Old Babylonian Period 2003 1595 Bc

Author: Douglas Frayne
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802058737
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... iv-hé-fgallkalam-ma l3) a-bi 17.idign[a] 11.buranun-[na-bi]-da l4) u-ba-e-ni-[i1n
-kar 15) a-ab-ba-8e [h]a-ba-an-dé 16) en dnu-nam-nir-e dlui t-ga-né] sag ba~an-
du 17) sipa-sa-dulo-ga-nla-kla-ée mu-un-si-i[n-gur] 18) gu-hul ii-mu-un-d[e' nalm-
dulo mu-ni-in-ftafl 19) i1 ba-al-e-de [k]i-en-gi ki-uri 20) a-hé-gal-la [tulm-u-de 21)
a-gar-gal-gal-bi se-[gu-nlu mu-mu-d'e 22) p11 Gls.kiri6-bi x [...] x 1211 ge§tin dug
-u-de 23) ambar-b[i] k[u6 mu§en] ul-e-efi ...

Intelligent Information Processing Iii

Author: K. Shimohara
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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IFIP TC12 International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing (IIP
2006), September 20-23, Adelaide, Australia K. Shimohara, D. Feng ... Yum
unnfllfl niiiiluimvm: imir ialhnn pmm: mdyvu gu nlu 0|'|Ml\¢\'\u iuiuimaluigii You Ill!
woflmg-on -iisimlwiiigmr return, heaven-r I mmnia: dnidopmera iiirrgoqg an
quckiiv and IMOMN)' as ynuwoiid umii Tau ieihwlog and pmihn dueloprrm:
depmmem an uiiki-:6-red rnnpnrriilo yurmnkumgmiirlleu deplmmnfl md you fni iiu|
wink ymllrmllnmylfl ...

Algebraic Geometry

Author: Spencer Bloch
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 082181480X
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If u e K((T)) and w'/u e K[[T]]", then u e K[[T]]”. PROOF. Let Z be a new formal
variable; we will work in K((Z))((T)). Let g = g(T) = u'(T)/u(T) e K[[T]]" and for n > 0
define ga(T) by gn = u")/nlu. We have ga| = |u")/n!|/|u} < 1 for n > 0 and 1 / on 11 =
F(a + 0.9) whence gn e K[[T]]” for all n. Now since u(Z + T) - Z)Tn TIZ)- X." )Tn, we
see that v(T) =XX,so ga(0)T" e KIT)" is a solution of v' – gu = 0. Since u satisfies
the same equation, u = (const) x v, whence u e K[[T]]”. More generally, Ogus has
shown ...


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luq, funs,lullnlll lullKllapM «u.n^opfnß K Kn- l^dß sinq,llnpoß» ll dludlll^ «inpll ^
Ilup^nlfß»: ^lui^ lunlullnmfig Nlu^lunlul<np Nluz nlfumlulfnpllKp lI
NlulllumlugzlulllKn lunmunl,pf,g u ^luzluulnlullf, mluppKp ^Pz^llllKpfig Kl<Ki Kll
llluulllul<gK^nl Nlu- ülu^luzfill u^u upmlulinl^ nl q,K^Kg^ lusnupn^nlpzlulln: lTfi^u
llKnnllonliliKßfi mnlupnn^nlpinlllii, lunlulfnmzlull cklull^ lO-fill, Illuzp mlu6lunnlll, U
.^^ u. funplullf, l^nlu, lilulll>fiulu^np unlpp u,lumlupluq, ^ lllu- mnlgnlll ^!. ^n^ufi
Nluzng ^lumnfilunß ...

Additive Combinatorics

Author: Andrew Granville
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 9780821870396
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Suppose that R is a uniformly randomly chosen subset of {I,... ,n — u — 1}, and
set A := L U R U [/. T/ien /or any integer k satisfying 2£ — 1 < A; < n — « — 1, 4/ie
probability PM^i-^Air""-'. ***** F[K£/i + >ij-< 'L' + 1 f3.k/2-e .... {{2) [4) , if k is even.
Proof. Define random variables Xj by setting Xj = 1 if j £ A and X, ... This follows
from Lemma 5 applied to the parameters £' = u and V = n-l-U, u' = land £/' = n-l-L,
and A' = n-1-Aandfc' = 2n-2-fc. D Lemma 7. Suppose that A is a uniformly
randomly ...

Arco Coal Oil Point Project Proposed

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Laborer Checkout Electricians Technicians General Foreman Warehouseman
Total Table DS 2-3 Typical Number Of Wbrkegs Per Day 1 2 l—*|—' NWNUU
NHN NNN F-'Nlu U-Jl—' MN Laid 45 Job (Weeks) 1 l r~|~ h)k)k)hJ F*P*P* NNN !
—*l—'I—' F'F* P'P* \l KO Time On Work Days Week 3 3 WW U'lU'|U'lU"| U'lU'lU'1
U1U'lU'l U'lU1U1 NN U'lU'1 U1 U7 Shifts l l ldld P'k*P*P* F*F*P* P*k*kl ldldkd r~r
~ rare H*P* Per Day Hours Per Shift 8 8 (D0) -CDCDGJCD CD030) (DGDCD ...

Letters Between Mrs M K And M W Her Niece Published By The Latter In Vindication Of Her Conduct With Explanatory Notes

Author: LETTERS.
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... to induce me toaleer anywpinion-Blu Us to the P , I would not give you five
ffiillings to draw you from your purpose, even were I the only one concerned.
When l havethe before-mentioned papers from P- and N-, with a confirmation of
your seoo, and interest to the day, being paid into Messrs. 's house, you may
depend on it, there shall not be any delay on my part, Love-to sister and Say. I am
, &e. I London, 14tlz jane, 1776. J_ K, ,,'.'. 1 >' s ' ' -- -- ' t a' _ y ' n , h-Hþf-A'H -' h'
Nlu-'Hr "U "h ...

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Based Medium Access Under Rate Constraints

Author: Thomas Deckert
Publisher: Jörg Vogt Verlag
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bu(k′) Πbu(k) x u (l) S P x u (n) C u α u α u H u (n) S u (n) du(j) CC [133 1718 ]
Figure 5.1: Transmitter of user u employing BICM, QAM modulation, a QAM
symbol to sub-carrier mapping. ... Let the vector of Lu QAM symbols that are
mapped onto the n-th OFDM symbol be denoted by xu(n) = [xu(nLu ),...,x u(nLu +
Lu − 1)]T. The mapping itself is given by the M × Lu-dimensional and user
specific matrix Cu and yields the M-dimensional ... Gu is the spreading factor and
equals Gu = M/L u.

Tubular Structures Ix

Author: Puthli
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9789058091918
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Predicted strength (Nlu,c ) of the axially loaded multiplanar gap KK-joints
according to the CIDECT Design Guide Table 3. Comparison of the ... Multiplanar
effects based on the numerical strength of multiplanar gap KK-joints and the
numerical strength of the counterpart uniplanar gap K-joints with N^ 0 ": Failure
mode 1 3): Failure mode 3 4): Member failure - local buckling of the brace in
compression. Table 5. ... Nlu.m N,u.m Nlu,ra Nlu.m Nlu,m Nlu.u N,M Nlu.m Niu.u
N,u.u Nlu.m ...

Lasers For Scientists And Engineers

Author: L Wilmer Anderson
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9813224312
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This leads to the result that 3ε0 h2 ε0 ( M2kn x 2 E2 + + M2kn y 2μ 0 B2 = ε0 +
M2kn z E2 = ε0 ) = 2 E20 = 3ε0 2π2 3 2 h2 ε0 E20x M2kn g u \ \ \ \ Blu = 2π2 2 (
2.42) 3ε0 h2 gl 1 ∑ mu ∑ ml \ \ \ \ ∫ ψ∗(u, mu )pψ(l, ml )dV where the wave
function for the lower level, n, as ψ(l, ml) and the wave function for the upper level
, k, as ψ(u, mu) are explicitly indicated. In the wave functions, as was previously
discussed, the symbols l and u denote all the other quantities upon which the
wave function ...