Nitrogen Fixation Fundamentals And Applications

Author: Igor A. Tikhonovich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401103798
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15, Moscow, Russia Biological nitrogen fixation is a problem of the highest
priority in biological and agricultural sciences in many countries of the world and
on all continents. The Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Russia is, by the
decree of President of Russian Federation, a coordinating and methodological
centre for agricultural science in Russia. It has traditionally supported the
development of not only applied research on biological nitrogen fixation but also
those fundamental ...

Biological Nitrogen Fixation For The 21st Century

Author: Claudine Elmerich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792348344
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Proceedings of the 11th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, Institut
Pasteur, Paris, France, July 20–25 1997 Claudine Elmerich, Adam Kondorosi,
William E. Newton ... By in vitro experiments we demonstrated that purified WGA
elicited enhanced nitrogen fixation of A. lipoferum, one dominant bacterium in the
rhizosphere of wheat (Karpati et al., 1995). This WGA induced ... Nitrogen fixation
: Fundamentals and Applications, p 342, Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht, The

Plant Soil Science Fundamentals Applications

Author: Rick Parker
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111780773
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(Photo courtesy of USDA ARS) Nitrogen Fixation. The transfer of nitrogen~fixing
genes to plants is possible with the techniques of biotechnology. Nitrogen~
fixation genes might be transferred to plants that do not now have this nitrogen~
fixation capacity. These genes would have to be in a form that could be
incorporated into the plant genome, replicated, and expressed. The genes would
have to be expressed in an environment amenable to nitrogen fixation where the
enzyme, ...

The Quest For Nitrogen Fixation In Rice

Author: Jagdish Kumar Ladha
Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
ISBN: 9712201120
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Kouchi H, Ladha JK. 1998a. Isolation, analysis and expression of homologues of
the soybean early nodulin gene GmENODY3 (GmN93) from rice. Biochim.
Biophys. Acta 1443:386-392. Reddy PM, Ladha JK. 1995. Can symbiotic nitrogen
fixation be extended to rice? In: Tichonovich IA, Provorov NA, Romanov VI,
Newton WE, editors. Nitrogen fixation: fundamentals and applications. Dordrecht
(Netherlands): Kluwer Academic Publishers. p 629-633. Reddy PM. Ladha JK,
Ramos MC, ...

Russian Journal Of Genetics

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Roberts, G.P., Ludden, P.W., Zhang, Y., et al, ADP- Ribosylation as a Regulatory
Mechanism for Nitrogen Fixation, Biological Nitrogen Fixation for the 2 1st
Century, Elmerich, C, etal, Eds., Kluwer Academic, 1998, pp. 97-100. 85. Zhang,
Y.P., Grunwald, S.K., Lies, D., et al, Posttrans- lational Regulation of Nitrogenase
Activity by Reversible ADP-Rybosylation; How Are the Regulatory Enzymes DraT
and DraG Regulated?, Nitrogen Fixation: Fundamentals and Application,
Tikhonovich, ...

Extending Nitrogen Fixation Research To Farmers Fields

Author: ICRISAT Asia Center
Publisher: Semi-Arid Tropics
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Page 397 in Nitrogen fixation: fundamentals and applications (Tikhonovich, I. A.,
Provorov, N. A., Romanov, V. I., and Newton, W. E., eds.). Dordrecht, Netherlands
: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Cregan, P. B., and Keyser, H. H. 1986. Host
restriction of nodulation by B. japonicum strain USDA 123 in soybean. Crop
Science 26:91 1-916. Davis, T. M. 1991. Linkage relationships of genes for leaf
morphology, flower color, and root nodulation in chickpea. Euphytica 54:1 17-124
. Davis, T. M. ...

Fundamentals And Applications Of Bioremediation

Author: Robert L. Irvine
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781566763080
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... with large surface areas and the accompanying release of plant nutrients
initiate the soil-forming process. Several major nutrients that are deficient in the
early stages of the process are carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur;
therefore, the initial colonizers of soil parent material are usually organisms
capable of photosynthesizing, nitrogen fixing and releasing phosphorus and
sulfur from insoluble forms. These are predominantly the cyanobacteria, also
known as blue-green algae.

Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation

Author: Rachid Serraj
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781578083350
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Page 598 in Nitrogen Fixation: Fundamentals and applications (Tikhonovitch IA,
Provorov NA, Romanov VI and Newton WE Eds). Dordrecht, The Netherlands:
Kluwer Academic Publishers. Drevon JJ. 2001. Nodular diagnostic: agronomic
basis for an integrated improvement of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and the N2-
dependent yield of grain-legumes. Pages 417- 425 in Nitrogen assimilation by
plants (Morot-Gaudry JF, ed). INRA, Paris: Science Publishers Inc. Drevon JJ,
Payré H, ...

Agricultural And Food Science In Finland

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Nitrogen Fixation: Fundamentals and Applications. Proceedings of the 10th
International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation. St. Petersburg, Russia, p. 365-370
. Liukkonen, M., Kairesalo, T., Haworth, E.Y. & Salkinoja-Salonen, M. S. Changes
in the diatom community during the biomanipulation of Lake Vesijarvi; Paleolim-
nological analysis evidenced the initiation of a new species, Actinocyclus
normanii to. subsalsa into the lakes plankton. In: Saski, E. & Saarinen, T. (eds.).
Proceedings ...