Bibliotheca Mathematica Catalogue Of Books In Every Branch Of Mathematics Arithmetic Geometry Mechanics Astronomy And Geodesy Which Have Been Published In Germany And Other Countries From 1830 To The Middle Of 1854 Edited By L A Sohncke

Author: L. A. SOHNCKE
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Catalogue of Books 1D Every Branch of Mathematics, Arithmetic, higher Analysis,
constructive and analytical Geometry, Mechanics, Astronomy, and Geodesy,
which have'beenfpublished in Germany and other Countries from the Year 1830
to the Middle of 1854. Edited bv L. A. SOHNCKE, Professor of Mathematics at
Halle. With a complete Indexf of Contents. LEIPSIC: W. ENGELMANN; LONDON:
D. NUTT. 1854. VORWORT., ì Die vorliegende Bibliotheca mathematica ist
bestimmt, ...

Bibliotheca Mathematica

Author: Gustaf Hjalmar Eneström
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wolle man richten an den Herausgeber der Bibliotheca Mathematica, Herrn G.
Eneatröm, Stockholm (Schweden), Grefturegatan 771 oder an die
Verlagsbuchhandlung B. G. Teubner in Leipzig, FoatBtraße 3. |y Die Herren
Verfasser erhalten von größeren Aufsätzen 20 mit Umschlag versehene, von
kleineren Aufsätzen usw. 10 Sonderabdrücke unentgeltlich; eine größere Anzahl
dagegen, als die genannte, zu den Herstellungskosten. fW Jeder Band der
Bibliotheca Mathematica ...

Writing The History Of Mathematics Its Historical Development

Author: Joseph W. Dauben
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Among Mittag-leffler's many initiatives was the creation of a new journal, Acta
Mathematica, for which he agreed that Enestrom should be responsible for an
appendix, Bibliotheca Mathematica, surveying the mathematical literature. This
was the beginning of Enestrom 's thirty-years career as editor of Bibliotheca
Mathematica, which appeared in three series. The first consists of only three
volumes (1884-1887), and contains, in addition to bibliographies, a few historical
notes written by ...

Encyclopedia Of The History Of Arabic Science

Author: Roshdi Rashed
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134977247
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-----(1910b) 'Zur Trigonometrie der Araber', Bibliotheca Mathematica III (11): 156-
60. -----(1914) 'Die astronomischen Tafeln des Muhammad ibn Müsä al-
Khwärizmi in der Bearbeitung des Maslama ibn Ahmed al-Majritl und der
lateinischen Übersetzung des Athelard von Bath', Danske Vid. Selsk. Skr.,
7Raekke, Hist, og Filos. Afd., Copenhagen, III, 1. Takahashi, Kenichi (1986)
Medieval Latin Traditions of Euclid's 'Catoptrica': Toward a Critical Edition of
Despeculis, Fukuoka, Japan: ...

Mathematics And Mathematicians

Author: Lars G\aa rding
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 9780821890455
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The editorial committee of Acta Mathematica was a collection of representative
mathematicians and mathematical physicists from Demnark, Norway, Sweden
and Finland. They were carefully weighted and discussed, there was some
hesitation about Backlund in Lund but not about Daug in Uppsala. In the eyes of
posterity, the choice should perhaps have been the opposite. For a couple of
years Acta Mathematica contained a supplement, Bibliotheca Mathematica,
edited by the ...