 . Fig, 2. Balder, 3. Sweepstakes of 50 sovs. — Yillafranca.
1. Fiancee, 2. Revolver, 3. Post S1.. eepstakes.— Buckenham walked over.
TIICRSDAV. Swcep-fr.ke~. of £00 sovs.— Barbatus c., 1. Lacydes, 2. riate of f 0
sovs.— Master George, 1. Falcon, 2. Sweepstakes. T.Y.C.— Fontenoy, 1. Tniant.
2. Su cep'-takc* of 10 sov. — Hespcr. 1. Maid of Honour, 2. Dirt Cheap, 3. XI «>
Handicap Plate.— Turn of Luck, 1. Flirtation, 2. TI:c American paper? state that
the French ...

Frank Leslie S Chimney Corner

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_ icon and his men were on their feet in an instant, and shouts and ringing rifle-
shots answered the ells of the savages, for such veterans were hardly to be taken
utterly by surprise. Still, they were feart'ully outnumbered and ... In that dim light
the ndians peered over the edge of the cliff in vain, after the scalped_ corpse of
the unfortunate miner had been cast into the abyss; but some of the more din-ing
were already exploring the re c-ladder. Their hesitation saved the fugitives, w o ...

Women And Media

Author: Cynthia M. Lont
ISBN: 9780534247324
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The more personal examples, which generally are written in the first person, may
start with a pivotal event like the birth of a child, the departure of a teenager for
college, or the death of a loved one. In the second type of column, the "starter
dough" is not usually a deeply felt personal experience, but "news": that is, the
more external emblems of the public world of famous people — often celebrities
or well-known politicians. She uses them as icons through which to communicate
carefully ...