Tanzania Foreign Policy And Government Guide

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Though it is socially diverse, with about 125 ethnic groups, it has enjoyed general
political stability and national unity for about 40 years in a region wracked by civil
wars, often with ethnic dimensions, in neighboring Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda,
the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mozambique. Tanzania is a union
formed in 1964 between the mainland—a German colony and later a British
protectorate formerly known as Tanganyika—and the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba
, and ...

Congo Democratic Republic Mineral And Mining Industry Investment And Business Guide

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Strategic Information and Basic Laws USA International Business Publications ...
The new government, headed by Laurent Desire Kabila, called itself the
Government of Public Salvation and renamed the country the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC). In August ... The economy has been in decline since a
policy of rampant nationalization was instituted in the mid-1970's, and the two
wars fought in the country during the last four years have caused a sharp drop in
economic activity.

Zimbabwe Mineral Mining Sector Investment And Business Guide

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Zimbabwe's foreign policy became less ideological in the early 1990's: the
government distanced itself from radical non-aligned movement rhetoric,
participated in UN peacekeeping operations, and played a leadership role in
regional security ... in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo) as part of
the SADC allied forces (Namibia, Angola, and the Congo) to repel the military
support of Rwanda and Uganda for Congolese rebels in the Congo that
threatened the government of ...

Essays On The Evolution Of The Post Apartheid State

Author: Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA)
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South Africa's several peacekeeping missions in Africa include, among others,
facilitating the Inter-Congolese Dialogue that in April 2003 brought about an end
to a complex conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a peace
deal ... guides or should guide South Africa's foreign policy; whether it asserts
itself strongly enough, and if not, what constraints or limitations account for this;
and, since charity begins at home, to what extent has the South African
government put an ...

Interdisciplinary Bibliographic Guide To Black Studies

Author: GK Hall
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Du c6t6 du Congo. Paris : L'Harmattan. 2002. t. Black author CONGOLESE (
Kongolo. Antoinc, 1957- Panorama de la poesie congolaise de langue francaise.
... Congres international des etudes somaliennes (2e : 1995 : Paris, France) Pour
unc culture de la paix en Somalie : actes du Second Congres iniemaiion.il des
eludes somaliennes. Paris. ... The Congressional Black Caucus and foreign