George Thomas And Abe

Author: Frank Murphy
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375981446
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This collection features three of our most popular biographies: Washington, the stoic general with a soft spot for animals; Jefferson, the brilliant statesman who was a foodie at heart, and Lincoln, the absentminded lawyer whose ...

A List Of The Officers Of The Militia Of The United Kingdom 1st August 1809

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James E. 71 Ashton Thomas Joseph - George Assheton William Astle William
Astley William B. John Dugdale Atherley George Atherton James Atkin Maurice
Uniacke — Walter John George Atkins Thomas Ringrove George Atkinson
Thomas — Jackson W. — Abraham William Robert Austen Francis Austin
Thomas r-John Ayshford Aaron Moore BACCHUs Wm. Hen. Backhouse Thomas
Bagnett George Bagot William John Bagwell William Benjamin Bailey James
William James Baillie ...

Early Ohio Tax Records

Author: Esther Weygandt Powell
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com
ISBN: 0806311290
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Auditor of State of Ohio Augusteen, George " George " Abraham Anderson,
Benjamin Allen, Isaac Allman, John Amens , Ralph Atterhott, Henry Bachman,
Henry, Esq. Baight, Jacob Blackburn, Moses Baker, Michael Bair, Rudolph "
George, Esq. Ball, Thomas " Thomas " Thomas Bair, Christopher Bradfield, John,
Esq. Buson, Henry Henry " Henry Brooks, Aaron Boo the, John Brierly, George
Boys, Robert Beall, Reason Clapper, George Crumbacker , John , Esq Crozer,
John, Esq Cope ...

Touch And Go

Author: Studs Terkel
Publisher: The New Press
ISBN: 1595585877
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Question: Who was America's best leader ever? Among the candidates were Abe
, George, Thomas J., and Franklin D. The winner, hands down—Ronnie Reagan .
. . and nobody laughed. We declared war on Grenada. Most of us had no idea
who or what Grenada was. Was it one of the Seven Wonders of the World? The
dustup involved a number of American dental students who may have been
experiencing bicuspid trouble. We triumphed over Grenada . . . and nobody

Dubose Genealogy

Author: Dorothy Kelly MacDowell
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I 881 Debose, William, Jesse, Andrew, Lawrence, Jack, Century, Wilson, George,
Thomas, Dennis, James, Aaron. 1882 Debose, Ike, Wm (M):, Sentry, Laurence,
Dennis, Andrew, George, Thomas, Wilson, James, Abram. 1883. Debose, William
, Abe, Lawrence, Wm., George, Isaac, Jack, Amos . I 884 Debose, Lawrence,
Thos., Wm., Dennis, Andrews, Jack, Abe, Wilson, George, Century, Isaac. I 885.
Debose, Wilson, Tom, Wm., Amos, Dennis, Andrew, Ike, Lawrence, Isaac, Jack,

The American Folk Music Occasional

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The Texas Drifter: GOEBEL REEVES. The Texas Ranger: LORAN ABRAM (
Superior), FRANKIE MARVIN (Supertone). Thomas and Jordan: A.R THOMPSON
George Thomas: TOMMY DANDURAND. Grayson Thomas and Will Lotty: G. B.
The Red Fox Chasers, Thomas and Jordan, Cal Turner and Bud Parkins, West
Virginia Possum ...

Confessions Of Guilt

Author: George C. Thomas III
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199939063
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From Torture to Miranda and Beyond George C. Thomas III, Richard A. Leo.
voluntariness test ... Arizona —persons Benner, Laurence, 174 Bradley, Craig,
170, 174, 190, 217 Burger, Warren E., 181 Clark, Tom, 161, 164, 181 Dripps,
Donald, 172, 177–178, 180, 184, 196 Fortas, Abe, 181 Graham, John A., 80–82
Harlan, John Marshall, 159, 161, 164, 169, 177 Kamisar, Yale, 14 Lain, Corinna
Barrett, 174 Lilburn's persecution by Star Chamber, John, 33, 162–163 Marshall,
Thurgood, ...

The Way It Was

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434920410
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I am able to remember most of my grandfather George's ten siblings and their
families sister Maggie married George Frazier-raising, Abe; Rosa; Richard and
Ida in Augusta. / Next, Amy married Solomon Atkinson, they built their house near
her parents, raising Albert; Victoria (Vick); Hammond (Ham); Viola and George
Thomas (GT)/ Then came Waldo (Sonny) married Sophia Barnes: building their
house on a hill facing the family home. They were the proud parents of twelve
children ...

Directory Of Brokers And Salesmen

Author: California. State Real Estate Division
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FRICKE, Leon Nelson (B) 315 Colon Ave. FRIEDE, Edgar (B) Apt. 3, 2107 Pierce
St FRIEDLANDER, M. D. (B) 335 Kearny St. FRIEDMAN, Abraham (S) William
Angelo Alaimo FRIEDMAN, Lucille J. (B) 219 32d Ave. FRIEDMAN, Stanley
Melvin (S) David Leon Sptegelman FRIEND, Irving (B) 664 12th Ave.
FRISENDAHL, Arvld Alexis (B) 1550 Market St FRITZ, Arthur Clarence (S) Ernest
Gottlieb Grant FRITZ, John (S) George Thomas Alvers FRIZZELL, Frank Lee (S)
William Henry Love ...

University Of Michigan Official Publication

Publisher: UM Libraries
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Abele, Thomas Joseph, A.B. law Saginaw Abell, DeWitt Sterling, B.S.E.(C.E.) ;
M.S., Pennsylvania State College grad(hyg and pub health) Raleigh, N.C. Aberle,
Nellie, B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College, M.S., ibid. ss,grad (English)
Manhattan, Kans. Abemathy, Thomas Marietta, A.B., George Peabody College for
Teachers; A.M., Columbia University ss,grad Miami, Fla. Abi-Ajram, Fuad 2
pharm Baakline, Syria Ableson, Carrie Gertrude ss,lit; exten(lit) Detroit Abli,
Kathryn Leone ...