The Illustrated London News

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iI~In"S HALL, 'I CADILLY, EIGHT Ti I-IS IN EACH WEEK. lor n<\.i|-ly tour
consexutive years, an event altogether without parallel in the history of a|n_u »rn\
1.-nts. GRAND FESTIVAL will take place as usual in the HT. JAllIh'5 GREAT
HALL, which has recently boen most go ual decorated at a cost of several
thousand EXTRA GRAND and LLL L\'A'i'l'lD DAY PERFORMANCES \vlli be given
I'Z\'EllY Al"'I'ERNOON, at THREE'. Commenting on BOXING DA\'.Jl)&l£§_'.)fi|i.
cilioritlnuing DAILY ...

Cassell S Illustrated Family Paper

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Tillandst'as too, of the kind known as " wild pines," i eat snugly in the forks, or on
the upper surfaces of g the great limbs, flourishing as luxuriautly as if their roots
rested in the richest soil. Among them .... And God is God, my darling, Of night as
well u of day, And we feel and know that we can go Wherever he leads the way.
Ay. God of the night, my darling— Of the night of death, so grim; _ The gate that
leads out of life, good Wife, 1: the gate that leads to Him. PEARL 0r Ellie's


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VERY clever and good-natured friend of ours, who writes racing prophecies for
the sporting journals, and who has in the most noble manner enabled us to
amass a princely fortune by giving us tips on all the important races, has still
further increased our obligations to him by sending us a copy of a ... In the \
original piece (as every schoolboy knows) Ellie Deans is in the most cruel and
illogical manner found guilty of the murder of her child. Now ... Grand day at
King's College Hospital.

Leslie S

Author: John Albert Sleicher
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THE AMERICAN ALMANAC for 1880, edited by Mr. Spofford, the efficient
Librarian of Congress (American News Company), is a veritable treasury of facts,
and an indispensable hand-book to all interested in the statistical, financial and ...
This is clear gain to him, for he gets his goods at the regular market prices, and is,
besides, assured that what he buys is of good quality and free from adulteration.
.... The dreams of the days gone by are like the days themselves gone by-gone

Interesting Narrative Of The Sufferings Of Joseph Barker And His Wife

Author: Joseph Barker
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I continued in this state for about neentenl ysors. lluri thia long period of time, I
was doctored b all the physicians far and near. but to no good etl'evt—all my ihy
ail-inns were of the opinion that t ie ulcers went lrom my breast to my atomnc i, ...
to use it Iheyun to feel better-could take some nourishment —an continued to
improve more and more, until I can now eat as hearty us any one, without its hair-
tiny or diatiieniny are, and can do aunt of the tom-I.- of inyfuinily without

The Speaker

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VVith his advent into these pages the fun waxes fast and furious; indeed, the
story smacks of the stage from first to last, and one could imagine a highly-
successful farce being evolved from its author's fluent pen and humorous fancy.
How the elephant ultimately caused the reunion of the disconsolate couples to be
brought about, after a good deal of frantic and futile inquiry on their part up and
down the line of the South Western Railway, we must leave our readers to learn
from the book ...