Magnetic City

Author: Justin Davidson
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Includes walking tours throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx • the Financial District • the World Trade Center • the Seaport and the Brooklyn waterfront • Chelsea and the High Line • 42nd Street • the Upper West Side • ...

Around Bakersville

Author: Bruce Koran
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Later, it was dubbed Magnetic City, because of the magnetic iron ore found there.
Sometime later, as there was actually no “city” to speak of, the name was
changed again. Two stories exist about the naming of Buladean. The first points
to the settlers' Scottish—lrish heritage, wherein the word “Beulah" means
beautiful and “dean” means dune or hills. The second points to the first
postmaster, a Mr. Dean, who had a daughter named Beulah, so the town became
“Buladean.” Located on ...

Magnetic Mountain

Author: Stephen Kotkin
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"The city planners did a bad job. "123 Indeed, the city planners freely conceded
that Magnitogorsk was built without a plan and that the result was a mess. 124
From the air one could begin to make at least some sense of Magnitogorsk. ***
Beneath the billowing clouds of multicolored smoke, one saw a huge industrial
lake, a gigantic tract of land neatly traversed by hundreds of kilometers of 123
John Scott, "'Magnetic City: Core of Russia's Industrial Might, " National
Geographic, 1943, ...

Cultureshock Paris

Author: Frances Gendlin
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It's not about you or me, this love, nor about anyone else; it is about the city itself
and how being here makes us feel about our own lives. But why Paris? Certainly
its charms are not unique. Rome is as historic and Venice as beautiful, Hong
Kong is as bold and Marrakech as exotic. But somehow Paris has it all, including
an ability to insinuate itself into our souls, demanding so much of us—and giving
so much in return. Yet the spirit of this magnetic city is hard to convey: its
impressions ...

Media Research

Author: Marshall McLuhan
Publisher: Routledge
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Fleurs du Mal is a vision of the city as the technological extension of man.
Baudelaire had once intended to title the book Les Limhes. The vision of the city
as a physiological and psychic extension of the body he experienced as a
nightmare of illness and self-alienation. Wyndham Lewis, in his trilogy The
Human Age, began ... the psychic mutations of man living in "the magnetic city,"
the instant, electric and angelic (or diabolic) culture. Lewis views the action in a
much more inclusive ...

Marc Blitzstein

Author: Howard Pollack
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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that echoed the sound and rhythm of Mahagonny (with its accented first syllable),
but that also played on Begwick's reference to a “City of Nets” (“Netzestadt”) and
evoked further the town's magnetic appeal to men with gold. Blitzstein
accordingly considered such working titles for the opera as “The Birth and Death
of Magnet City” and “A City Called Magnet.” He also revised the names of the
characters, including creating a list of threesyllable AngloIrish names for the hero,
such as ...

The Magnetic Lady Or Humours Reconciled A Tale Of A Tub The Sad Shepherd Or A Tale Of Robin Hood The Case Is Altered Entertainments C

Author: Ben Jonson
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The scene presented itself in a square and flat upright,' like to the side of a city:
the top thereof, above the vent and crest, adorn'd with houses, towers, and
steeples, setoff in prospective. Upon the battlements in a great capital letter was
inscribed, LONDINIUM: 1 Part of King James's Entertainment, &c.] This Entertain*
raent was exhibited at the expense of the city of London; our poet was the
inventor of the first and last pageants only ; the intermediate ones, which were
three in number, ...

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Oncology

Author: Alan Jackson
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... Oklahoma City, OK 73190, USA D. S. McMeekin, MD Department of Obstetrics
and Gynecology, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City,
OK 73190, USA D. H. Wu, PhD Department of Radiology, Oklahoma University
Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK 73190, USA N. A. Mayr, MD
Professor, Director Radiation Oncology Center, Department of Radiology,
Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, University Hospital, 1200 N.
Everett Drive, Rm.BNP ...

Geological Survey Bulletin

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In the northern half of the mapped area, several sharp oval magnetic highs of 200
-300 gammas form a large arcuate cluster around the large steep-sided magnetic
low north of Platteville. This magnetic low has few marked magnetic irregularities
in its broad central part and probably consists of granite or granitic gneiss of low
magnetic susceptibility. City well 2 at Platteville, at the south edge of the magnetic
low, penetrated basement rocks of this lithology (Agnew, 1963, p. 250). The low ...