Charles Ives S Concord

Author: Kyle Gann
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Kyle Gann merges exhaustive research with his own experience as a composer to reveal the Concord Sonata and the essays in full.

Charles Edward Ives And His Piano Sonata No 2 Concord Mass 1840 1860

Author: Alice S. Reed
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introduced Charles Ives to Nicolas Slonimsky, another struggling experimental
composer who was the founder and conductor of the Chamber Orchestra of
Boston. Slonimsky had first been attracted to Ives when he saw a copy of the “
Concord Sonata.” When he read the orchestral score of Ives “Three Places in
New England” he felt the urge to communicate it. He said, I will never forget the
gradual revelation of ...

Erinnerung Und Entlehnung Im Werk Von Charles Ives

Author: Lucie Fenner
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Seine Haltung ließe sich eher als kritisch gegenüber dem Transzendentalismus
bezeichnen.65 In seinen Romanen und Erzählungen, am bekanntesten Der
Scharlachrote Ruchstabe 63 Vgl. zur Komposition: Geoffrey Block, Ives: Concord
Sonata. Piano Sonata No. 2, Cambridge 1996; außerdem das Kap. „Die Concord
-Sonate", in: W. Rathert, The Seen and Unseen. Studien %um Werk von Charles
Ives, S. 165-208. 54 Ch. E. Ives, Essays before a Sonata, S. 47. 65 Vgl. Wolfgang

Charles Ives

Author: Wolfgang Rathert
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Ob sich freilich die Concord-Sonate in produktive Beziehung zu einer (
europäischen) Problemgeschichte des Komponierens setzen läßt, bleibt
einstweilen eine empfindliche Lücke der Interpretationsgeschichte : Dazu müßte
zunächst mehr Information über Ives' Kenntnis der europäischen 243 Vgl. Cowell
, Charles Ives and His Music, S. 190 ff. Dieser Sicht schließt sich vorbehaltlos und
mit einer entsprechenden Problematik der Ergebnisse Th. R. Albert in seiner
Arbeit The Harmonic ...

On Emerson

Author: Edwin Harrison Cady
Publisher: Duke University Press
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Children of the Fire: Charles Ives on Emerson and Art David B. Robinson THE
IMPACT of the Transcendental writers upon Charles Ives has long been
acknowledged in passing but seldom recognized as a pervasive element in his ...
Ives himself is not responsible for this oversight, for in conversation, interviews,
and published writings he repeatedly identified Emerson and Thoreau as his
intellectual forebears; many writers, however, have regarded the Concord
tradition as simply one ...

The Concord Sonata Of Charles E Ives

Author: John Warthen Struble
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Lawrence Gilman, critic for the New York Herald Tribune, saw the advance
announcement and wrote to Ives for a copy, by coincidence discovering that he
and Mrs. Ives had known each other many years earlier. Fully prepared and
deeply interested in the music, Gilman was dazzled by Kirkpatrick' s performance
and the sonata itself. His review, which appeared the following day, has become
a classic in the Ives literature. It, more than any other single document, was
responsible for ...

Take Off Als Kompositionsprinzip Bei Charles Ives

Author: Thomas Giebisch
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the notation itself, frequently of music flrst conceived many years before, is a kind
of snapshot of the way he played it at a certain period in his life."' Auch bei
abgeschlossenen Werken wird folgerichtig von Ives ihre Vorläufigkeit durch
bestimmte Bezeichnungen hervorgehoben; so nennt er 'The Pond' "a thumbnail
sketch"1 oder den 'Hawthorne'-Satz aus der 'Concord Sonata' "an extended
fragment"1. Seine 1. Klaviersonate wurde von ihm nie in eine Reinschrift
gebracht, "one of the ...

Sphere Melodies

Author: Frank Mehring
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die Manifestation transzendentalistischen Gedankenguts in der Musik der
Avantgardisten Charles Ives und John Cage Frank Mehring. Einen vollkommen
anderen Standpunkt vertritt Burkholder. Er argumentiert gegen eine
transzendentalistische Einflußnahme auf Ives' ... Charles Ives. Bern: Stuttgart:
Haupt, 1991. Bamett Charles, Ives. S. 72. Meyer, The Art of Speaking
Extravagantly. S. 238 ff. Thoreaus (Concord: Walden) und Cages (New York:
Stony Point) aus. 24 Einleitung.

An Improvisational Reading Of Charles Ives S Concord Sonata

Author: Scott L. Walton
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Scott L. Walton, Charles Ives, Ludwig van Beethoven. politically allied to
anarchism in its purest sense, in which individual members of small groups of
people who know, understand, and respect one another, can be relied upon to
contribute freely to the common good without force of rules (Small 1977: 180). In
this way, a harmonious continuity between life and art can be realized, in which
attitudes concerned with living, manifest themselves in the nature and practice of