Author: Robert L. Hobbs (Jr)
ISBN: 9780998900810
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As this enthralling, true-story drama unfolds, readers will learn about heroin and how to navigate the uncharted waters of the heroin addiction recovery process.

How To Survive Your Death

Author: Peter Fulton
Publisher: Torquere Press, LLC
ISBN: 1946058084
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died. What if he died? If they knew it was a vampire attack that put him in the
hospital, then they would never let him get out if he died. ... There is art we can
still enjoy, even if art is not still life, it at least imitates it, at least sometimes.
Actually, art is the perfect metaphor to compare the life of the living with the
energy of a vampire. ... They say heroin is hard to kick, how about an addiction
that will kill you if you don't feed it? Heroin addicts eventually get better when they
kick. Vampires die.

Dont Let Life Stop You From Living

Author: Georgette Elizabeth Correa
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491791527
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You see, we all want to hold on to the hope of keeping our loved ones here, no
matter what. ... If she would have told me that she wanted to get off heroin, deal
with the death of her daughter/my sister JennieI would have walked down that
road ...

Good Girls On Bad Drugs

Author: Mark Mathew Braunstein
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0963566334
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Addiction Nonfiction of the Unhappy Hookers Mark Mathew Braunstein. being the
worst of ... Many of the unusually bad ones die young and they often die
gruesomely bad deaths. BONNIE ... He stole from my parents, who loved him like
a son.

Zombies Vampires And Philosophy

Author: Richard Greene
Publisher: Open Court Publishing
ISBN: 0812696832
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The baby is the cause of the mother's death, but is not responsible for her death
because the baby could not do otherwise. ... But when Lestat reveals to Louis that
he could live off animal blood, he tries living off rats, but eventually drinks human
blood. ... can be found in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel television series
: Angel, and later Spike, survive by drinking ... A heroin addict, who because of
her compulsion for the drug robs a store in order to get money to get more drugs,

Inventing The Addict

Author: Susan Marjorie Zieger
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Pr
Size: 41.97 MB
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Stoker's and Marryat's novels expand on this trope by creating vampires as
figures of "un-death" or incipient death; this ... Rosser Cobbe described how
opium den habitues languished in "a stupor that has all the appearance of death.
" 14 One Spiritualist case study of a vampire involved a drunkard who, spurned
by the woman he loved, shot himself and ... 19 The vampire gorged with blood
and resting in his coffin evokes the satiated death-in-life of the iconic heroin
addict whose world ...

Hobbes Arg Philosophers

Author: Tom Sorell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136291687
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Imagine a Mother Teresa figure whose work in life is curing people of heroin
addiction. Let us stipulate that she has no end of good will. So strong is her love
of humanity, in fact, that she wishes no harm to come even to heroin dealers. ... If
so, then we have a case in which a strongly non- egoistic life's work can be
scrupulously pursued without compromising ... Actions that increase the chances
of premature death must be omitted, because it is against reason not to take all
reasonable ...

New York Magazine

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Because if you're doing it at all, you're not in any sane state of mind, so you push
it as far as you can. ... And while heroin hasn't attained its predecessor's status as
a yuppie party favor, it has found some surprising new constituencies, the sort of
people who in the past ... (I loved a drink, it's true, but that makes sense: The
Carters were thought of as teetotalers — they barely swallowed. .... The number
of users may not be on the rise — people die off — but the type of user is
changing. 5.


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She said it made it look like the whole thing \vus a phony kind of scene, so she
just eliminated all of that. It was the first time I'd ever met her and I loved her more
after that. I really ... Yet she adds, "A lot of folks tell young people, hey, it's into this
and it does that, but the truth of the matter is that you will die\ Now, you ic ill die,
you gonna die if you use heroin. ... at such jobs as a switchboard operator, her
habit exacted from her payment of the sort of dues few can afford— and yet