Handbook Of Agricultural Geophysics

Author: Barry Allred
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420019353
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Precision farming, site infrastructure assessment, hydrologic monitoring, and environmental investigations — these are just a few current and potential uses of near-surface geophysical methods in agriculture.

Near Surface Geophysics

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Part of this research was funded by the German Federal Agency for Agriculture
and Food (BLE). REFERENCES Allred B.J., Daniels J.D. and Ehsani M.R. 2008.
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Anderson-Cook CM.

Environmental Soil Science Third Edition

Author: Kim H. Tan
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420072808
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Biodiversity In Agricultural Production Systems, edited by Gero Benckiser and
Sylvia Schnell Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops, Franc Bavec
and Martina Bavec Handbook of Plant Nutrition, edited by Allen V. Barker and
David ... P. Vidhyasekaran Handbook ofTurfgrass Management and Physiology,
edited by Mohammad Pessarakli Soils in the Humid Tropics and Monsoon
Region of Indonesia, Kim H. Tan Handbook of Agricultural Geophysics, edited by
Barry J. Allred, ...


Author: John Clinton Stier
Publisher: Amer Society of Agronomy
ISBN: 9780891186137
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Comput. Electron. Agric. 46:11–43. doi:10.1016/j.compag.2004.10.005 Corwin,
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management units using geospatial EC, measurements. In: Handbook of
agricultural geophysics.

Australian Journal Of Soil Research

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Conclusions Mapping the depth to the B horizon in duplex soil using ground
penetrating radar has demonstrated advantages over the current method of soil
surveying in agriculture using EMI, since it can provide a direct accurate measure
of depth to B horizon without the amount of ground truthing normally required for
EMI. Additional investigations of ... Geophysics 72(3), J7—J16. doi: 10.1 190/
1.2710183 Collins ME (2008) A history of GPR application in agriculture. ln '
Handbook ...

Modern Land Drainage

Author: Lambert K. Smedema
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9789058095541
Size: 24.34 MB
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Fully renewed and extended, this edition is a valuable source of information for anyone involved in drainage engineering and management.

Handbook Of Agricultural Meteorology

Author: John F. Griffiths
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Size: 50.33 MB
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