The Evolution Of Agency And Other Essays

Author: Kim Sterelny
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Evolution and Agency: A User's Guide 3 PART II: REPLICATION AND
INTERACTION 2. The Return of the Gene with Philip Kitcher 29 3. The Extended
Replicator with Kelly Smith and Mike Dickison 53 4. The Return of the ... Thinking
Come From? A Commentary on Peter Godfrey-Smith's Complexity and the
Function of Mind In Nature 181 9. Basic Minds 198 10. Intentional Agency and
the Metarepresentation Hypothesis 221 11. Situated Agency and the Descent of
Desire 241 12. ix.

Routledge Encyclopedia Of Philosophy Descartes To Gender And Science

Author: Edward Craig
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Fodor, J.A. and Pylyshyn, Z. (l988) 'Connectionism and Cognitive Architecture',
Cognition 28: 3-7I. ... (A collection of essays on Fodor's work, with replies by
Fodor.) Dennett, D.C. (l978) 'A Cure for the Common Code', in Brainstorms,
Cambridge, MA: Bradford Books. (A critical notice of The Language of Thought.)
PETER GODFREY-SMITH ... anyone could ever know about the inner states of
others given that they only observed their outer physical behaviour (see OTHER

The Nature Of Rationality

Author: Robert Nozick
Publisher: Princeton University Press
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Sober, pp. 369–385. 22. These examples come from Peter Godfrey-Smith, but he
offers a different account of why these are not said to be functions. 23. Rudolf
Carnap, “Testability and Meaning,” Philosophy of Science 3 (1936): 419–471 and
4 (1937): 1–45. 24. ... person will always act upon, these should satisfy the usual
probability axioms; it does not state why there must or should be such personal
probabilities that always guide (betting) choices. 26. Although I developed all the

Handbook Of Complementary Methods In Education Research

Author: Judith L Green
Publisher: Routledge
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Because this is much too ambitious for a single chapter, I use a simple typology
for describing approaches to educational research, borrowed from Peter Godfrey-
Smith's analysis of the biological functions of mind as conceptualized in biology
and philosophy (GodfreySmith, 1996). Robbie Case's discussion of the dominant
approaches to child development also influenced my approach (Case, 1991).
Godfrey-Smith, like a number of other contemporary philosophers, distinguishes

The Blackwell Guide To The Philosophy Of Computing And Information

Author: Luciano Floridi
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Much as AI can be seen as a computational version of philosophy of mind,
Artificial Life (ALife) can be seen as a computational version ofphilosophy of
biology (see Chapter 15). Mark Bedau uses ALife to ... mind and philosophy of
biology. Some simple mathematical models in this direction are offered in Peter
Godfrey-Smith 1996. Ethics ... Submitted strategies played 200 games against all
other strategies, themselves, and a strategy that chose responses at random. The
winner of that ...

Stich And His Critics

Author: Dominic Murphy
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Godfrey-Smith discusses a paradigm example of BRM, one in which a “reader
mechanism” takes one thing, M, to be a guide to another thing, W. The
representation M (say, a street map) is used by a reader mechanism (the map
reader) to be a guide to W (say, the location of the bus station). To be guided, the
reader mechanism will often exploit some kind of resemblance between M and W
– but the BRM allows for many different kinds of resemblance. “All the quirkiness,
vagueness, ...

Neo Aristotelian Perspectives In Metaphysics

Author: Daniel D. Novotný
Publisher: Routledge
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Though for an especially important contemporary statement and defence of the
A-T position, see David S. Oderberg's Real Essentialism and his “Teleology: Inor-
ganic and Organic”, in A.M. Gonzalez, ed., Contemporary Perspectives on ...
Peter Godfrey-Smith is one philosopher of biology who resists the idea that
genes encode for phenotypic traits, but even he concedes that they encode for
the amino acid sequence of protein molecules in a way that involves semantic