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Swallowing. My husband has a 'nil by mouth' sign at the end of his bed. Why? It is
likely that your husband has been identified as being at risk of aspirating, as
explained above, and has quite correctly been kept 'nil by mouth'. It is important
that the nurses let you know about this so that you and any other visitors do not
tempt your husband with irresistible tasty morsels. While he is ...

Cultural Studies And The Working Class

Author: Sally Munt
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Glen Creeber Released in Europe in 1997, Nil by Mouth was written and directed
by British actor Gary Oldman, who is best known for his leading roles in films
such as Sid and Nancy, Bram Stoker's Dracula and blockbusters like The Fifth
Element and Lost in Space. Oldman's directorial debut, however, draws its
influence more from relatively low-budget British film and television drama than
the Hollywood movies where he made his name. Dedicated to the memory of his
alcoholic ...


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Non-oral feeding is not entirely without hazard and it does not prevent the
aspiration of saliva. Being placed nil by mouth also has psychological impact.
Screening for swallowing difficulty after stroke is a key part of the clinical
assessment of an acute stroke patient, and is one of the important process
indicators for stroke.3 Swallow safety can be evaluated using an agreed swallow
screening tool which can be administered as soon as possible after admission by
an appropriately trained ...

Puzzling Out Clinical Signs And Symptoms

Author: Richard Hamilton
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Treatment is with IV fluids,nil by mouth and antibiotics (eg, cefuroxime and
metronidazole).Surgery for massive bleed/complications. Large- and small-bowel
obstruction Causes include:(small bowel) strangulated hernia,adhesions, (rarely)
cancer,intussusception in babies;(large bowel) tumour,constipation,adhesions,
volvulus. Symptoms and signs are nausea,vomiting,absolute constipation,
abdominal distension and colicky abdominal pain.In small-bowel obstruction,
vomiting occurs ...

British Social Realism

Author: Samantha Lay
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The book considers the challenges for social realist film practice and production in Britain, now and in the future.

Young Winstone

Author: Ray Winstone
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Ray Winstone's amazing talent for bringing out the humanity buried inside his often brutal screen characters - violent offender in 'Scum', wife-beater in 'Nil by mouth', retired blagger in 'Sexy beast' - has made him one of the most ...

Addiction Dilemmas

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Nil. by. Mouth. A. Film. by. Gary. Oldman. This powerful British film, written and
directed by Gary Oldman and re- leased in 1997, depicts an inner-London family
of modest means in which the two main male characters are both shown as
having substance problems, Ray's being drink and Billy's injecting drugs. The
interactions quoted here involve Billy and his Mum, but the film also contains a lot
of relevant material involving Billy's older sister and her husband Ray. Mum, we
are led to ...

Care Of The Acutely Ill Adult

Author: Fiona Creed
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If a patient is nil by mouth, a crystalloid infusion will be necessary to maintain
adequate amounts of fluid and electrolytes in the body. An intravenous infusion
or nasogastric feeding may also be necessary ifa patient is taking some oral food
and fluid but not in adequate amounts. Patients at risk for a negative fluid balance
but who can drink should have oral fluids encouraged. Equally, fluid restriction
may be required for patients at risk for hypervolaemia. Close attention should be
given ...

High Risk Pregnancy

Author: David K. James
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III/B 109,110 Assess for other structural abnormalities. III/B 108,111 Offer
karyotyping. III/B 108,111 Provide multidisciplinary counseling. —/GPP — Labor
and Delivery Normal management in a tertiary center. —/GPP — Vigilance for
complications of hydramnios. —/GPP — Postnatal Pass nasogastric tube,
maintain nil by mouth until bowel atresia excluded. —/GPP — Confirm diagnosis
by radiography. —/GPP — Surgical correction is needed; search for other
abnormalities at surgery.

Foundations Of Nursing Practice

Author: Chris Brooker
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
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RCN, London Hamilton Smith S 1972 Nil by mouth. RCN, London Hayward J
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Preoperative visiting: landmarks of the journey. British Journal of Perioperative
Nursing 15(10):434–443 James J 1995 Day care admission. Paediatric Nursing
7(1):25–29 Jamieson EM, McCall JM, Whyte LA (eds) 2002 Clinical nursing
practices. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh Jolley BA 2000 Postoperative nausea
and vomiting: a ...