Power Politics And The Cults Of Isis

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47, n° 6635 ; E. ZwierleinDiehl, Die antiken Gemmen des Kunsthistorischen
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Salamis 2 ...


Author: Kenneth Lapatin
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Ancient Marriage In Myth And Reality

Author: Lena Larsson Lovén
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... Friendship in the Roman Republic' Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae (AIRF)
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Attic Black Figure And Black Glazed Pottery

Author: Steven Lowenstam
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Munich Naples Naukratis Naukratis II Newberry Newell Oxford Palestine
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Catalogue of ...

Severus Pius Augustus

Author: Achim Lichtenberger
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(1997) Intaglios and cameos from Roman Britain, Apollo 146 (July), 10–13. ——.
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Hermary ...

Scythian Treasures In Oxford

Author: Ashmolean Museum
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Bibliography and abbreviations G. Becatti, Oreficerie antiche (Rome, 1955) [
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E. V. Chernenko ...


Author: John Dennis Rouse
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Greek and Roman gems are well illustrated and discussed in G.M.A. Richter's
classic work, Catalogue of the Engraved Gems, Greek, Etruscan and Roman (
1956), Adolph Furtwangler's monumental work, Die antiken Gemmen (1900) in
three ... The British Museum's collection is brought together by Marshall,
Catalogue of the Jewellery, Greek Etruscan and Roman in the Department of
Antiquities, British Museum (1911), the Catalogue of the Finger Rings, Greek
Etruscan and Roman in ...

7000 Years Of Seals

Author: Dominique Collon
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19-45 Boardman, J., 1978: Ashmolean Museum I. Catalogue of the Engraved
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Bibliotheque ...

Ancient Jewelry And Archaeology

Author: Adriana Calinescu
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Board- man's numerous books include studies on Greek Gems and Finger Rings:
Early Bronze Age to Late Classical (London 1970), Catalogue of Engraved Gems
, Ashmolean Museum (with M. L. Vollen- weider) (1978), and recent articles in
Revue Ar- cheologique (1989) and Jewellery Studies (1991). Katharine
Reynolds Brown is senior research associate in the Department of Medieval Art,
the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Brown is the author of a number of
entries in the ...

Roman Art Religion And Society

Author: Martin Henig
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Papers in honour of Ken Annable (Wilts Arch and Nat Hist Soc, Devizes) Frere S.,
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) ...