Chemical Dependency

Author: David L. Bender
Publisher: Greenhaven Pr
ISBN: 9780899085432
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Father and daughter were recovering drug addicts. Independently, he had
become hooked on heroin, she on cocaine. The family blew "millions" on drugs.
Aside from shooting the drugs into their bodies, nothing in the world mattered to
them— not love, not food, not even survival. She married because her husband
could get cocaine for her. Seeing themselves deteriorate and people they knew
die from drugs made no difference. Portions of the TV conversation follow.

Video Sourcebook

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One Town's Answer The Drug Abuse Patient (Part 4) Drug Abuse: Sorting It Out
Drug Addiction — A Guide to Prevention and Survival Drug Affected Children:
The Price We Pay Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Parents Drug Danger Drug ...
Healthy Living Video Series: The Addict/Stop the Madness The Heart Is Deceitful
Above All Things Heart of America Hendrix Heroes for SaleA Heroin Heroin and
Human Physiology Heroin: Black Tar Magic, China White Death Heroin: From ...

Press Summary Illinois Information Service

Author: Illinois. Information Service
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Kirby is 44 years old, a recovering heroin addict who supported his habit by
stealing and forging. He leads a ... He sees three alternatives sor a convict
heading back into the world: “You either change, you come back to the
penitentiary, or you're desinitely going to do a dirt nap – you're going to die.” Not
Many ... Over lunch in the officer's chow hall, Bosse wonders aloud about a
society in which there are people who can improve their standard of living by
going to prison. “Is I chased ...

Maximum Rocknroll

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ZOMBIE PANIC Battlefield Baseball poses the burning question: What if you
cross an inspirational baseball story with a zombie flick? Add a few musical
numbers and a smorgasbord ... Jubeh's pure love of the sport is able to revive
piles of corpses from the dead. This is the first feature by Yudai'Yamaguchi, ...
their legs keep on walking (at least for a while). What's more, these living dead,
following the lead of their States-side horror film cousins, survive on a diet of
fresh human brains.

Tv Guide

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NEW TheCW C3 i|| Everybody Hates Chris (CC) All of Us (CC) Girlfriends (CC)
Game: Debut: Life in the NFL. ... Til Death: Sex for furniture? "^fiH Simpsons (CC)
S3 American Dad Family Guy (CC) tt'fJIE War at Home (CC) Local Programming
1 * * Haunted Honeymoon (1986): A couple visit a castle. (COtEflB * * * Carrie (
1976): Tale of a teen (Sissy Spacek) with telekinetic ... S3 First 48 (CC): A strip-
club owner is killed in Miami. t£j Intervention (CC): Heroin addiction is the subject


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AIDS Continued ing heroin, and when a girlfriend told her she could get a faster,
more intense high through injection, her method of choice became the needle.
Although friends began to die from AIDS, Williams continued her destructive
behavior. "I first heard of AIDS in 1982," says Williams, ... "In living with this
disease, at some point you learn to tuck your dignity away," says the president of
the People With AIDS coalition in Baltimore. "So many things happen to you that
a negative ...

London Theatre Record

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... Antonia an actress and her twin, Andrew, a green-haired, Mohican- styled,
leather-jacketed, metal-hung, heroin-addict of 35. They are gathered in Sean
Mathias's play Poor Nanny, at the King's Head, to say goodbye to an unseen,
dying nanny. Also present are Uncle Jonathan, old, gay and tired, and Antonia 's
lover and his wife. Daddy dies of excitement while groping the producer's wife
and, as this is a very peculiar house with five bedrooms and one living room, his
corpse is kept ...

Videohound S Golden Movie Retriever

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Standard dead guy who won't die and wants revenge flick. 95m/C VHS. Terry
Alexander, Brion James, Lance ... Features Some of the brothers' classic routines
, and the songs “Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" and “Everyone Says I Love You."
67m/B VHS, DVD. Groucho Marx, Chico .... or the men or women she chooses to
love. Then she starts a relationship with volatile Ryland Yale, a rock 'n' roller with
a heroin addiction who still manages to fill all Delilah's emotional and physical