Author: Dan Gardner
Publisher: Scribe Publications
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From the Hardcover edition.

The New Science Of Politics

Author: Eric Voegelin
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226861142
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This fallacy is not simply a theoretical mistake concerning the meaning of the
eschaton, committed by this or that thinker, perhaps an affair of the schools. On
the basis of this fallacy, Gnostic thinkers, leaders, and their followers interpret a ...

The Science And Politics Of I Q

Author: Leon J. Kamin
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0898591295
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There is in fact much that is not known, and what is known is no more consistent
with a genetic than an environmental interpretation. The kinship data seem not to
have ... There should be no mistake here. The burden of proof falls upon those ...

The Science Of Political Economy

Author: Henry George
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1596059788
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ECONOMY. ... and the mistake of the inductionists — Lator's Cyclopedia quoted
— Result of the triumph of the inductionists — A true science of political ... But ere
long there began to be questionings as to whether the inductive method was not
the ...

Politics And Experience

Author: Preston King
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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This was probably inevitable, given the intention of a sizable group to transform
the study of politics into a ' science of politics ... An occasional critic might charge
social scientists with the mistake of treating philosophical questions as empirical
ones,2 ... and, consequently, that the time was not distant when political science
would enjoy the two main benefits of science, precise and cumulative knowledge.

Social Science And Political Theory

Author: W. G. Runciman
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521095624
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109 CHAPTER VI METHODS, MODELS AND THEORIES Even if it is a mistake to
look for general theories of society, and ... Not even its strongest partisans would
yet argue that it has produced a set of propositions about political behaviour ...

The American Quarterly Review

Author: Robert Walsh
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Art. I. — Lectures on the Elements of Political Economy. ... as the favourite
science of the day; and we may congratulate the public not only on the growing
esteem in which the study of political ... in the science of political economy, were
not entirely ignorant of its first principles, and were not always mistaken in their

Lectures On The Elements Of Political Economy

Author: Thomas Cooper
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We acknowledge this in the physical world, but we are not sufficiently aware that
the same axiom holds true in what is called the moral ... the transactions and
dealings that take place between men who are combined in a political community
, is not a science of conjecture, ... Doubts and mistakes have arisen and may
arise, when the antecedent circumstances are partially, and imperfectly observed
, and ...


Author: Morton A. Kaplan
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780202367163
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Essays on the Philosophy & Science of Politics Morton A. Kaplan ... these among
others: that politics involves purpose in a way that physical science does not; that
scientific knowledge is applicable ... for areas where human purpose is involved;
that those pursuing scientific models tend to mistake their models for reality; that ...