Hot Summer Nights

Author: LuAnn McLane
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101658126
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LuAnn McLane. hot august night % chapter one rin O'Shea blew a clamp tendril

Finding The Grain

Author: Wynn Malone
Publisher: Bywater Books
ISBN: 1612940463
Size: 40.11 MB
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Hot. August. Nights. Cecelia took a sip of Long Island iced tea and methodically
lowered the glass onto her cocktail napkin. I wasn't sure what she was pissed
about, but I damn sure knew it had something to do with me. I avoided her glare,
watching her pink nails tap the side of her glass. “Why don't you tell me who you'
re looking for? Maybe I can help you find them,” she said, her voice curt and
pointed. I looked out toward the passengers and flight crews hustling through
Terminal C of ...

Peripheral Vision

Author: Paddy O'Reilly
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
ISBN: 070225519X
Size: 75.23 MB
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'Hot night,' he says, then laughs. 'Hot August night.' At home, August is the month
when we have lost patience with the cold and the dark. We long for nights like
this. As we round a corner on the road we see the riverbank laid out before us
like a woodblock print. Many hundreds of people are gathered to watch the
fireworks. They sit in groups, their brightly coloured cotton kimonos glowing in the
dusk light. Each group has its own patchwork of groundsheets and blankets, and
pairs of ...

Underground Voices

Author: Cetywa Powell
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595415717
Size: 59.13 MB
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It is a small photo of a hot August night at the Boardwalk. He has won me an
inflatable blue baseball bat. I am sick but I do not force my smile. In ten minutes I
will ride the Giant Dipper and learn the effects of gravity. He will rename me “
Roller Chunks.” He has helped me choose what to wear; a black blouse with
cowboy roses and buttons that refuse to cooperate. Don't worry, he says, red lace
bras are meant for showing off. In another picture, before this one, he sticks the
bat in his ...

History Of The Auglaize Annual Conference Of The United Brethren Church From 1853 To 1891

Author: John Lewis Luttrell
Size: 13.69 MB
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Our First Revival as Circuit Preacher held in August— A Great Meeting,
Remarkable Manifestations — Doomed Persons — A Wonderful Child — Our
Best Dinner. In the year 1856, August the 8th, we commenced our first protracted
meeting as circuit preacher. When we made the proposition to hold this meeting
the brethren "hooted" at the ... the distance of five miles nothing in the way of the
people's coming. And the best of all was that the hot August nights were not in the
way of 409.

It S Our Family Affair

Author: Leon Gray
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595270239
Size: 54.44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Hot August nights are better than that five o'clock rush hour heat. Can I have a
party my son asked? I'm bored and school is starting next week. I haven't seen all
my friends since I spent all my time with summer school, please. Just a few
people son and don't turn the music loud and everyone stay downstairs. What
part did he not hear? Trying to be the cool dad, I went for a walk in the park
behind our house. Keeping a watchful eye on the house I sat on the park bench
and called a ...

Little Freddie Or Friends In Need By H F E

Author: Evelyn Everett- Green
Size: 59.95 MB
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lodging-places '11 be jolly hot, nights," he sighed, and looked round him. " I'd like
to stay here, I would." Then a sudden thought struck him, why shouldn't he stay
there that night ? What harm could he take sleeping out of doors on a hot August
night ? He could easily hide among the trees till the gates were shut, so that no
park- keeper or good-natured passer-by could warn him to be off. It would be a
lovely place, he thought ; better than a palace. Freddie's mind was soon made up

Ballou S Monthly Magazine

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Didn't know us, mother an' I, though we hung over her day an' night. One night my
wife fell asleep, with her head on the foot of the child's bed. I'd hed no rest for
three nights, but I weren't inclined to sleep just then, for I fancied the little one
breathed easier, and the hope sort of revived me. But I was glad poor Jenny
could sleep. Well, I set alone there, the light burnin' low, an' the sound of the frogs
pipin' comin' in at the open door — for 'twas a hot August night, with little air
stirring ...