Ethnic American Food Today

Author: Lucy M. Long
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Holiday Feasts Major holidays, of course, vary according to faith; but one holiday
with a distinctive culinary tradition is celebrated by all Egyptians: Sham el-Nissim,
which translates literally as “smelling the air,” is a pre-Christian spring and fertility
... King Tutin Fort Worth, Texas, is a clear example; they serve not only Egyptian
shawarma, koshari, and kofta but also other Mediterranean dishes such as gyros.
... My Egyptian Grandmother's Kitchen: Traditional Dishes Sweet and Savory.


Author: Claire E. Francy
Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 9789774162039
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Middle Eastern Cooking: A Practical Guide. Cairo: AUC Press, 1997. Have a
certain matter-of-fact charm as if a busy Egyptian mother-in-law were showing
her son's foreign bride how to cook while skimping on essential details—
perhaps intentionally so! John Feeney. Egyptian Soups Hot and Cold. Cairo:
AUC Press, 2006. Delectable soups made from local seasonal ingredients.
Magda Mehdawy. My Egyptian Grandmother's Kitchen: Traditional Dishes Sweet
and Savory. Cairo: AUC ...

Flavors Of The Triangle An International Festival Of Raleigh

Author: Karin Shank
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Syrian SEMOLINA PORRIDGE MAMUNEHYA 1 cup semolina 41/2 cups cold
water 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. olive oil Pine nuts and sliced almonds (optional)
Cinnamon to taste As a kid growing up in Syria, this was my absolute favorite
thing to eat for breakfast, especially in the cold winters. Just smelling it transports
me to my grandmother's kitchen. Traditionally this dish is served with a white,
salty type of Arabic cheese (like Halloumi) and/or cured olives. 3/4 cup salted
butter (11/2 sticks) ...


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It was Arab traders who first carried cardamom from India to Babylon, Egypt,
Greece, and Rome, and today the Arab countries still consume more of it than
any other place on earth. lt's still a precious commodity, too—nearly as costly as
saffron and vanilla because, like them, it must be harvested ... Sometimes, after a
big meal, we'd follow my grandmothers custom and pass around cardamom pods
to chew. ... That unique balance works as well in savory dishes as it does in
sweet ones.

Bon App Tit

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SELDOM DO WE consider singling out the onion for distinction; yet we would
never want to cook without this savory gift from the lily family and its cousins-
garlic, shallots, scallions, chives and leeks. ... I do indeed remember that my own
grandmother used to concoct a FOTXRAPHED BY STAN CAPLAN In All Its
Forms and Flavors, This Earthy Vegetable Is the Nobility of the Kitchen BY ABBY
MAN DEL brew of simmered onions and sugar to soothe my cough during the
night. Nor can I ...

American Legacy

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Once in the New World, blacks took their own foods and techniques, added in
native foods, and created new cuisines. We took to the city streets hawking our
confits and. worked in a kitchen, where he would be bossed around by a woman.
My instinct insisted that Joe was probably black, and that he more than likely left
his imprint on that kitchen as much as Mrs. Claiborne herself did. Whatever the
color of his skin, the man's simple dismissal as "Joe," with no surname to identify
him ...

The Youth S Companion

Author: Nathaniel Willis
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It must be said that the alligator, which is found only in North and South America,
is a better mother than her cousin, the crocodile, which is found in this country,
but is most common in Atrica and Asia. The alligator goes to her eggs ... The fire
was burning finely, and the supper was cooking and sending out a most savory
odor, when one of the party who was standing over the fire putting on some more
wood was suddenly thrown to the For the Companion. BIRD-SONG. Sweet!

New York

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Here, in a 100-seat space with a warm-weather terrace that doubles its capacity,
Carmellini puts a refined, ingredient-driven spin on dishes as homespun and
elemental as pasta e fagioli, spaghetti puttanesca, and "My Grandmother's Meat
... At El Dar, recently opened in the old Alphabet Kitchen space, the owners
interpret it as an eclectic melange of Egyptian, Moroccan, southern Italian, and
American pub grub, from moussaka and fava-bean falafel to nachos and French
onion soup.

New Outlook

Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith
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If you buy the plants they are generally small, and will not make much growth the
first season (at least that has been my experience), and you want something
thatiwill grow fastrr for the present season. ... THINK Mother Eve must have had a
fine time as houseket per," exclaimed our gay young hostess, as she-sat with a
party of friends at her bountifully-laden dinner table; “no bother with servants, no
shopping, no marketing, no kitchen work—~at least not until her first tiff with