Full Moon Feast

Author: Jessica Prentice
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
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The book follows the thirteen lunar cycles of an agrarian year, from the midwinter Hunger Moon and the springtime sweetness of the Sap Moon to the bounty of the Moon When Salmon Return to Earth in autumn.

Ancient Israel

Author: Roland De Vaux
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802842787
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Now certain texts of the Old Testament draw a parallel between the sabbath day
and the day of the new moon, because both of them are days of rest (2 K 4: 23; Is
1 : 13; 66: 23; Os 2: 13; Am 8: 5). In these texts, therefore, shabbath could mean
the full moon, and Ps 81: 4 does actually use the rare word base' ('full moon') in
the same way: 'Sound the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon, on the day
of our feast.' Furthermore, the two principal Israelite feasts, the Passover and the

The Vision Of The End Time Ministry

Author: Lisa Hulsey
Publisher: Lulu.com
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The Feast of Trumpets was designed to show us the resurrection of the dead in
Christ. Jesus will return on this feast of some year. The date of this feast is
dependant upon the first full moon. The Feast of Trumpets was to be celebrated
on the first day of the seventh month. However, the seventh month had to begin
on a full moon. Two witnesses were appointed to watch the night sky to
determine when the sixth month would end and when the seventh would begin. If
the moon were not ...

Every Living Thing

Author: Oded Borowski
Publisher: Rowman Altamira
ISBN: 9780761989196
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The time of the celebration is in the middle of the lunar month Abib and not at its
opening, when one would expect it to take place. Had it been at the beginning of
the month the celebrants would have faced a dark night, but a full moon is
necessary for the proceedings. Since the instructions call for a sleepless night (
leyl Simmurim, Exod 12:42) during which certain activities take place, the feast
can only be done under a full moon. This feast is unique in Israelite cult because
the ...

Yah Ko

Author: Jamie Sutliff
Publisher: eBookIt.com
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She'd killed two of them for the full moon feast by grabbing their ankles and
bashing their heads against the stones. It was an informal selection process she
simply grabbed the nearest ones. She preferred human flesh after she'd gorged
on the man in the meadow. She wanted more. She also wanted to kill and eat the
men who'd tried to take the man-flesh away from her. The desire to hunt and eat
another human grew to the point of addiction that she'd soon have to satisfy, as
the ...

Translating Kali S Feast

Author: Stephanos Stephanides
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042013810
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Feast. SECTION III FOCUSES on the most important event in the Kalimai ritual
calendar, Big Puja: the annual invocation and worship of Mother Kali, the
grandest festive play in her honour. The festival is the pivotal activity of Kalimai
spiritualism when its expression is at its richest and most intense, drawing
devotees from far beyond the community in which it is normally active. It extends
over three days and nights at the time of the full moon, the month varying from
temple to temple.

A Bible Dictionary

Author: Samuel Bulfinch Emmons
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The Asiatic churches kept their Easter, in commemoration of the resurrection of
Christ, upon the very day of the Jewish passover, and others on the first Sunday
after the first full moon in the new year. But it was ordained in the council of Nice,
that Easter should be kept on one and the same day, which should always be a
Sunday, in what they called christian churches. Hence, as the feast of the
passover always came on the fourteenth day of the first vernal full moon,
corresponding to ...

Full Moon

Author: Edward Cerda
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462804950
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Moon. T. he werewolf pack travels in an easterly direction and heads towards a
villagethatis nearthe river. The leader smells the airand detects something
moving just ahead in the tallgrass. He motions the rest of the pack to stop. His
keen sharp eyes pierce the ... Have your fill and the restof the villagers willbe
taken back to the den where the restof our tribe can also have their feast. ... The
moon is half full and this gives the pack more than enough strength to overpower
their victims.

Stations Of The Sun

Author: Ronald Hutton
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191578428
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... as different Christian communities regarded the equinox as occurring at
different dates, and varied also in the number of weeks which they left between
the full moon and the feast. Not until the eighth century were all these in the
British Isles agreed upon the rule which was becoming standard in Western
Europe, of the first Sunday after the moon had achieved its fullness.1 Over the
same period the number of days involved in the celebration slowly multiplied. By
the late fourth century ...

Kooriime Koh Oh Ree May

Author: L. A. Jones
Publisher: Abbott Press
ISBN: 1458209210
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In October, we are celebrating the Feast of Gilbareth Elliyendel who was one of
the few survivors to come over to this planet after the death of the moon. It is said
that he brought with him seeds to plant flowers all over Kooriime. So on the full
moon every October, we drink flower wines, play our instruments, dance, eat a lot
, burn incense, smoke, and tell the stories of Gilbareth Elliyendel. At night, we all
smoke and then drink seressavaa; a drink made from a liquid found in the seed of
the ...