Mishegas Of Motherhood

Author: Ellie S. Grossman
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That's right, the symbolic Jewish calendar is filled with reasons to party and nosh
on foods that are as mouthwatering as ... kicks off with traditional favorites like
apple noodle koogle, followed by creamy blintze soufflé when we break the fast.
... I realize this is a stretch, but ever since Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden
tree of knowledge, the apple has never lost ... At Rosh Hashanah, which begins
on the first day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, children and adults dip apples in

The Youth S Companion

Author: Daniel Sharp Ford
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Pussy went down to the beach one day, There—right in her way—— A very large
clam u-sleeping lay! ... Before the days of railway travel in England, 1 was once
booked as an "outside" passenger, for a sixty miles' ride from Folliestone to ...
There is the “hop fly” and the “hop flea" and the “red spider" and the “otter moth,”
and great green long-winged flies, and the “honey dew," and the “mould;" and
any of these uninvited guests may any day sit down and make a feast on these
delicate ...

Cassell S Illustrated Family Paper

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Tillandst'as too, of the kind known as " wild pines," i eat snugly in the forks, or on
the upper surfaces of g the great limbs, ... large limb of the ceiba on which he had
seated himself. " Well!" muttered he, in satisfied soliloquy, “if the people of this
island ... feel rather lonely, and that man is designed to be a social animal, I might
pass my whole life in these great woods, .... And God is God, my darling, Of night
as well u of day, And we feel and know that we can go Wherever he leads the


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VERY clever and good-natured friend of ours, who writes racing prophecies for
the sporting journals, and who has in the ... In the \ original piece (as every
schoolboy knows) Ellie Deans is in the most cruel and illogical manner found
guilty of ... We are glad to hear that EARL RUSSELL, with that kindnes of feeling
that should ever subsist between dramatic ... Grand day at King's College
Hospital. ... on vegetables and fruit, if they'll eat them; they will then have been
kept off your garden.

The Country Gentleman

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as the accumulated result of all the noble lives centre, and taking up the under or
back loop three inches long, work ... By mail from this Office: $2. iel81 Frank St.,. '
Ellie girrsitlr. A Glad Easter. What a fortunate thing it is that none of the ... might it
not be that the great festival of the spring-time was a mere continuation of the
feast kept by the ancient Saxons ... rank heathenismi Our good forefathers dearly
loved a solemn, legal, dogmatic fast-day, but they had no stomach for a glad

Leslie S

Author: John Albert Sleicher
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Physicians have prescribed 200,000 packages with the best results in all forms of
impaired vitality, mental exhaustion, or weakened digestion. It is ... at the regular
market prices, and is, besides, assured that what he buys is of good quality and
free from adulteration. ... was eager to discover a shorter route to the Holy
Sepulchre, and that during his explorations in pursuit of this object, ... This was
demonstrated in army days, when officers going to housekeeping always made a
mess of it.

The Speaker

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A wondrous series of unexpected complications ensue; telegrams fly wildly but
inefiectually for a day or two, and one poor ... VVith his advent into these pages
the fun waxes fast and furious; indeed, the story smacks of the stage from first to
last, and ... All these persons assemble at a local wedding feast, at the conclusion
of which the parson is unfortunate enough to ... Altogether, “ The Parson's Proxy”
is a very wholesome, sweet, and interesting story, full of good feeling,
unobtrusive ...