Luzon 1945

Author: Clayton Chun
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Emphasizing the differences in Japanese and American strategy, and detailing the combat operations of the campaign, this volume tells the story of how MacArthur kept his promise to return and liberate the Philippines.

History Of United States Naval Operations In World War Ii

Author: Samuel Eliot Morison
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
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CHAPTER VIII Luzon Liberated1 11 January-30 June 1945 \ . Southward Drive
and Subsid1ary Landings, 11 January '-3 February IN his pleas to the Joint
Chiefs of Staff in 1 944 to be allowed to liberate Luzon, General MacArthur
predicted that his forces could capture Manila about two weeks after the initial
landings. On 12 January 1945 (Lingayen S-day plus 3) AlacArthur, now a five-
star General of the Army, called Vice Admiral Kinkaid, Vice Admiral Wilkinson
and Lieutenant ...

World War Ii In North Luzon Philippines 1941 1945

Author: Generoso P. Salazar
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1945) The invasion of LEYTE in OCTOBER 1944 and the allied bombing attacks
on APARRI, GABU AIRFIELD and other strategic targets about the middle of that
month produced various effects on enemy troop movements of the entire length
and breadth of LUZON. Although an increased aerial activity was to be expected
by the Japs, the location and strength of their forces did not change considerably.

Rolling Thunder Against The Rising Sun

Author: Gene Eric Salecker
Publisher: Stackpole Books
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67. Smith, Triumph in the Philippines, 305–6; “Operations Report —Battle of
Luzon, 9 Jan–30 June '45,” 754th Tank Bn, 63, 64, 65. 68. Smith, Triumph in the
Philippines, 306. 69. Ibid., 306–7; “Operations Report—Battle of Luzon, 9 Jan–30
June '45,” 754th Tank Bn, 66, 67. CHAPTER TWENTYSEVEN 1. Andradé, Luzon,
15 December 1944–4 July 1945, 18–19; Smith, Triumph in the Philippines, 331–
34; “Operations Report—Battle of Luzon, 9 Jan–30 June '45,” 754th Tank Bn, 47,
49, ...

The Years Of Macarthur 1941 1945

Author: Dorris Clayton James
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... 269, 270, 798 Cape Engano, Luzon, 562-63 Cape Gloucester, New Britain,
308, 316, 320, 614, 702; ops. at, 341-46, 352; DM visits, 450, 800 Cape Killcrton,
Papua, 273, 798 Cape Nelson, Papua, 231-32 Cape Sudest, Papua, 240 Cape
Torokina, Bougainville, 340 Capinpin, Brig. Gen. Mateo, 39, 44, 62 Carabao, P.I.,
651 Carigara, Leyte, 543, 574-77, 610 Carigara Bay, Leyte, 573, 575, 580, 599
Carney, Rear Adm. Robert B., 390 740; Leyte Gulf, 564; Mindoro, 608-9; Luzon,
1945, ...

The Intrepid Guerrillas Of North Luzon

Author: Bernard Norling
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He was recaptured on July 5, 1944, but managed to escape on May 9, 1945. In
the interim practically all the remaining CAF personnel joined Col. Russell
Volckmann's USAFIP NL.1 By the autumn of 1944, Quiocho and his followers had
also gravitated to Volckmann, then the senior surviving American guerrilla in
North Luzon. Quiocho was promoted to captain, as was Cpl. Silvestre Vaggas.
Both were given command of units of the 11th Infantry Regiment, which was
formed from the ...

Lapham S Raiders

Author: Robert Lapham
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
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Among the American soldiers who managed to avoid capture was twenty-five-year-old Lieutenant Robert Lapham, who was to play a major role in the resistance to the brutal Japanese occupation.

Essex Class Aircraft Carriers Of The Second World War

Author: Steve Backer
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing
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In October it was planned to attack airfields that could support the I COMBAT
DAMAGE Name Date Location Cause Effect Essex 25 Nov 1944 Luzon
Kamikaze minimal 11 Apr 1945 Okinawa 1 bomb minimal Yorktown 18 Mar 1945
Kyushu 1 bomb minimal Intrepid 17 Feb 1944 Truk Aerial torpedo 6 days to
repair/ steering damage 29 Oct 1944 Leyte Kamikaze minimal 25 Nov 1944
Luzon 2 Kamikazes 7 weeks to repair 18 Mar 1945 Kyushu Kamikaze 13 days to
repair 16 Apr 1945 ...

No Strategic Targets Left

Author: F. J. Bradley
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781563114830
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Since air power was the most important ingredient in American plans, Japanese
island outposts, which could be neutralized by bombardment and isolated from
supplies, were bypassed. Only islands were taken which could serve to advance
the thrust to the home islands of Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido. Gen.
MacArthur was coming up from the South Pacific to the Philippines and hit Leyte
on 20 October 1 944 and Luzon on 9 January 1945. Adm. Nimitz was moving
directly ...

The Rattle Of Theta Chi

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Riford S. Williams, '36, killed in action on Luzon, March 27, 1945. Sgt. Gerald G.
Luther, Washington, killed in action in Alsace Lorraine, January 7, 1945. Sgt.
Robert Lewis Cox, Susquehanna, cx- '46, killed in Germany, March 31, 1945. S/
Sgt. John F. Hollopeter, Oregon, '36, killed in action in the Mediterranean theater,
December, 1944. Lt. Comdr. Thomas Masson Graham, Oregon, '27, died at
Pensacola, Fla., 1945. Lt. Thomas William McManus, UCLA, '43, killed in action
over France ...