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Mollel, T. M. A big-enough God. Maitland, S. Big flavors, Jim Fobel's. See Fobel, J
. Jim Fobel's big flavors Big foot See Sasquatch Big sky mind Big star fallin' mama
, Rev ed. Jones, H. Big-top circus. Johnson, N. Big tree See Giant sequoia Bigfoot
See Sasquatch Biggers, John Thomas, 1924Wardlaw, A. J. The art of John
Biggers The biggest boy. Henkes, K. Biggest, strongest, fastest. Jenkins, S. Biggs,
Chester M., 1921Biggs, C. M. Behind the barbed wire Bigotry See Prejudices; ...

Culinary Trends

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BIG FLAVORS by Jim Fobel, Clarkson Potter, $19.95 Flavor—isn't that what it's all
about? No amount of ambiance, ... Whether your goal is to keep a restaurant in
the black, or to please yourself and your family, Jim Fobel has a lot of good
recipes and ideas for you in his Big Flavors. Available in both paperback ... get a
lot more than recipes. Fobel explains a lot of techniques howto' s for fresh
chumed butter, making your own coconut milk, putting together your own curry
powder mixture.

Food Arts

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The James Beard Book Awards were presented at the sixth annualjames Beard
Awards Gala in New York City on April 29. IACPJULIA CHILD COOKBOOK
AWARDS COOKBOOK or THE YEAR and AME|ucAN From the Earth to the Table
: john Ash's Wine Country Cuisine by_]ohn Ash with Sid Coldstein (Dutton, NY) 'I'
altuIaterFoodways by Sandra L. Oliver (Mystic Seaport Museum. Mystic, CT) LI'l'F.
RARY F000 ...

Library Journal

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The Olives Table: 200 Recipes from the Critically Acclaimed Restaurant and
Home Kitchen of Todd English. S. & S. Mar. 1997. c.368p. photogs. index. ISBN 0
-684-81572-9. $32. Rockenwagner, Hans with Brigit Binns. Rockenwagner. ...
Fobel, Jim. Jim Fobel's Casseroles: Tasty Recipes for Everyday Living and
Casual Entertaining. Potter, dist. by Crown. 1997. c.l92p. index. ISBN 0-517-
88312-0. $20. Pierce, Charles. The Chicken Parts Cookbook: 225 Fast, Easy and
Delicious ...

Food Wine

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SS S. snown suoan VARIATIONS For these creative cookies, add the extras to
the dough with the final portion of flour. Roll the logs in the flavorings before
chilling. Ginger-Almond: Add '/1 cup finely chopped crystallized ginger. Roll each
log in '/1 cup finely ... MAKES ABOUT 5 DOZEN l stick (4 ounces) unsalted butter,
softened '/2 cup (packed) light brown sugar '/3 cup granulated sugar large egg
teaspoon pure vanilla extract ounces ... I Jim Fobel is the author of eight

Jim Fobel S Diet Feasts

Author: Jim Fobel
Publisher: Doubleday Books
ISBN: 9780385260015
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an inspired new cuisine, healthy, hearty, delicious Jim Fobel. CHINESE
CHICKEN SALAD Here is a large special salad for sensible, healthy entertaining.
It is beautiful with its various shades and tones of green and yellow-green, set off
by lemon yellow. If available, use fresh water chestnuts (page 150) because their
flavor and texture are far superior to the canned versions. The only oil in this
salad is a tablespoon of Oriental sesame oil, used specifically for its toasted nutty

Organic Gardening And Farming

Author: Jerome Irving Rodale
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JIM FOBEL, 598 OA KipuKa Place, jCjjjjj, Hawaii 96734. HARDENER'S TOOL
SET. ... NURSERY STOCK BABY EVERGREENS szaleas. flowering shrubs.
seeds, seedlings, rhododendron ... shade trees, large assoi' 'are and standard
plants. Catalog free. GIRAR S ERIES. Geneva, Ohio 44041. rtment of D NUR-
EARLY BEARING APPLE TREES. Antique varieties. Ml the best from America's
Colonial days. Fruit today ,eldom have the flavor of these old varieties. Free list.

Gourmet News

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cheei Four meat new Q'll't\]l1i-ill M , (all 1-800 £23 U179 ioi iour free catalogiie oi
to place an oi (I01 \\1ll'l oui gift ~peualisi.s 5“YER'0R ... Continued from page 4
JAMES BEARD COOKBOOK AWARDS ... 0 Fruits, vegetables and grains: A
Cook's Book of Mushrooms: With 100 Recipes for Common and Uncommon
Varieties by Iack Czamecki; I General: Iim Fobel's Big Flavors by lim Fobel; v
Healthy focus: Lighter, Quicker, Better: Cooking For The Way We Eat Today; 0
Intemational: ...