English Pronouncing Dictionary

Author: Daniel Jones
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521680868
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-'S31:. tig -certed -'S3:.tid ® -'s^i.tid concerti (plur. of concerto) kan'tjea.ti, -'tj3:- © -'
tjer.ti concertina ,kDnr.sa'ti:.na © ,ka:n(.s3f'- -s -z -ing -ig -ed -d concertino .kDn.tfa'
tii.nau ® .kain.tj^'tii.nou -s -z concerto kan'tjea.tau, -'t/3:- © -'tjer.tou -s -z concerti
kan'tjea.ti, -'tj3:-® -'tjer.ti concerto grosso kan.tjea.tao'gros.ao, kon-, -,tj3i- ® kan.
tjer.tou'grou.soo, ka:n- concerti grossi kan,t Jea.ti'gros.i ©-.tjer.ti'groo.si
concession kan'sej. 3n -s -z concessionaire kan,sej.3n'ear ®-'er-s-z concessional

English And Chinese Dictionary

Author: William Lobscheid
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Sháu ché, ¡^ Af % t«é 'shiú 'ché. Sié sháu ché, Ц % 'kwá ''ché. Kwá ché. Ming. Fib
, a lie, Jz$j¡ tái1 wá\ Tá hwá, Щ <f<mg. Hwáng, ШШ «fonS sín- Hwáng yen, gft Щ
shut, {fong. Shwoh hwáng. Fibber Tíong tái1 wál 'ché. Kiáng tá hwá ché, shut,
cfong 'ché. Shwoh hwáng ché. Fiber") Щ (sz. Sz, Щ lok,. Loh; cotton fibres, Fibre)
lok,. Loh; the fibres of roots, Щ Щ tkan csz. Kan sz, ^ Щ {kan (sö. Kan sü; fibres of
flesh, уикг {sz. Juh sz; muscular fibres, ДЦ, (kí {sz. Kí sz. Fibered} ^ ^ syau {sz. Yú
sz ...

A Japanese And English Dictionary With An English And Japanese Index

Author: James Curtis Hepburn
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Kan-shin, -fryvy, JjjJt n. Admiration, wonder. — szru, to be affected to admiration.
tK.AN-SHO,-sz?-?(, l£Jt, To admire and praise. Kan-SHO, *>5^3^itfe, n. A kind of
fragrant wood. Kan-SHO, ijyi/3, ^ 7i. A letter of remonstrance, or expostulation to a
superior. Kan-SZ, fiyz, rJ, The purveying priest of a Buddhist monastery of the
Fuke sect. tKAN-TAN,-sz?-M, * y & y, jjfg |TJ|, To admire, applaud, to cry or sigh in
admiration, or applause. fKAN-TAN, A y$ y, )]f Jjf,». Liver and gall-bladder.
Kantan ...

English And Chinese Vocabulary In The Court Dialect

Author: Samuel Wells Williams
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Samuel Wells Williams. STROKE, to *gli Ё fú móSTROKES,cOunt the й ä sú ki
hwáh. STROKES, give how many '! Ё Н Т ya.. ia ki hia? STROLI., take a ig): Й te
yú wán. STROMBUS, fü È; kiâi chi 16. STRONG, Ё yú li. STRONG (cloth), Ё}! Ё
kie shi'. STRONG tea, à? nung chá. STRONG bow, ngung kung. STRONG-ROME
D, chwáng k' . STRONGLY migré, Ё ` isó te chú kú. STRUGGLE with poverty, Ё i'ú
pin. STRUT, Ё] 'f_î ngáng chi hing. STURBLE , Ё Ё kán tau. STUBEORN, mi] ...

The Tourists Guide And Merchant S Manual

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Вrush, clothes 3:#f: I fuk, tsat, I fuh ch'ah. Вrush, hair, ёi: Fat tsat, Еah ch'ah. Вrush
, priming, fif? Sz kan. Sz kan. Вrush, shaving,}: Sots'ât, Si ch'ah. Вrush, tooth, 2f}},
Ngätsat, Ya ch'ah. Вuckle, a, +п К'au. К'au. Вudhist priest, Жn fj Wо shéung. Но
shang fi Sang Sang. Вull, see Quadrupeds, Вundle, f, Pau. Pau. Виrning wells,
see minerals. Вurnish, to, EfNo In kwong. Yen kwang. Вurnisher, iron, #e# То .
kam pang. Таkin pang. Вurnishing, fillf] Кwat, séuk,. Кwah sioh. - Вusiness, +} Sz'

Fjalor Simultan Me Pese Gjuhe

Author: Peter Tase
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1435772741
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... oblivious | inconsapevole \-ve-as\ 7 inconsciente py'akañyva, tarova harraq,
ihutuar unaware ES inconsciente fAns'Wer / ignaro 7 py'amanóva i
pavetëdijshëm ES inconsciente obllvious\vëas\ mccnsapevole 7 py'akañyva,
tarova harraq, i hutuar inconsiderate Е \Ín-ken-si-de- red 7 inconsiderato
desconsiderado royrö i paku] desshëm inconslderate | inconsiderato \m-kan-sz-
da- rm\ desconsiderado royrö i paku] desshëm tenuous | inconsistente \`
tenyawss\ 7 frágil jekarei 1 holle juhu, ...

Immunity To Blood Parasites Of Animals And Man

Author: Louis Miller
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461588553
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... Immunization Challenge Animals Surviving Infection Duration Number Number
of Maximum of Mass of Parasitemia Parasitemia Fatal Animals Material
Inactivation (approx.) Adjuvant Parasites Route Number Negative Positive (days)
(%) Infection 12 Szé 0.1% Formol 2-3 g FCA 103 (?) 12 4(?) 8 3-67 0.7-10 0/128 (
strain 1) (2) d 1/18 6 Sz 0.1% Formol 3-4 g FCA 103 (?) 5 1 4 23-31 3-5 1/6h (
strain 2) (2) 3 Sz 0.1% Formol 2-3 g FCA 2x 103 i.p.: 1 1 2/3 (2) 4/6 3 Sz red
blood 2-3 g FCA ...

Educational Developments Practices And Effectiveness

Author: Jennifer Lock
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137469935
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Orthia, L. A., Dobos, A. R., Guy, T., Kan, S. Z., Keys, S. E., Nekvapil, S., & Ngu,
D. H. Y. (2012). How do people think about the science they encounter in fiction?
Undergraduates investigate responses to science in The Simpsons. International
Journal of Science Education, Part B, 1–26. doi: 10.1080/21548455.2011.
610134. Pecora, N. O., Murray, J. P., & Wartella, E. A. (Eds.) (2007). Children and
television: Fifty years of research. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. '

A General Dictionary Of The English Language Etc A Facsimile Of The Edition Of 1780

Author: Thomas SHERIDAN (M.A., Teacher of Elocution.)
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To CONCEIT, kbn-sesit. v. a. agine, to bclieve. CONCEITED, kbn-ssiiz'did.
particip. a. Endowed with fancy; proud, fond of himself; opinionative.
CONCEITEDLY, [ton-seltld-ly. ad. Fancifully, whimfically. CONCEITEDNESS, kon
-sessid-nis. sPride, fondness of himself. CONCEITLESS, kbn-se't-lis. a. pid,
without thought. \ CONCEIVABLE, kbn-sE'wibl. a. That may be imagined or
thought; that may be understood or believed. CONCElVABLENESS, kan-sz'45b1-
nls. s. The quality of being ...

An English And Swedish Dictionary

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To have а perception of fnmuîhing, [при kin/El afnogor. PERCEPTIVE, Adj.
ázgrípandc,farund¢. Percepriviry, f- „надул al farm. PERCH. Vid. Pearch. То
Perch, Vid. То РеагсЬ. PERCHANCE, Adv. kan sz, mrd: benda, гоняли
PERCHERS» 5- 170“ "'M'll'XM я слупил спада. РЕНСЦ'ЁЕНТ, Adi. ‚щедрым: ‚
fom liar Lrgrfp. ТЬе Гоп! П the fole pcrcipienl , ff/'rîlzn пнешь/мг begrep
PERçLOSE ч 5- ЛИ » [-11111 р? и: vers, p¢ríod. (к. T;P;.IRCOLATE, V. A. ДМ, [ну/
14 iggnom. percolation; . ктпа.