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Lupus. Erythematosus. (SLE):. The. Great. Pretender. Most of us don't think about
lupus when we have chronic backache. But if you have undiagnosed backache,
neck pain, or muscle or joint pain with occassional fever and other generalized
symptoms, your doctor might order special blood tests to rule out systemic lupus.
It's not unusual for patients to spend years undergoing treatment for arthritis and
other diagnoses only to discover that they have systemic lupus, a disease that ...

An Educated Consumer

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... may be told it's all in her head, but it's not. It's LUPUS, THE GREAT
PRETENDER. Join us. END. PAGE. 20.


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»Man nannte sie the great imitator.« Ich lächelte und hielt das für einen ihrer
üblichen Wortwitze. Mich nannte sie »the great pretender«, ein Spitzname, den
sie von dem gleichnamigen Song entlehnt hatte. Doch ihr plauderndes
Gesichtchen war nun angespannt und voller Mitgefühl. »Ich glaube, weil sie viele
andere Krankheiten imitiert.« »Auch Syphilis?« »I suppose. Das hatte was mit
eurem Lupus zu tun.« »Lupus?« Sie löschte die letzten Lichter, und wir gingen
zusammen raus in ...

Living With Arthritis

Author: Roderick Jamer
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Cazenave may have meant to echo the term for skin lesions, known as lupus
pernio {pernio is Latin for congestion and swelling of the skin due to cold), that he
'd seen in patients with sarcoidosis (see page 56). A more whimsical notion is
that he associated the ... Lupus is often called "the great pretender," because
many of its symptoms mimic those of other diseases, making diagnosis vexingly
difficult, especially during its early stages. A definitive diagnosis can take a year
or more.


Author: Kathleen Gutierrez
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What You NEED TO KNOW Clinical Manifestations Lupus has been called “the
great pretender” because of the way it mimics many other diseases, which
frequently causes it to be misdiagnosed. One of the few "classic” symptoms of
lupus is a red, butterfly-shaped rash that covers the nose and cheeks. SLE
causes a diffuse vasculitis that affects capillaries, venules, and arterioles. In mild
cases the presenting symptoms may be only arthralgias and fatigue. - ) African-
American women ...

The Duke University Medical Center Book Of Arthritis

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Lupus is a challenging disease for the physician. It is sometimes called the "great
pretender" because its symptoms are so wide-ranging and difficult to separate
from other conditions. If one of my lupus patients has aches and fever and other
signs of infection, for example, I have to figure out whether this is a manifestation
of her lupus or a completely separate condition. The drugs used to treat lupus
may cause side effects that are also hard to distinguish from the symptoms of

Heart Soul

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Lupus is most prevalent in women from ages 20 to 44. The Great Pretender
Difficult to diagnose and impossible to cure, lupus resembles other diseases and
targets African-American women three times more than white women. Why is this
crippling autoimmune disease knocking on our door? by sheree crute t's a cold,
windv night, but Rosa Gillespie, the first black coming women with a wide smile.
Ranging in age from 33 to woman to found a chapter of the Lupus Foundation of
60, ...

Imaging Of Select Multisystem Disorders An Issue Of Radiologic Clinics Of North America

Author: Srinivasa R. Prasad
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Although this atrophy is nonspecific, it can direct biopsy for definitive diagnosis.
37 Cutaneous Involvement Among patients with sarcoidosis, 25% develop skin
involvement, with the 2 most classically identifiable manifestations erythema
nodosum and lupus pernio.53 The distinguishing features of these 2 entities are
described in Table 5. REFERENCES 1. Newman LS, Rose CS, Maier ...
Pulmonary sarcoidosis: the 'Great Pretender'. Clin Radiol 2010;65(8):642–50. 6.
Criado E ...

A Star Bright Lie

Author: Coleman Dowell
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For I never saw her again and yet I see now that that day marked a change. . . .
But hindsight, like lupus, is the great pretender: remove one of its masks and
another lies beneath, just as convincing. . . . Also at that luncheon was Mattiwilda
Dobbs, who sang, during my Van Vechten years, what he termed the only perfect
recital he had heard since — was it one of Mary Garden's? Anyhow, that other "
perfect" recital had been a hell of a long time before. Miss Dobbs was 125 A Star-
Bright ...